Antoine Ely or Elias MS. Territory
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Antoine Ely/Elias

Antoine Ely, where was he born and who were his parents. He married Sarah Cumbest, daughter of Simon Cumbest. Sarah was born 1795 in the Florida Territory. She died after 1862 when she made her will. After the death of Antoine she married Ellis Fairbanks and had one son, Ellis Fairbanks Jr.

Nothing is know about Antoine Ely/Elias except who he married and that they had four known children.

1. Mary Rose Ely, born 22 February, 1813 married Charles Coleman and second William Nelson.

2. Catherine Ely, 1815 married Charles White and had eight Children. She married (2) Charles Monteith and had two children.

3. Margaret Ely, born 2 October, 1817 died 14 September, 1902 Jackson Co. MS. She married Harris Hamilton.

4. John Charles Ely, born 1819-1904 married Margaret Goff who was an orphan from Florida and descends from John Goff of Duplin Co. NC.

5. Ellis Fairbanks, 1822-1900 MS. married Mary Ann Carter, daughter of William Carter and Mary Goff.

Can you add to this family history? It would be welcome and surely others would delight in knowing more about the ELY'S.

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