Robinson Family

John B. Robinson

John B. Robinson, was born 1820 in Illinois. Just when he moved South into MS., I do not know, but he married 18 January, 1854 in Harrison Co. MS. to Harriett Krohn. She was born 1840 in Hancock Co. MS. and the daughter of Henry Augustus Krohn and wife Marie Solietelle Cuevas.

John and Harriett had eight known children

Joseph Robinson, born 1855 Harrison Co. MS. He married Susan M. Byrd

Perlina Robinson, born 13 October, 1857 Harrison Co. and died 10 April, 1938 in Stone Co. MS Byrd

William Robinson, born 1859 Harrison Co. MS.

Josephine Robinson, born 1861 Harrison Co. MS.

John Robinson, born 1867 Harrison Co. MS.

Edward Robinson, born 1868 Harrison Co. MS.

Hattie Robinson, born 1871 Harrison Co. MS.
Charles Robinson, born 1877 Harrison Co. MS.

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