Reuben Landrum

Son of John D. Landrum Jr.

   Reuben Landrum, born about 1729 in Essex Co. VA., and died 1805 in Union Co. SC. He was the son of John D. Landrum Jr. and Mary Buckner Landrum. Reuben was married twice. His first wife's name in unknown, but they had at least three children. Reuben married (2) about 1773 to Mary Ray, born about 1746 and the daughter of John Susannah Vance Ray.

Reubens Children from first marriage:

1.  Stephen Landrum, born about 1756.
2.  James Landrum, born about 1758.
3.  Benjamin Landrum, born about 1760.  

Children from the second marriage to Mary Ray are:

4. Merriman Landrum, born 12 July, 1774 in Union Co. SC, and died 28 July, 1826 in Mt. Pleasant, TN.
5. Thomas Landrum, born 1776.
6. William Abner Landrum, born about 1779.
7. John Landrum, born about 1782.
8. Bessie Landrum, born about 1784.
9. Samuel Micajah Landrum, born 4 January, 1785 in Union Co. SC., and died 30 September, 1834 in Hall Co. GA. He married Patience Ray Beard.
10  Esther Landrum, born about 1786.
11 Winnefred Landrum, born about 1788.
12  Martha Landrum, born about 1790.

Merriman Landrum

Son Of Reuben Landrum

Merriman Landrum born 12 July, 1774 in Union Co., SC. and died 28 July, 1826 in Rutherford Co., TN. He married Delilah Jackson, born about 1775 and died in Rusk Co. TX. She was the daughter of Ralph Jackson and wife Delilah Murphy.

  Children of Merriman Landrum and Delilah Jackson are:

1.  William Riley Landrum, born 1808 in Marion Co. MS.
2.  James Landrum about 1810
  3. Harriett Landrum born abour 1812
. 4.  Sarah Landrum born about 1814
.   5.  Azariah Keimbro Landrum born about 1816
  6. Merriman Landrum.   7. Mary Landrum.   8 . Elizabeth Landrum
.   9. John Gill Landrum, born 22 October, 1810 Rutherford Co. TN. and died 19 January, 1882 in SC. He married Elizabeth Montgomery.

William Riley Landrum

Son of Merriman Landrum

William Riley Landrum, born 1808 in Marion, MS. and died 22 October, 1883 in Marion Co. He was the son of Merriman Landrum, Sr. and wife Delilah Jackson Landrum. William married about 1831 in Forrest Co. MS., to Elizabeth Dearman, born about 1812 in Chesterfield, SC., and the daughter of Thomas Monroe Dearman, Jr. and wife Nancy Yates.

Children of William and Elizabeth are:

1. John Landrum, born about 1832 in Marion Co. and died about 1843 in Marion Co.>br>

2. Julia Ann Landrum, born about 1833 in Marion Co. she married Jonathan Ladner.

3. Mary Jane Landrum, born 13 November, 1834 in Marion Co. and died 14 October, 1888 in Marion Co. She married James A. Lee.

4. Druscilla Landrum, born About 1837 in Marion Co., married William Hawkins Anderson Sr. 6 September, 1855 in Forrest Co. MS.

5. Willey Allen Landrum, born 11 September, 1844 in Lamar Co. and died 4 December, 1908 in Lamar Co. He married Juliann Bounds About 1869 in Lamar Co.

6. Dicey Landrum, born 10 March, 1843 in Marion Co. and died 4, 1898 in Marion Co. She married 24 July, 1868 in Marion Co. to Eli "Coot" Lee.>br>

7. Elena Landrum, born 1845 in Marion, Co. and died 16 October, 1908 in Marion Co. She married Samuel Lee 7 July, 1859 in Marion Co.

8. Zach Taylor Landrum, born 23 December, 1849 in Lamar Co. and died 22 October, 1915 in Pearl River Co. He married Sophronia Warden in Lamar Co.

9. Harriet Landrum, born about 1852 in Marion Co. married James F. Lee.

10. William Riley Landrum, Jr. born 18 March, 1853 in Lamar Co. and died 26 April, 1926 in Marion Co. He married (1) Mary Jane Anderson and (2) Rachel Bounds About 1892 in Lamar Co.

11. Elizabeth Landrum, born 12 February, 1856 in Marion Co. and died 14 November, 1932 in Forrest Co. She married John Anderson.

Lee and Landrum marriages

Diana "Dicey" Landrum married Eli Lee
Harriett Landrum married James F.Lee
Mary Jane Landrum married James AddisonLee
William Landrum married Emma E. Lee

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