Newton Brothers

The Newton's of Sampson/Duplin Counties married into many of the families who moved South into Georgia and Florida.

From the best information I could find on the Newton's it appears that there were four brothers who came to North Carolina and settled in New Hanover Co. but fell into what is now Sampson Co. on its formation. They first showed up about 1749/50.

The brothers names were:
1. George Newton
2. Samuel Newton
3. Jacob Newton
4. Isaac Newton

George Newton

George Newton born 1742 was one of four brothers who came to North Carolina. He was a Revolutionary Soldier.

George married Nancy Moore who was born 1746 in Duplin Co. and died 1830 probably in GA.

When did George die and where?

Children of George and Nancy Moore Newton
Correction on dates appreciated!

1. Samuel Newton born 14 October, 1764 NC. married Nancy Ann Brock, born 4 December, 1770, daughter of Barnett and Mary Ann Brock

2. George Newton, born 1766 NC. married Mary Robinson, born 1772 NC. George went to Screvens Co. GA.

3. James Newton, born 1768 NC. married Susan Pigford, born 1772

4. Isaac Newton, born 1770 NC. married Elizabeth Alderman, daughter of John and Abigail Alderman

5. Nancy Ann Newton married DanielAlderman.

6. Reuben Newton, born about 1774 NC.

7. Susan Newton, born 1776 NC. married Thomas Alderman.

8. Rachel Newton, born 1778 NC., married Jacob Strahan and lived in Scriven County Georgia. Rachel was the first to be buried in the old Newton cemetery. Her grave was marked with a wooden marker.

9. Kate Newton born about 1780 NC.

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton born about 1737 married Jemima Chambers and were members of Bull Tail Baptist Church in Duplin Co.

Isaac died the later part of 1798 as his will was in the January term of Court, 1799. He list his children as:

a. Enoch Newton
b. Isaac Newton
c. Esher Newton
d. Ann Newton
e. Sarah Newton Alderman
f. Phoebe Newton Herring
g. Mary Newton Williams. Married Aaron Williams first then DanielAlderman.
h. Elizabeth Newton Boney
i. Dorcas Newton Morgan
j. Miriam Newton James
i. Jemimia Newton Wilson

David Goff "Newton"

One Civil Goff, daughter of Thomas and Tomsin Mathis Goff was in Bastardy Court in the January 1809 term for having an illigimate child. The following was from Duplin Co. Court Minutes.

Civil Goff came before the court and prayed to be allowed from out of the estate of Jacob Newton, deceased, the sum of 5 lbs. for lying in expenses on having a bastard child which upon oath she charges Jacob Newton with being the father. This child is thought to be David Goff born 1796 Duplin Co.
This Jacob Newton could be "the" brother or a younger Jacob Newton. However, I have not found a young Jacob.

I do not have a list of the Newton's children. One Isaac Newton was an orphan and lived with John Goff Jr. to learn the trade of Wheel Wright.

I would like to hear from you if you have information on these Newtons.

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