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Wiley Allen

Son of Benjamin Allen

Wiley Allen lived in Choctow Co. AL. This is where he raised his family of eight children.

Wiley Allen, son of Benjamin Allen and wife Hulda Parker was born born 12 November, 1815 in North Carolina and died from heart failure, 22 February, 1891 in Choctow Co. AL.

He married Elvira Antias Tiras Ponds born 24 February, 1816 in North Carolina and died 2 October, 1893 AL. Both are buried in Cyril, AL. The names of their children taken from family Bible.

1. Henry T. Allen born 22 October, 1837 Al. died in the Civil War 1862.
2. Joseph F. Allen born 11 July, 1840 and died from wounds in the Civil War 20 September, 1863.
3. Mary A. Allen born 17 April, 1842 AL.

4. Martha A. Allen born 21 September, 1845 married a Mr. Smith.

5. Narica Allen born 23 August, 1848.

6. William M. Allen born 5 September, 1850 married Margaret?

7. Sarah E. Allen born 20 March, 1858 died 29 November, 1874.

8. Virginia Allen born 28 March, 1867 died 10 September, 1867.

William Allen

William Morris Allen married 19 September, 1875 Choctow Co. AL. to Margaret Rebecca McLendon born 24 February, 1854 Clark Co. MS. and died 1 May, 1933 AL. Margaret daughter of Alexander and Millie Miller McLendon.

William and Margaret Had ten children.

1. Rosa Ann Allen born 1876 AL. died 1941 Meridian, MS. She married Thomas Joseph O'Neil, born 2 May, 1872 Enegry, AL. and died 1960. Son of James J. and Lucinda L. Algiers O'Neil. Seven children.

2. Millie Elvia Allen born 1877 AL.
3. Lillie Ann Allen born 1881 AL.
4. Henry Alexander Allen born 1883 AL. married Evalene Hunt.

5. James Daniel Allen born 1883 AL. died 1969 LA. married Hilda Thomason, daughter of James and Mary Hemler Thomason.

6. Albert Arthur Allen born 1884 AL.
7. Richmond Franklin Allen born 1886 AL.
8. Colan Wiley Allen born 1888 AL. married Desma Johnson, born Clark Co. MS. daughter of Wm Oswalt Johnson.

9. Lula Belle Allen born 1891 AL.
10. Oscar Morris Allen born 1896 AL. married Eva Mae Douglas of Cyril, AL."

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