Three Shine Brothers

The name of SHINE is found in Ireland, England, and Scotland, but principally in Ireland. It is claimed by a well known author and genealogist that the name Shine is an English name of Saxon origin.

The earliest settlements of the Shine family in America were in Massachusetts, North Carolina and Virginia. In the Genealogical Register of Massachusetts is the name John Shine in 1635. Three brothers from Dublin, Ireland came to North Carolina early in the eighteenth century, about the year 1710. They were Daniel Shine, Francis Shine,and James or John Shine. Daniel settled in New Bern, North Carolina; and the other brother, James or John moved to Virginia.

The brothers sailed from Dublin, but they may have come from the counties of Corlk, Limerick, and Kerry, as Shines for centuries had been seated in those counties of Ireland.

Major Daniel Shine, born about 1690. He married May 15, 1715 to Elizabeth Green, born about 1692 and the daughter of Furnifold Green and Hannah Consolvo Smithwich Green, was one of the three brothers who emigrated from Dublin, Ireland, 1710.

Daniel Shine, Craven Precinct, in Bath County, Providence of North Carolina, conveyed to James Roe for twenty pounds, a tract of land on the north side of Neuse River, beteen Orchard Creek and Broad Creek 510 acres, same being part of patent of November 11, 1719,to have and to hold said land, with houses, water courses, woods, underwoods, garden, orchards, with all priviledges of hunting, hawking, fishing, and fowling.

Daniel Shine and Elizabeth Shine, wife of craven precinct, County of Bath, province of North Carolina, for eight pounds paid by Benjamin Baldwin, transfer 104 acres of land on Newport River in Carteret, purchased and patented by Furnifold Green on Nov. 11, 1713, and willed to his beloved wife Hannah Green and by her transferred to her well beloved daughter, Elizabeth Shine. This was dated Feb. 8, 1730 and was witnessed by John Clement and Daniel Shine.

Hannah Green, widow of Furnifold Green, married Richard Graves, Surveyor.

Daniel Shine left his will in Craven Co. in 1757.

Children of Daniel Shine and Elizabeth Green Shine.

1. Hanna Shine, born July 16, 1718
2. Elizabeth Shine, born February 19, 1721 married a Vaughan
3. Mary Shine, born July 11, 1724
4. John Shine, born November 25, 1725
5. Mary Shine, born December 21, 1727
6. Daniel Shine, born May 10, 1729, m. Barbara Franck
7. James Shine, born January 9, 1731
8. Sarah Shine, born February 7, 1732
9. Thomas Shine, born October 1, 1736
10 Francis Shine, born June 1739
11 William Shine, born March 25, 1741

4. John Shine, son of Daniel and Elizabeth was the father of Elizabeth Shine, who married Major George Farragut.

6. Colonel Daniel Shine, sixth child of Daniel Shine and Elizabeth Green Shine, was born May 10, 1729. He married Barbara Franck, born 1729 and died 1814. Daughter of John Martin Franck, North Carolina.

Daniel Shine 11 was a Colonel in the Army. His wife Barbara Franck was of a distinguished family. They were friends of George Washington. Mention of Mrs. Shine is made in the book, entitled "Our living and Our Dead" in the State Library at Raleigh, as follows; Colonel Daniel Shine's widow, Barbara Franck Shine, of Cypress Creek, North Carolina, lived to the great age of ninety five years. She entertained George Washington when he made his Southern tour in 1791.

Daniel and Barbara lived in Jones County, formerly a part of Craven Co. In his will, made April 16, 1801 and probated in May, 1801, seven children were mentioned:

1. John Shine born May 1750 Jones Co. NC., died 11 March, 1832 in Twiggs Co. GA. He married Clarissa Williams. Five children.

a. Daniel W. Shine, m. Mary Wamble and Nancy Glenn
b. Sarah w. Shine born 1784, died 1856. Married 1804, James Miller and in 1837 Edmond Hodges.
c. Mary Shine married a Mr. Westbrook.
d. Clarissa Shine, married a Mr. Harrison
e. Barbara Shine, married a Mr. Brown and a Mr. Lowery.

2. Polly (Mary) Shine 1760, died Feb. 29, 1829. She married George Shackelford, born 19 Jan. 1759, died 1802

3. Susanna Shine, married a Mr. Walton.
4. Hannah Shine, married a Mr. Formel
5. Daniel Shine, was a minister.
6. James Shine
7. Franck Shine

DANIEL Shine will was made April 5th, 1801 probated at the May term of Court, Jones Co. N.C. in 1801 Exectrs. James Shine and Robert Wilson.


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