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Darling Allen
Son of William Allen

Darling Allen born about 1760 VA., died in Anson Co. when he was shot and killed by his slave Mose. Darling married Judith Nance, born 15 December, 1760 in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia, and died March, 1850 in Anson Co., NC. Judith daughter of Robert Nance.

Darling was one of four sons of William Allen of Mecklenburg Co. VA., who migrated to Anson Co. North Carolina, and was there by 1792.

Children of Darling Allen and Judith Nance are:

1. Nancy Allen, 16 April, 1784. Married William Smith.
2. Elizabeth Allen born 05 July, 1787; married Amon Yarbrough.
3. Mary Allen, born 17 January, 1789; married John Allen her first cousin, son of Drury
4. Robert Nance Allen, born 19 June, 1792
5. Lucy Allen, born 1800 married David High
6. Darling Allen Jr. born about 1802
7. Fanny Allen born about 1804 married Enoch D Moore
8. Martha Allen born about 1806 married William Yarbrough

Robert Nance Allen
Son of Darling Allen

Robert Nance Allen, son of Darling Allen and Judith Nance was born 19 June, 1792. He married his first cousin, Elizabeth Ann Lanier. Daughter of Benjamin Lanier and Dolly Nance.

Children of Robert and Judith are:

a. Louisa lowery Allen, born 23 July, 1825. She married Cullen Brooks.
b. Mary Jane Allen, born 16 June, 1829. Married Shepherd Lee
c. Alexander Thomas Allen, born 24 February, 1832
d. Robert Benjamin Allen, born 16 February, 1835; died 04 January, 1896
e. Washington Marshall Allen, born 05 September, 1837; died 02 May, 1865.
f. Eliza Ann Allen, born 29 April, 1840. She married James A. Lee 1877
g. Sarah Frances Allen, born 27 August, 1842. Married Franklin Perry
h. Laura Sophronia Allen, born 14 October, 1845. She married Samuel H. McClendon, born about 1845 NC.
i. James Madison Allen, born 18 July, 1849; died 12 February, 1916

Darling Allen Jr.
Son of Darling Allen

Darling Allen Jr. son of Darling Sr., and Judith Nance was born about 1802. He was married twice! (1)Katie Lynch and (2) Eliza Harrison.

Children of Darling and Katie are:

a. John Allen born about 1822
b. Edmund Allen, born about 1824
c. Ann Allen, born about 1826

Children of Darling and Eliza are:

d. Young Allen, born about 1830
e. William Allen, born about 1832
f. Emily Allen, born about 1834, Fayette Co. TN.

Of Darling Allen

Nancy Allen, daughter of Darling Allen and Judith Nance was born 16 April, 1784 NC. She married William Smith

Their children are:

    1. Martha Smith, born 30 April, 1801. Married Wm. A. Morris
    2. Anderson Smith, born 28 December, 1802; moved to AR.
    3. Allen Smith, born 8 December, 1803; moved to Marshall Co. MS.
    4. Mariah Smith, born 28 October, 1805; nothing more known
    5. Sarah Smith, born 24 May, 1807, nothing more known
    6. Darling M. Smith, born about 1810

Elizabeth Allen, born 05 July, 1787 NC. She married Amon Yarborough. This family moved out west in 1832.

Children of Amon Yarborough and Elizabeth Allen are:

Sally Yarborough, born about 1810 married John Smith
James Yarborough, no other information known
Nicey Yarborough, no other information known
Lucy Yarborough, married John Lanier and settled in Eufalia, AL.

Martha Allen was born about 1806. She married William Yarborough, and about 1839 moved to Mississippi.

Children of Martha Allen and William Yarborough are:

Eliza Yarborough, born about 1826
Robert Yarborough, born about 1828
Joseph Yarborough, born about 1830
William Yarborough, born about 1832
James Yarborough, born about 1834
Lucy Yarborough, born about 1836
Frankey Yarborough, born about 1838
Frances Yarborough, born about 1840
Judy Yarborough, born about 1842

Lucy Allen was born 1800. She married David High, son of Gardner High.

Children of Lucy Allen and David High are:

Anderson High, born about 1820.
Davidson High, born about 1822.
Wincy High, born about 1824.

Martha Allen was born about 1806. She married William Yarborough, and about 1839 moved to Mississippi."

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