Tanner's Index Page

Albert A. Tanner died KY.
Alfred Taylor Tanner 1861-1940
Alice Tanner 1852 MS-1922 MS
Amanda Charity Tanner born 1857 MS.
Andrew Tanner 1852-1893 AL
Asa Tanner 1808 GA. m. Williams
Arthur E. Tanner MS.
Branch Tanner born VA.
Branch Tanner 1804 GA-1847 LA.
Calvin Tanner 1858 MS m. M. Parker
Charles L. Tanner c. 1860 MS.
Charles R. Tanner 1879 TX-1950 CA.
Charles W. Tanner 1850 MS-1927.
Charlie Field Tanner MS.
Christopher Tanner 1815 SC.
Clarissa Tanner 1860 MS-1893
Cora T. Tanner 1892 TX-1975 TX.
Dorthea Baker Tanner 1795 GA-1873 AL
Dorthea Tanner b. VA.
Dorthea Tanner 1850 MS m. S. Finch
Earlie Maebelle Tanner1890-1972
Erasum Oliver Tanner 1864-1941 AL
Eldorado Tanner born 1880 MS.
Esther Tanner 1806 GA-1858 LA.
Field Tanner born VA.
Frances Tanner born in NC.
Frances Tanner b. 1769 VA.
Branch Tanner, son of Branch
Gay Tanner, born MO.
Guy Tanner, born MO.
Hobson Gilroy Tanner 1899-1984
Isaac Tanner 1841 MS-1903 Mobile AL
James Elam Tanner MS.
James L. Tanner 1907-1986 AL
James Lester Tanner 1880-1919 AL
Jesse Tanner born 1823 MS.
John Tanner born VA.
John E. Tanner, AL.
John Madison Tanner 1820-1878
John Washington Tanner 1847.
John Willis Tanner 1790 NC-1856 MS
Joseph Tanner 1765 NC-d. LA.
Lemuel Tanner 1786 GA-1843 LA.
Lewis E. Tanner 1864 MS-1933 MS
Lizzie Tanner 1899 AL
Lodowick Tanner of Amelia Co. VA.
Lodowick Tanner 1795 GA-1849 LA.
Lou Ella Tanner 1875 TX-1951 OK.
Lynn Tanner, born MO.
Margaret Adeline Tanner 1857-1934
Martha Tanner born VA.
Martha Tanner born 1859 MS.
Martha Ann Tanner 1834 MS-1908 MS
Martha Louise Tanner 1871-1959
Martha Walker Tanner 1832 Al-1892
Mary Tanner, 1851 LA.
Mary Tanner born 1853 MS
Mary Ida Tanner 1882 TX-1969 OK.
Maryetta Tanner 1867-1942 MS
Melinda Carlisle Tanner 1859-1952 AL
Melissa Denmark Tanner 1875-1958 AL
Millie Lee Tanner, AL.
Mirah Tanner died KY.
Morgan Henry Tanner 1886-1960 OK
Nancy Tanner 1790 GA m. Jackson.
Nancy Tanner 1832 m. James Goff
Nancy Tanner born 1843 MS.
Nelson Tanner, born MO.
Pediah Tanner 1839 MS.
Percy Tanner, b. VA.
Peter Field Tanner 1817 VA-d. MS.
Rhonda Tanner 1792 GA m. Pearce.
Richard Tanner 1827-1887 AL
Robert Tanner 1725-1817 VA
Robert Elam Tanner b. VA. died AL..
Robert N. Tanner born 1884 MS.
Robert William Tanner, MS.
Rodney Tanner 1815 MS-1885 AL
Sarah Tanner 1802 GA. m. Roberts.
Sarah Tanner 1817 MS-c.1847 MS
Sarah Ann Tanner born 1841 MS
Shirley Tanner 1889-1909 MS
Stella Eunice Tanner MS.
Tenelete Tanner 1856 Jackson Co. MS
Theopholis Tanner 1839 AL-1864 GA
Thomas Tanner 1829 MS-1899 MS
Thomas Tanner 1825 MS.
Thomas Tanner born 1851 MS.
Valentine Tanner 1818 MS-1891 AL
W.C. Tanner born July 1860 MS.
William Tanner c. 1790-1847
William Tanner b. VA
William A. Tanner, AL.
William Adam Tanner born 1849 MS
William Archibald Tanner, AL.
William Elam Tanner born VA.
William E. Tanner died LA.
William Jefferson Tanner 1877-1962
William John Tanner 1881 MS.
William Nelson Tanner 1818-1900
Willis Washington Tanner 1836-1902
Willis V. Tanner 1874
Zabud Tanner 1889 TX-1964 OK.


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