Thomas Batson Of Northhampton, Virginia

For portraits of unknown family. Believed to be a Batson Family or related to the Batson's. The family is believed to be from around the Forrest County; Hattiesburg, Mississippi area. If you can identify please send me an email. Picture donated by Kathy Hillman

Unknown Lady
Batson Family
Lady and Child

Thomas Batson
And some Descendants

The earliest Batson known of this lineage is one Thomas Batson who was in Northampton Co. Virginia and died there November, 1725.

The wife of Thomas was Susanna who may have married Andrew John Fabin after the death of Thomas.

It appears that Thomas's and Susanna son Peter married Ann the daughter of Andrew John Fabin from his other marriage.

The names of Thomas and Susanna's children are known but not the dates. Perhaps someone else can fill in the dates of the children.

1. Peter Batson, Sr
2. Daniel Batson
3. Mary Batson
4. Alice Batson
5. Susanna Batson
6. Elizabeth Batson
7. Thomas Batson

Peter Batson Sr
Son of Thomas

Peter Batson Sr., son of Thomas married Susanna and had two known sons. The eldest known son was born in Carteret Co. NC., and by 1749 Peter and Susann had moved to New Hanover Co. Far as known Peter the eldest remained in New Hanover Co. until his death. Thomas his brother came South most likely with the Davis family and died in Mississippi.

There were probably more children but their names are not known by this person.

Two Sons of Peter Sr are:

Peter Batson Jr. born about 1745 in Carteret Co. NC.
Thomas Batson Sr. born 1749 New Hanover NC.

Peter Batson Jr
Son of Peter Sr

Peter Batson Jr. born about 1745 Carteret Co. NC., and died in New Hanover Co. NC., in 1822.

He married Mary (surname not known) and had at least seven children.

1. William Batson, born 1780 and died 1822
2. Battie Batson, died 1866
3. Balam Batson
4. Mary Batson
5. Mordecai Batson
6. Nancy Batson married a Mr. Ward
7. Elizabeth Batson married a Mr. Stokely

Thomas Batson Sr
Son of Peter Batson Sr

Thomas Batson, Sr. born about 1749 in New Hanover County, NC. and died 1822 in Pike County, MS. He was the son of Peter Batson Sr.

Thomas was a Revolutionary Soldier serving from North Carolina. He moved his family to Burke Co. Georgia about1785 as Seth their eight child was born in that State in 1787.

Thomas married about 1769 in New Hanover Co. to Sarah "Sary" Davis daughter of William and Isabelle Davis. Sarah was born about 1749 in North Carolina and died 1829 Perry Co. MS

After the death of Thomas the widow Sarah lived with her brother, James Davis who lived on Black Creek in Perry Co. and died during a cholera epidemic.
Children are:

1. Thomas Batson, Jr. born 8 May, 1770 New Hanover and died 1819 Pike Co. He married 19 August, 1791 in Washington Co. GA., to Elizabeth Wayles.
After the death of Thomas she married John Bond

2. Adelphia Batson, born 31 August, 1772 New Hanover Co. married John Bond

3. Piety Batson, born 1775 New Hanover Co. and died 1822 Pike Co. MS.

4. Eli Batson, born 1777 New Hanover Co. and died about 1826 in Conecuh Co. AL.

5. Susannah Batson, born 1779 New Hanover Co.

6. Timothy Batson, born about 1781 New Hanover Co. married in Hancock co. MS., October 19, 1812 to Elizabeth Rester.

7. Manirva Batson, born 9 November, 1784 New Hanover Co. married her first cousis, Wm Bond

8. Seth Batson, born 1787 Burke Co. GA.

9. James Batson, born 8 May, 1790 Burke Co. GA. He married February 20, 1810 in Jones Co. GA., to Frances Bond

10 Peter Batson, born 1791 Burke Co. GA. married a MS Wayles.

Sarah Batson, was the daughter of Thomas Batson Jr, and Elizabeth Wayles. She was born October 24, 1803 in Georgia, and died August 25, 1864 in Sabine Parish, LA. She is buried in the Miller Cemetery, Sabine Parish, LA. which is located on the shore of the Toledo bend Reservoir, in an area known as Miller's Bay.

She was married to Asa Miller September 27, 1821 in Pike County, MS. He was born October 29, 1801 in Hancock County, GA., and died February 6, 1880, also in Sabine Parish, LA.

They had 12 children:

1 - Davis Miller - October 28, 1822
2 - Elizabeth Miller - September 4, 1824
3 - Brice Miller - November 26, 1826
4 - Nancy Miller - July 4, 1828
5 - Elisha Miller - December 21, 1830
6 - Elijah Miller - December 21, 1830
7 - Martha Miller - May 12, 1833
8 - Delpha Miller - March 5, 1835
9 - Amanda Miller - April 20, 1837
10 - Thomas Miller - June 5, 1839
11 - Mary Miller - November 30, 1841
12 - Willis Miller - March 13, 1844

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