Thomas Pearce of Perry County, Mississippi

Thomas Pearce

Perry Co. Mississippi

From Pearce family history in Perry Co. MS., an old notebook stated that there were thirteen Pearce brothers who orginally lived in Virginia.

One Thomas Pearce who came to Mississippi by way of the Carolina's was one who descended from one of these brothers.

Thomas Pearce was born 1785 in North Carolina, so it must have been his grand father who was one of the thirteen brothers and not his father..

The wife of Thomas Pearce was Jerusha Hartsfield born 1797 in South Carolina. Thomas and his family lived in Perry Co. MS.

Thomas and Jerusha Pearce had a family of eight children.

1. James Pearce, he married Barbara Fairley and lived on Pearce's Creek.
2. William "Bill" Pearce married Ms. Ulmer and lived in Jasper Co. MS.
3. Will Pearce married Polly Perkins
4. George Pearce
5. Levi Pearce married Ms. Ford and lived in Jasper Co.
6. John J. Pearce
7. Elizabeth Pearce married Thomas Weldy in 1860 in Perry Co., MS.
8. Rachael Pearce. Nothig more known.

John Pearce

Son of Thomas Pearce

John Jackson Pearce the son of Thomas was born 1828 in Perry Co. MS. on Black Creek.

John married Virginia Elizabeth Breland born 1829 Perry Co. and died 1919. She was the daughter of Joseph and Cecelia Breland.

John and Cecelia had ten children; all were born in Perry Co. on Black Creek.

1. Cecelia Pearce born 1850; married Andrew J. Holder
2. Mary Pearce born 1852; married Robert Hilton
3. Sarah Pearce born 1855; married John McLendon
4. Levi Pearce born 1856; married Mary Bowers
5. Joseph Pearce born 1857; never married
6. James Pearce born 1859; married Margaret Palmer
7. washington Pearce born 1861; married Mary Palmer
8. Andrew Pearce born 1863 married Alice Gibson
9. Addie Pearce born 1868; married Sam Perkins
10. Ida Pearce born 1868; married John W. Shattles

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