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Anna Rester 1798 GA. m. C. Ladner
Asemith Rester 1874 LA. or MS.
Christina Rester 1758 SC m. IsaacCarter
Dixie Rester 1902 MS.
Elizabeth Rester 1760 m.StevenDenmark.
Elizabeth Rester 1788 GA-c1832 MS
Elizabeth Rester 1808 GA.
David Rester 1762 SC-1781 GA.
Francis Rester 1872 MS or LA.
George Rester 1730 VA.
George Rester Jr. 1756 SC-1830 MS
George F. Rester 111 1807 GA.
Gideon Rester 1784 GA.
James G. Rester c.1880
Jane (Jincy) Rester No data.
John Rester 1800 GA.
John Rester 1878 MS or LA.
Lark Rester 1901 MS.
Liberty Rester 1817 LA.
Liberty Rester 1856 LA.
Louisa Rester No information.
Margaret Rester 1802 GA.
Mary Rester 1792 GA-1813 MS.
Mary Rester 1876 LA. or MS.
Mary Ann Rester 1809 GA.
Sarah Mason Rester m. 1808 GA.
Sarah A. 1882 MS. or LA. Rester
Simon Peter Rester 1860 LA.
Thomas Rester 1858 LA.
William Rester 1880 MS or LA.
William Hezekiah Rester 1789 GA.
William Randolph Rester of MS.
William Washington Rester 1814 LA.

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