Felder Family


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Mary Sandel and Elias W. Sandel of Roseland, LA., had published a family history book on the Felder family entitled "The Felder Family". The book is now available. For details contact
Mary E. Sandle
P.O. Box 707
Roseland, LA 70456

I really enjoyed your site especially about the Mississippi Felders. I am a several greats grandaughter of Henry Felder. My great grandmother was Rachel Felder who married Elliot Posey and their daughter Ada Posey married Prentiss Wooten who was Justice of the Peace at Lucien, Ms. in Franklin Co. MS. I am in the DAR on the record of Henry Felder. If I can be of any assistance to anyone about the Wooten, Felder, Lewis, Jones or Hogan lines, I will be happy to help. Verna Bryant

Abraham Felder born 1757
Abraham Felder born 1786
Adam C. Felder born 1790
Ann Felder 1821 MS
Ann Margaret Felder born SC
Barzella Felder born 1784
Catherine Felder m. J. Walker
Charles Felder born 1783
Charles Felder 1814
Daniel Felder born 1797
Daniel Felder 1831 MS
David Felder
David Felder 1842 MS
David Felder to MS 1811
Eleanor Felder 1818 MS
Elizabeth Felder born 1796
Elizabeth Felder 1802
Elizabeth Felder 1818
Frederick Felder b. 1753
Gabriel Felder born 1798
Gabriel Felder 1820
Harriet Felder 1845 MS
Henry Felder born 1748
Henry Felder born 1771
Henry H. Felder 1823 MS
H. David Felder born 1781
Isaac Felder born 1800
Isaac Felder 1840 MS
Jacob Felder born 1750
Jacob Felder born 1803 SC.
James Felder 1838 MS
James W. Felder 1809 SC
Jane Felder born 1802 SC
John Felder 1828 MS
John H Felder b. Switzerland
John H Felder born 1751
John H Felder born 1793
Keziah Felder born 1795
Levi Felder 1822
Louise J. Felder 1825 MS
Malinda Felder m. Wm Barron
Maria Felder born 1805 SC
Mary Felder 1822 MS
Mary C. Felder 1813
Mary E. Felder 1761
Mary E. Felder born 1785
Mary Felder m. S.D Dantzler
Minerva Felder 1830
Nancy Felder 1835 MS
Nancy Ann Felder born 1789
Nancy Ann Felder 1808
Peter Felder born 1759
Peter Felder born 1759
Peter Felder born 1787
Peter Felder 1848 MS
Rachel Felder m. Hartzog
Rebecca Felder born 1780
Rebecca Felder born 1781
Rebecca Felder 1804
Rebecca Felder 1827 MS
Richard Felder born 1792
Robert Henry Felder 1824
Ronald Felder born
Sarah Ann Felder 1812
Samuel Felder born 1755
Simon Noble Felder 1827
Snell Felder born 1782
Wm Lewis Felder born
Wm R. Felder 1816 MS
Wyatt Wesley Felder 1815


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