Ezekiel Mathis
Son of Robert Mathis

Robert E. Mathis born 1640 England, died 1700 Surry Co. Virginia. This Robert is thought to be the father of Ezekiel Mathis.

Ezekiel Mathis/Matthews, was born in Isle of Wight CO., VA., in 1670 and died 1738 same Co. His wife's name is not known, but could have been Elizabeth Boddie, the daughter of William Boddie, who left his will in Isle of Wight 1712, naming a daughter Elizabeth Matthews. However it appears that this Elizabeth Boddie married a Mr. Anthony Matthews. Now was Ezekiel first name Anthony?

The will of Ezekiel Mathis/Matthews was proved in Court in 1740 in Isle of Wight Co. VA. Elizabeth was appointed Ext. of the estate but she died prior to the estate being settled. Nathan Ridley proved the will.

Children of Ezekiel or "Zeakell" Mathis/Matthews proved by his will.

1. Zeakell Mathis, left one black mare.
2. Edward Mathis, foal from black mare.
3. James Binnett, my copper tools, his part of the estate.
4. Martha Hunnicutt, five shillings and no more
5. Pricilla Morgan, five shillings and no more.
6. Elizabeth Mathis, one bed.
Remained of estate to wife and seven children
6. Elizabeth Mathis(spelled)Mathews
7. Sarah Mathis
8. Mary Mathis
9. Unity Mathis
10. Edmond Mathis, received the plantation.
11. Moses Mathis
12. Enos Mathis

Edmond received the plantation where Ezekial lived, if he dies without heir to Moses, and then to Enos. This tells us that all three men had no sons in 1740. Edmond was approxiately 15 to 17 years old at this time and five years later he sells the property.


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