Whittington Researchers:

Allen T. Whittington, 1816 MS.
Burrell Whittington 1787 SC
Daniel Whittington 1842 MS
Edward Whittington
Ellen Whittington 1825 MS
Henrietta Whittington 1855
Henry Wells Whittington m. Anna Bounds
Henry Wells Whittington 1812 GA
Isabell Whittington 1846 MS
Martha Whittington 1815 GA
Mary Whittington 1821 GA
Mary C. Whittington 1840 MS
Mary Turner Whittington MS
Penelope Green Whittington
Sabra Whittington 1859
Samuel Whittington 1848 MS
Wesley Whittington 1837 MS
William Whittington 1857
Wm Whittington, MS.
William J Whittington 1828


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