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Frederick George Rester

And Children

Frederick George Rester, SR. was a Revolutionary Soldier.

There are several families who descend from George SR., that moved westward into the Mississippi Territory which later became the State of Mississippi. Jackson and Perry are two of the Counties in that state.

George Rester Sr. was born about 1730 in Baden Durlach, Germany and died after 1 August, 1755 GA. George was the son of Johannes Adam Rester born about 1705 and wife Elizabeth Bouch.

He married 7 December, 1755 in Effingham Co. GA., to Mary Margaretha Mengersdorff, daughter of John Sorg Mengersdorff and wife Anna Sibilla. She was born 1736 in Orangeburg District, SC.

Family records state that the children of George and Mary were born in South Carolina. George Jr., was christened in the Jerusalem Lutheran Church, July 22, 1765, just two months after his birth. If this is correct then this pin points the time George moved his family to Bulloch Co. GA.

George Sr., was an officer in American Revolutionary War, and held the rank of 1st Lieutenant. His descendant are eligible to join the Son or Daughters of the American Revolutionary. (SAR)(DAR).

George died 3 August, 1795 in Bulloch Co. GA., and Maria died two years later in 1797.

Four children are known born to George and Maria, there may have been more. Two of their children married Denmarks. Children of William B. and the oldest Christina married Isaac Carter who went to Perry Co. MS.

1. Christina Rester, born 1758 SC., married IsaacCarter
2. Elizabeth Rester, born about 1760 married Steven Denmark, born 14 October, 1763, and son of William B. and wife Mary Moye Denmark.
3. George Frederick Rester Jr. born 16 May, 1765 SC. He traveled westward into the Mississippi Territory October, 1807.
4. David Rester, born 16 July, 1766 SC., died 24 February, 1781.

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