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Drury Allen
Son of William Allen

This is the lineage of William"Buddy" Booker of Butler, AL.

Drury Allen was born about 1745 in Virginia and died 10 April, 1825 in Anson Co. North Carolina. He was the son of William Allen and Mary Lewis. Drury was named as a son in his father's will which was left in Mecklenburg Co. VA. He was one of the executors of his father's will.

Drury Allen married Eleanor Jarrott about 1772-73 in VA. Both are buried in Anson Co. in the Drury Allen Cemetery. Drury died 18 April, 1823 and Eleanor"Nelly" died 11 April, 1845

The Division of Land Book X, page 449 gives proof to the children of Drury Allen. Nelly and the children sold to John Allen, son and sibling.

There are several ties to the Alabama Allen's from this line and probably more if could be proven.

Since the marriage records of Anson Co. have been lost to a fire, proof of marriage has been found in deeds and land divisions for the children of Drury and Eleanor Allen.

Their children are:

1. Julius Allen born 1773 VA.
2. Thomas Allen born 1775 VA., died 1858 in Fayette Co. TN. He married Nancy Smith
3. John Allen born about 1777 VA., died 26 March, 1857. Married Mary Allen
4. Susannah born about 1779, she married Jeremiah Smith Jr.
5. David Allen married (1) Mary Parker (2) Elizabeth Turner
6. Benjamin Allen born 1787 married Hulda Parker sister to Mary
7. Nancy Allen married Philip Kiker
8. Sarah Allen married John Edwards
9. William Allen

Julius Allen
Son of Drury Allen

Julius Allen, son of Drury Allen, and grandson of William Allen of Mecklenburg Co. VA.

Julius born 1773 Virginia and died 1845 in Anson Co. NC. He was one of four children that married children of Jeremiah Smith. He married a daughter, not sure of her name. He married twice.

Julius had a son Henderson Allen born Anson Co., that married Sarah Hammond, daughter of Joel. Henderson and Sarah resided in Chambers Co. AL., and had a large family of twelve children.

1. James Allen born 9 July, 1844 Chambers Co. AL
2. Ann Elizabeth Allen, born 2 November, 1846 Chambers Co.
3. Joel Henderson Allen, born 1849 died 1935 Lee Co. AL.
4. Susan C. Allen born 1850 married Albert Morris
5. Richard J. Allen, born 1853; died 1927 Lee Co. AL; married Virginia Hunt, daughter of Thomas Hunt
6. Thompson Allen, born 1853 Chambers Co. AL
7. Julius H. Allen, born 1 October, 1855 Chambers Co.
8. William J. Allen, born 23 November, 1857 Chambers Co.
9. Penelope T. Allen, born 1859 Chambers Co.
10. Nancy Allen, born 16 December, 1863 Chambers Co.
11. Unity Allen, born 3 July, 1866 Chambers Co.
12. John M Allen no date, but said to be the youngest

Benjamin Allen
Son of Drury Allen

Benjamin Allen, son of Drury Allen was born in Anson Co. NC., and came to Choctaw Co. Alabama in the 1830ís.

He married Hulda Parker born 1791 and died 1874. Both are buried in Shearin Cemetery near Old Enoch Community on South Sumter Co. AL. This location is south of Ward, AL. Apparently Benjamin and Hulda settled and lived in Choctaw Co., the remainder of their lives.

Children of Benjamin Allen and Hulda Parker are:

1. Richmond Allen born 1812 NC., died 24 November, 1834. He married Sarah Allen
2. Wiley Allen born 12 November, 1815 NC.
3. William Allen, born 1817 married Ann Ponds
4. Julius Allen, born about 1819 NC.
5. Dock Allen, born about 1821 NC.
6. Norris Allen, born about 1823 NC.
7. Mary Ann Allen
8. Harriet Allen
9. Frances Louise Allen
10. Enoch Allen, born 28 April, 1825 NC., died 5 February, 1896. Married Jane Sykes
11. Robert Isiah Allen married Sarah L. Baskin Ponds
12. Hampton Allen born 3 December, 1829 NC. married Betty Bowers
13. Jeremiah Allen married Molly Simpson
14. Alexander Allen married Elizabeth Grace (surname?)
15. Thomas Allen, born about 1839 AL

John Allen
Son of Drury Allen

John Allen son of Drury Allen and Eleanor Jarrott was born about 1777 VA., and died 26 March, 1857 in Anson Co. North Carolina. He Married his first cousin Mary Allen a daughter of Darling Allen and Judith Nance

Children of John Allen and Mary Allen are:

1. Sarah Allen, born about 1813, Anson Co., NC
2. Elizabeth Allen born about 1815, Anson Co., NC
3. Nancy Allen born about 1818, Anson Co., NC
4. Fanny Allen born abut 1822, Anson Co., NC
5. Drury Allen born about 1825, Anson Co., married Catherine Rowena Baucon
6. Elvina Allen born about 1827, Anson Co., married William Ransey
7. Milly Allen born about 1828, Anson Co., NC
8. Robert Allen born about 1831, Anson Co., NC
9. James Allen born about 1835, Anson Co., NC

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