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James Ware

Jackson Co. MS

James Ware! There are many from the area of Jackson Co. MS. that descend from James Ware. I have lots of Ware family history that was given to me by the late Milton Walker, this was his lineage.

James Ware Sr. was born 1758 in Ireland. He was in North Carolina by 1780. He was a Revolutionary War Soldier from Rowan Co. North Carolina, and applied for a Soldier's pension from Jackson Co. MS.

After the war James moved to Greene Co. GA. where he married in 1787 to Elizabeth Walker.

On October 31, 1801 James was issued a passport from the Governor of Georgia to travel westward through the Creek Nation for a settlement on Tom or Don Bigby River (Tombigbee).

Three days prior to James application, a Thomas Ware made application to travel to West Florida. These two Ware men were probably related.

James was living on the Pascagoula River in 1804. He lived in Spanish Territory and to live in that area took oath to the Spanish Goverment. He gave statement that he was born in Ireland, had a wife and seven children.

James Ware and Elizabeth Walker Ware had at least seven children.

1. William Ware born 1790 GA.
2. Nicholas Ware
3. Samuel Ware born 1796 GA., died 1848 married Elizabeth Powell.
A. James Ware 111, born 1827 m. Susan Fletcher.
B. Samuel Ware Jr. died in Civil War.
C. Laird Ware died in Civil War.
D. Alan Ware died in Civil War.
E. Johnson Ware born 1833-1906 m. Elizabeth Williams.
4. Laird Ware
5. Joseph A. Ware born 1799 GA.
6. Benjamin F. Ware born c. 1802 m. Eliza Brooks.
7. James Ware Jr. born 1804 MS., m. Mary Ann Fletcher.

Joseph Ware

Son of James

Joseph Ware born 1 August 1799 GA. He was two years old when he moved to Spanish West Florida with his parents. Joseph lived in what is now Jackson Co. MS., until Adulthood. He married Candacy Butler of SC. in 1823. They lived in Hinds County, MS., until 1836 when they moved to Newton Co. MS. Joseph died in 1862 and Candacy in 1873.

Joseph and Candacey had about ten children.

1. Martha Ware, boron 1824 AL. died 1885.
2. Michael Ware, born 15 Jan. 1826 MS. died 1900 Kaufman Co TX.
3. Mary Ann Ware, 1826 MS., died 1876 Tarrant Co. TX.
4. Candacy Ware, born 1830 MS.
5. Joseph Anderson Ware, 1833 MS.
6. Caroline Ware, born 1835 MS.
7. Nancy Ware, born 1838 MS. died 1894 Newton Co. MS.
8. Elizabeth (Betty) Ware, born 1840 MS. died 1925 Smith Co. MS.
9. Amanda Ware, born 1842 MS. and died 1862 MS.
10. Sarah Jane Ware, born 1847 MS. died 1871 MS.

Thanks to Francis Smith from Mobile who supplies the dates of Joseph's children.

Michael Ware

Son of Joseph

Michael Ware, born 15 January, 1826 Mississippi. He married Catherine E. Carr of Simpson Co. MS in 1851. About 1869 Michael and Catherine moved to Kaufman Co. Texas. Both Michael and Catherine died in 1900 and are buried in Ware cemetery near Tolosa, TX. Eight children.

1. James Isaac Ware
2. William Garrett Ware
3. Mary Catherine Ware
4. Joseph Edward Ware
5. Amanda Emma Ware
6. Elizabeth Candace Ware
7. Annie Florence Ware, born 1867 Corinth, MS. died 1945 in Okmulgee, OK. She married William Richard Smith in Henderson Co. TX in 1895.
8. Ina Ware

Other Ware researchers:
John E. Cain


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