William Reeves

Jackson Co. MS

William Reeves was born 1818 MS. Was he the son of the William Reeves and Martha Copeland

He married Mary Emeline Byrd who was born 1819 in Jackson Co. Mary was the daughter of William Sutton Byrd of Sumter Co. South Carolina and came to the Mississippi Territory.

William is listed in the 1860 Census of Jackson Co. MS. But he is not found in the 1850 Census either in Greene or Jackson Co. Where was he living?

1. John Reeves born 1839 MS
2. George Reeves 1840 MS
3. James Reeves born 1843
4. Mary Reeves born 1845
5. Peter Reeves born 1846
6. Martha Reeves born 1847
7. Lyman R. Reeves born 1848
8. Jefferson Reeves born 1850
9. Isham Reeves born 1851
10 Ellen Reeves born 1856
11 Matt Carter Reeves born 1858

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