Rice Mathis

Rice Mathis
Son of Edmond Mathis

Rice Mathis born in Duplin Co. NC. about 1745 and died 1792. He married a neighbors daughter, Civil Goff daughter of John Goff.

Rice Mathis was named Rice for his grand father Rice Price. Rice was a wheel wright as his father-in-law deeded him one of his mills in 1783. The 1790 census of Sampson Co. list Rice and Civil with three sons and three daughters. Rice died two years later, so there may have been another child born.

Sampson County Court Minutes, 1784-1900 states that Civil was the administrator of her husband, Rice Mathis's estate in 1795 in Sampson County, North Carolina.

Who were the daughters of Rice and Civil Goff Mathis? They would have been born prior to 1790

The first son John was named for Civil's father, John Goff and the second son was named Edmond for Rice's father, Edmond Mathis

After the death of Rice, the widow married a Mr. James, I do not know his first name, but the family moved to GA.

The only children known born to Rice and Civil Goff Mathis are the three sons. Most of this family history was taken from the book that I published years ago on the "Goff and Allied families". Some reference were taken from the works of Folks Huxford of Georgia, and since I have found some of this material to be in error. Attemps have been made to correct the Mathis family. If you know of any error and can provide proof, your help will be appreciated by all Mathis researchers.

Sons of Rice and Civil Goff Mathis are:

1. John Mathis, son of Rice was born 1774 Duplin Co. NC.

2. Edmond Mathis
3. James Mathis

Edmond Mathis
Son of Rice Mathis

Edmond Mathis, the second son born to Rice and Civil Mathis was born 1776 Duplin Co. NC. and died 1860 in Ware Co. GA. at the home of his son, Tyre. Edmond married Unity Register, born 1778 NC and died 1853 in Ware Co. She is the daughter of John Register of Sampson Co. and later Bulloch Co.

The only children known born to Edmond and Unity were four

1. Bunyan Mathis boarn 1800 NC. m. Elizabeth (Smith?) They moved to FL. in or about 1830. In 1850 they were in Hamilton, FL.

Children, no dates are other information known.

2. John Mathis born 1802 NC. m. Jemima Lee, daughter of Joshua
3. Tyre Mathis born 1810 m. Nancy Lee, daughter of Joshua Lee
4. Nancy Mathis born 1812 GA. died 1897 in Dupont, GA. at the home of her son, Stephen. Nancy was the second wife of William Day, born 1800 NY, and died 1860 Hamilton Co. FL. Three children.

James Mathis
Son of Rice Mathis

James Mathis, the third son born to Rice and Civil was born 1786 NC. and only a few years old when his father died. He married Rhoda Monk and lived in Appling Co. GA. where James held the office of Justice of Inferior Court, 1825-1829, then they moved to Lowndes. James died about 1865. Seven known children.

a. Wealthy Mathis
b. Pollie Mathis
c. Phoebe Mathis
d. Elizabeth Mathis born 3 February 1816 Berrien Co. GA. and died 11 June 1862 GA. She married Martin Shaw Jr. 1803 SC-1876 GA.
e. John Mathis
f. Mahlon Mathis
g. James W. Mathis

James W. Mathis
Son of James and Rhoda Mathis

James Washington Mathis born 1834 in Lowdnes Co. GA., and died 15 October, 1893 in Center Hill, Florida. He married sisters, daughters of Rowland and Nancy Sweat Williams.

James first married Mary Ann Williams 1856 in Columbia Co. FL. and had two daughters. He married second to Sarah Jane Williams in Manatee Co. FL., 6 April, 1867. They had fourteen children.

1. Emily Augusta Mathis born 25 May, 1857 FL., died 14 February, 1945 in Arcadia, FL.

2. Margaret Mathis born 15 April, 1859 FL.
3. Rhoda Louannie Mathis born 1868 FL. Married Daniel Coker, 16 October, 1889 DeSoto Co. FL.

4. Henrietta Mathis born 9 February, 1868 FL., died 30 December, 1959 Tampa, FL. She married John Sloan

5. George Riley Mathis, born 1872 FL., died 1936 FL.
6. Martha Jane Mathis born 6 November, 1873 FL., died 1943 FL
7. Edna Josphine Mathis born born 1874 FL., married Portus Drawdy
8. James Westly Mathis born 10 September, 1875 FL., died 1961 Fort Myers, FL.
9. John Mahlon Mathis born 10 February, 1877 FL., died 1953 Sarasota, FL.
10 Henry Washington Mathis born 26 January, 1878 FL., died 1953 Fort Myers, FL.
11 Blanche Mathis born 1879 FL.
12 Willie Agnes Mathis born 31 January, 1881 married Willie Harn
13 Laura Belle Mathis born 1886 FL., married Wm Lacey DeVane
14 Walter Mathis born 1887 FL.
15 Joseph Reuben Mathis born 1888 FL., married Bessie Worley Thorne.
16 Eugene LaFayette Mathis born about 1890 FL.,died 1929 FL.


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