Franck Family

Franck Family


HANS FRANCKE was born about 1590 in Germany. His wife and mother of Johannes Francke was Barbara.

JOHANNES FRANCKE was born 5 March, 1621 Langenhessen, Zwickau, Sachsen and the son of HANS FRANCKE and wife Barbara. Johannes FRANCKE married to ANNA GLOXIN 15 June 1651 in Lubeck, Lubeck Germany. Johannes was still living in Lubeck in 1663 when his son Herman A. was born for he was a Doctor of Laws held at that time as a professional appointment. Johannes moved his family to Gotha in 1666 where Herman attended a private in that city or Town.

HERMAN AUGUST FRANCKE born 12 March 1663 Lubeck, Lubeck Freir-Hansestadt, Germany. He died 8th of June 1727 in Halle, Germany. A book was Published entitled "The Footsteps of Divine Providence" by August Hermann Francke, Counsler at Law. He was educatd chiefly in private at Gotha, and afterwards at the Universities of Erfurt, Kiel and Keipsic where he came under the influence of the pietist Christian Kortholts.

During his student career busied himself specially with the Herbew and Greek languages and in order to acquire the former more thoroughly, he for sometime put himself under the instruction of Rabbi Ezra Edzardi at Hamburg, at whose instance he is said to have read through the entire Hebrew Bible seven times within a year.

Hermann August Francke died at Halle on June 8th, 1727.

Hermann Francke believed in the Holy Spirits and was true to his beliefs till the end. He sent his son, John Martin Francke to the new land, so that he would not come into conflict with the disbelievers. Far as known no record indicates that the son John Martin Francke ever returned to Germany and his father never came to this new land. Oh how he must have loved his son to send him away and never to see his face on this earth again. Anyone who descends from this upright and Holy man should be thankful he stood his ground and won victorious with the help of God for Christianity.

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