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Ada Kennedy 1840 MS
Blanche Kennedy 1915-1982 MS
Catherine Kennedy 1867 MS
Ella Kennedy 1875-1931 MS
Elma Kennedy 1909-c.1960 MS
Horace Brumfield Kennedy 1881-1954 MS
James A. Kennedy 1844 AL-1923 MS
James Alford Kennedy 1844-1923 MS
John Kennedy 1815 Ireland-1853 MS
John Kennedy 1898-1899 MS
Louis Kennedy 1903-1985 MS
Lucinda Jones Kennedy 1847-1922 MS
Martha Kennedy 1853 AL
Margaret Kennedy 1845 AL
Mary L. Kennedy 1900-1942 MS.
Murdock Kennedy 1872-1928 MS.
Ollie Kennedy 1876 MS
Preston Kennedy 1905-1949 MS
Rhoda Kennedy 1907 MS
Ruby Kennedy 1888 MS
Sennie Coleman Kennedy 1877-1952 MS
Thomas Kennedy 1848 AL.

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