John Willis Tanner
Jackson Co. MS

For portrait of Mary Tanner
For portrait of John Willis Tanner

John Willis Tanner, born 16 March, 1791 NC., died 16 March, 1856 in Jackson Co. MS.

John Tanner came to the Mississippi Territory in 1811. He traveled from Lauren Co. GA., through the Creek Indian Nations to the Western Country and settled in Jackson Co. Mississippi. Traveling with him was his wife and Mr. Joseph Vickes and two children, one of them with a wife. If Mr. Vickes was related the connection is not known.

John Tanner is the progenitor for the Tanner's in Jackson Co. He was a large land owner and owned many acres of land in the County. From his picture he appears to be a small built man with slender hands and deep set eyes.

He married Mary Dorthea Baker in Georgia before they moved westward. From the Georgia passport he had no children born before 1811. Mary D. Baker was born 1795 in GA., and died 17 April, 1873 Mobile, AL. She was the daughter of James Baker who lived on the Pascagoula River where he had a land grant next to Richard Roberts

John donated the land for Tanner cemetery which is located in the north east part of Jackson County. He along with his wife is buried in the cemetery. Most of their children are also buried there.

John Tanner made his will 8 January, 1856 and was filed in probate Court in Jackson Co., 29 July, 1856. All of the children listed were named in his will.

1 Rodney Tanner, 1815 MS., about 1885 Mobile, AL. Single.
2 Sarah "Sally" Tanner, 1817 MS., died about 1847 in Jackson Co. She married James GOFF, 1810 SC., died after 1880 Jackson Co. MS.
a. Juston Goff, 1838 MS., died 30 May, 1876 MS. married Susannah Harris
b. Victoria Goff, 25 Aug. 1839 MS. died 13 September 1904. Married James Helveston
c. Dora Ann Goff, born 1842 MS., died 1916 Mobile, AL. married Martin Stringfellow
d. Almeady Goff, born 1844 Jackson Co. MS.
e. Albert Goff, born 1847 Jackson Co. MS.

3. Valentine "Fresh" Tanner, 14 Feb. 1818
4. John Madison Tanner, 27 March, 1820, d. 28 October, 1878. Married Grace A. Walker, 17 January, 1824, died 18 August, 1900.

5. Richard Tanner, born 1827, died 17 Aug. 1887 Mobile, AL. He married Isabell Collins, daughter of Joshua Collins and Sarah Baker

6. Thomas Tanner, born 14 May, 1829 MS., died 23 June, 1899 MS. Married Martha W. (Missouri) ??

7. Martha Ann Tanner, born 1834 died 1908 Jackson Co. MS. Married William Price Goff

8. Nancy Tanner, born about 1832 MS. Married (1)Mr. Powell, (2) James Goff, her brother-in-law.
9. Willis Washington Tanner, born 4 June 1836, died 2 June, 1902. He married (1) Sarah A. Taylor, (2) Martha Blackledge.

Their children are:

10 Theopholis Tanner, born 1839 MS., died 4 July, 1864 killed in GA. Married Mahala E. Roberts, daughter of Austin Roberts and Sabra Ann Goff.

11. Isaac Tanner,born 8 March, 1841, died 16 May, 1903 Mobile AL. He married Missouri S. Collins, daughter of Joshua Collins and Sarah Baker.

Valentine Tanner
Son of John Willis Tanner

Valentine "Fresh" Tanner, was born 14 February, 1818 Jackson Co. MS., and died 3 March 1891. He married Martha Walker born, 6 May, 1832 AL., died 4 August, 1892

Children of Valentine and Martha Tanner are:

1. Doretha Tanner, born 31 October, 1850 Jackson Co. married Sampson Finch
2. Alice Tanner, born 22 April, 1852; died 21 April, 1922
3. LaFronia E. Tanner, born 10 February, 1854; died 18 March, 1938. He married Elaine Hinton.
4. Tenelete Tanner, born 7 March, 1856 Jackson Co. MS.
5. Calvin Tanner, born 26 December, 1858; married Mary M. Parker 1867-1946.
6. Clarissa Tanner, born 26 February, 1860, died February, 1893. She married William "Bill" Waters and William Smith,
7. Alfred Taylor Tanner, born 6 December, 1861; died 28 October, 1940. He married Mary Louisa Parker, and Emma Pritchard 1882-1932

8. Louis E. Tanner, born 13 November, 1864; died 22 August, 1933; married Clonia Pierce, 29 July, 1870, died 31 January, 1941.
9. Shirley Tanner, 1889-1909

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