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William D. Carter

Son of Isaac Carter

William D. Carter, son of Isaac Carter and wife Christina Rester was born 10 September, 1783 SC. and died 13 October, 1859 in Perry Co. MS.

William is not listed in the Georgia Passports, but he came to the Mississippi Territory about 1809, the same time as his father, Isaac.

William married Mary Evans born 1794 and died 21 May, 1852 in Perry Co. It appears that William married about 1814.

The dates on William and Mary was taken from a daughter-in-law, Eran Lavenia Burkett Carter family Bible.

Seven known children.

1. Elizabeth Carter born 1813 MS. married a Mr. Garroway
2. Isaac Ervin Carter, 1815-1875 married Sarah Myers
3. William Carter Jr. 1819- 1882 Perry Co. MS.
4. George Uriah Carter born 1831, killed in the Civil War
5. Mary Ann Carter born 1833 married John D. Nix and moved to KY.

Isaac Ervin Carter

Issac Ervin Carter was born 20 September, 1815 in Perry Co. MS. and died 1 July, 1875 Perry Co. He married Sarah Pew Myers, born 31 January, 1823 South Carolina and died 17 August, 1911 in MS.

All of Isaac's children were born in MS

1. Frances Carter born about 1842
2. William David Carter born 24 December, 1844 Perry Co. and died 6 November, 1911 Jones Co. MS. four months after the death of his mother.

3. Mary Jane Carter, third child born to Isaac and Sarah Myers Carter. She was born 9 February, 1848 and died 1904. Married William A. Evans from Jones Co. born 1831

4. Isaac T. Carter 4th child born to Isaac and Sarah Carter. He was born 27 December, 1845 and died 6 July, 1906. He is buried in Old Carter-Travis cemetery. Isaac married Mary E. Grayson 1857-1908

5. Sarah Elizabeth Carter 5th child born to Isaac and Sarah Carter. She was born 15 may, 1853 Perry Co. and died 31 December, 1944. she married Benjamin T. Courtney born 19 November, 1855 SC., and died 1944. Son of Micajah and Susan Marie Hodge Courtney.

6. Rachel L. Carter 6th child born to Isaac and Sarah Carter was born 8 May, 1856 Perry Co. and died 11 February, 1937 Perry Co. She married Albert Simon Draughn, son of Rufus Tisdale Draughn and wife Sabra Ann Davis>

7. Levi Daniel Carter, 7th child born to Isaac and Sarah Carter was born 1857 in Perry Co. MS. and died 14 April, 1929 per death record. He married 9 December, 1884 Copiah Co. MS., to Leah nora Kersh, born 1849 Rankin Co. MS. and the daughter of Wm Glen Kersh and Elizabeth Myers. Levi married 2nd Sarah Elizabeth Carter, his sister-in-law, widow of George W. Carter and his first cousin. Sarah was born 18 March, 1865, daughter of Wm Carter Jr. Isaac E. brother.

8. John Uriah Carter, 8th child of Isaac Carter, born 12 February, 1860 Perry Co. and died 21 October, 1946. He married Sarah Alma Lorena Pardue, daughter of Napoleon and grand daughter of William Pardue born 1790 NC.

9. Margaret L. Carter 9th child of Isaac Carter, born 12 June, 1862 Perry Co. and died 19 June, 1943. Buried in Old Carter-Travis cemetery in Petal, MS. Margaret married James Loami Batson. Lived in Hattiesburg, MS.

10 George Wesley Carter born 4 February, 1865 Perry Co. and died 18 June, 1904. He married Sarah Elizabeth Carter. Sarah and George were first cousins.

11 Elizabeth Carter, 11th child born to Isaac Carter was born 1887 Perry Co. MS. Elizabeth "Bessie" married Alonzo Hathorne and second to J. Printiss Courtney, son of Benjamin Courtney and wife Sarah Carter Courtney.

William David Carter

Son of Isaac and Sarah Myers Carter

William married Eran Lavenia Burkett, born 9 September, 1847 Perry Co. and died 9 November, 1930 MS.

The second home that William built for his family still stands today. No one lives in the home and it was going to be torn down in 1995 and the lumber used to build another house when Woody Carter a descendant of Wm's convinced the property owners to let the old home stand. Woody lives just "down the road".

Children of William David Carter:

a.. Ida Carter born 1866 Perry Co. married Dr. Hancock and second, B.F. Thomas.
b. Lilly Elizabeth Carter, born 1869 and died 1943 Moselle, MS. She married Henry Campbell.
c. Mary Catherine Carter born 7 November, 1872 Perry Co. died 7 May, 1946 Moselle, MS. She married John Wyley Rush.
d. Maggie Carter, born 1874 Perry Co. died 1966 Moselle, MS. married James William Ridgway 1871-1954.
e. Eran Lela Carter born 25 July, 1877 and died 7 August, 1967. She married Ranson R. Fairchild, son of James Fairchild
f. William David Carter Jr. born 4 October, 1879 and died 20 January, 1931. He married Ida mae Dunnam , daughter of George Dunnam.
g. Maude Ethel Carter born 25 May, 1881 married Joseph Carl Williams
h. George W. Carter born 11 May, 1884, died 1900 Jones Co. MS.
i. Mignon Carter born 1886 and died 1971. She married cline Cleveland Collins
j. Royal Ray Carter born 22 January, 1888 and died 1971. He married Laura Dee Hill, daughter of J.H. Hill

These are the parents of William Durwood "Woody" Carter who is very knowledgable on the Perry Co. Carter family. He lives in Moselle, MS. with his wife Sheila Marie Sumrall Carter. I do not include dates on the living.

William Carter Jr.

Son of William D. Carter Sr.

William Jr. served in the Civil War in Co. C. 9th MS. Confederate Calvary. He enlisted 14 May, 1862 Perry Co.

William Carter Jr. born 1819 Perry Co. MS. died 3 July, 1882 in Perry Co. He married first about 1845 Perry Co. to Elizabeth Jane Runnels. She was born 1832 and died 27 December, 1873 Perry Co.

William is buried in Carter-Travis cemetery in Petal, MS. and was laid to rest by his first wife, Elizabeth Jane Runnels Carter.

When the 1880 Federal Census was taken William Jr. had married the second time to Mary L. Nix Carter, born 1827 South Carolina and the widow of Abner Carter. This Abner was the son of Matthew Carter, brother to Wm. Sr.

In 1900 Mary is living with her son Reuben W. Carter. She died nine years later and is buried in Morriston Cemetery in Forrest Co.

William and Elizabeth Runnels Carter had eight children.

1. Abner Uriah Carter, born 11 May, 1846
2. Isaac J. Carter, born 1849 and emigrated to Texas.
3. Louisa Carter, born 1852 MS.
4. Mary Jane Carter, born 6 June, 1858 MS. died 1866.
5. William Levi "Bill" Carter, born 10 March, 1861 MS.
6. Sarah Elizabeth Carter, born 18 March, 1865, died 19 February, 1922 Forrest Co. Ms.
7. Solomon Prentis Carter, born 12 October, 1868 and died 9 March, 1957 Forrest Co. MS.
8. Sabra Isabelle Carte, born 4 July, 1872 Perry Co. MS. and died 9 December, 1935 Pearl River Co. Ms. She married Daniel B. Davis


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