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Revolutionary Soldiers

There were two Isaac Carter who lived in the State of Mississippi. Both were Revolutionary Soldiers and both served from the State of North Carolina. To the many Carter researchers who have expressed a concern about the two Isaac Carters, their families and Military records being confused. I am going to list both Isaac Carter's and take the information from the the Mississippi Revolutionary Soldiers book that was printed by the Mississippi Society, Daughters Of The American Revoution State Board of Management. Hope this will clear up some of the confusion to the Isaac Carter researchers. As time allows, I will go the the Birmingham Lynn Hendley Library and copy from the microfilm, both Isaac's Military Records.

These two Isaac Carter were from the same location in North Carolina. It could very well be they are related, their father's could be cousins or brothers. Both lived in South Carolina before they moved to Mississippi. If any one can shed more light to either of these Isaac, then let me know, so we can share with each other the known facts and proof for these two great men.

Isaac Carter

Isaac Carter was the son of Matthew Carter and wife Patience Carter. He was born 29 October, 1756 Cumberland Co. NC., and died 3 May, 1840 in Perry Co. MS. He is buried as is his wife in Carter Cemetery and the oldest Carter's buried there, which one can assume he donated the land for the cemetery.

Isaac married Christina Rester about 1786-87, probably in Georgia. She was the daughter of George F. and Maria Mengersdorff Rester and sister to Elizabeth that married Matthew Carter, Jr. Christina died 27 May, 1840 in Perry Co. MS.

The earliest documented land SALE in the area was for 203.9 acres in the southeast quarter of section 13, 3N, 11W, which was south of the Leaf River and close to present day New Augusta. The sale was to the Revolutionary War Veteran, Isaac Carter, in 1812. Other sales soon followed.

Only four children are known. There were probably more children born, but their names are not known.

1. Matthew Carter born 1788.
2. William Carter born Sept. 10 1783, married Mary Evans.
3. Rester Carter born 1794
4. Abner Carter born 1802, and died 3 July, 1846. He married 29 September, 1831 Isabella McLeod, who was born 14 January, 1813 and died 1876. She was the daughter of John and wife Mary Bethune McLeod. It is believed that Abner and Isabell were the parents of nine children.

A. Mary Carter, born 2 July, 1832
B. Sarah Carter, born 10 January, 1834
C. William Washington Carter, born 17 August, 1835 and died 1910. married Margaret Ann Hartsfield.
D. Sabra C. Carter, 9 December, 1836, died 9 Feb. 1899, married G.B. Dantzler.
E. Margaret Carter, 30 October, 1838, died 3 Nov. 1898, married Dr. R.M. McLaurin.
F. John Prentiss Carter, 7 Jan. 1840, died 23 July, 1925, married Margaret McCallum, daughter of John and Annie Hartsfield McCallum.
G. Katherine Carter, 5 May, 1842, died 13 October, 1908 married Capt. J.J. Bradford.
H. Andrew D. Carter, 15 June, 1844 died 1918; married Margaret Gillis.
I. Abner Alexander Carter, born 1846 died young.

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Isaac Carter

Of Pike Co. MS

Isaac Carter of Pike Co. Ms. was born 1754 in Cumberland Co. NC. He died in Pike Co. 24 March, 1834. Isaac married in 1780 in Orangeburg District, SC. to Ann Elizabeth Young.

I do not find in the passports issued by Governors of GA., 1785-1820 a passport issued for this Isaac. Ms. Revolutionary Soldier book states after the war he lived in Orangeburg District until the spring of 1810 when he moved to Pike Co.

It appears Isaac had about ten children:

1. William Carter, born 1781 SC. died 1840 Pike Co. MS.
2. Hardy Carter, born 1784
3. One son, name not listed, born 1787
4. Mary Carter, born 1789 or 18 March, 1792. She died 3 June, 1861. Mary married 28 January, 1808, John Britton Addison.
5. Allen Carter, born 1793 SC., married Elizabeth Addison.
6. Burrell Carter, born 1796 SC., died 28 August, 1860 in LA.

7. Derrell Carter, born 1799 or 1802 SC., died ini LA., 1876. He married Sereptha Taylor, born 1799 in GA. and died 1871 in LA., she was the daughter of Nimrod Taylor.

8. Harville Carter, born 1805 SC., died 1865 LA. He married Caroline Virginia White, born 1812 and daughter of Robert and Judith Taylor White.

9. Israel Carter, born 1807 SC., died 22 July, 1878 LA. He married (1) Maria Felder and (2) Elizabeth Turner.

10. Elizabeth Carter, born 1809 SC., and died 1864 in LA. She married J. Houston who was born in PA.

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