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George Byrd Sr.

Son of William Byrd

George Byrd, Sr. was born 1730 in Virginia and died 1817 in Eufaula, AL. He was the son of William and Jean Bell Byrd of North Carolina.

George married Sarah Commander, born 1734 in Virginia, and died 1818 probably AL. She was the daughter of Thomas Commander of VA.

1. George Byrd Jr. born 1763 Bertie Co. NC.
2. Sarah Byrd
3. Jane Byrd
4. Cora Byrd
5. William Byrd
6. Sherrard Byrd
7. Ellen Byrd
8. Thomas Byrd
9. Redden Byrd, born 7 June, 1786
10 Elam Byrd

George Byrd, Jr

1. George Byrd, son of George Sr. was born 1763 Bertie Co. North Carolina. He married Sarah Frierson, who was born about 1763 in South Carolina. Sarah the daughter of Aaron Frierson and wife Mary Chandler. Sarah is listed on the 1840 Census of Perry Co. MS. I do not have a date when George or Sarah died.

Known Children of George and Sarah F. Byrd

1. Mary Jane Byrd, born 1783-1785 SC
2. Redden Byrd born 7 June, 1784 SC.
3. Sherrod Byrd born, was he a twin to Redden?
4. William Sutton Byrd born about 1789 SC
5. John R. Byrd born 16 January, 1791 SC
6. Elam Byrd born 1793 SC
7. Dunnon Byrd born about 1803
8. Joseph Byrd born 1806
9. Samuel Ephraim Byrd born 1808
10 Sarah Byrd born about 1810

Redden Byrd
son of George Byrd Jr.

Redden Byrd Son of George Byrd Jr. and Sarah Frierson was born 7 June , 1784 in Sumter District SC. and died 19 July, 1858 in Darlington, SC. Married Hannah Scott on 15 August, 1819 in SC. She was born 10 May, 1802 in Sumter District and died 5 September, 1864 in Darlington, SC. Hannah was the daughter of Dr Andrew Scott and Elizabeth Ritter.

Children of Redden and Hannah Scott Byrd

1. Harvey Leonidas Byrd born 8 August, 1820 in Salem, SC. He married Pamela Adelaide Dozier on 21 October, 1844 in Darlington Dist. SC.

2. James Ervin Byrd born 6 February, 1823 in Timmonsville, SC died 30 March, 1889 in Timmonsville. He married Mary Lavinia Keith on November 20, 1845. She was born 20 December, 1831 and died July 29, 1881

3. George Washington Byrd born 29 March, 1826 and died 15 December, 1863 Darlington Dist, SC. He married Mary Stevenson on July 23, 1852 in Darlington Dist.

4. Andrew Jackson Byrd born 12 November, 1828 in Darlington and died 8 July, 1864 in Richmond, Henrico Co, Va (Civil War). He married 1 October, 1846 in Sumter Co. SC., to Martha T Barker. She was born in 1827 and died March 3, 1852. Andrew married second to Agnes Jane Gaskins 5 August, 1852 in Darlington Dist. She was born 14 February, 1829 in Williamsburg Co. SC. and died 4 May, 1899 in Suwannee Co, FL.

5. Sarah Elizabeth Byrd born 2 September, 1830 died 15 May, 1900 in SC. She married John K McElveen on April 27, 1847 in Darlington Co. John was born 8 February, 1822 died 31 August, 1890 in SC.

6. Stephen Decatur Miller Byrd born 18 November, 1832 in Myersville, Darlington Dist. SC. He died 21 January, 1901 in Myersville, Scranton, SC. He married Mary Elizabeth Graham on June 17, 1863 in Williamsburg, SC. She died August 29, 1864 in Myersville. Stephen married (2) to Sarah Jane Belin about 1868.

7. Mary Lavinia Byrd born 9 June, 1835 in Darlington, SC and died 16 December, 1895 in Waynesboro, Burke Co, GA. She married Julius Augustus Mims on December 29, 1852 in Darlington Co, SC. Julius A Mims was born April 6, 1832 in Darlington and died January 4, 1877 in Comanche Co. Tx. Mary L married (2)16 April, 1865 to Benjamin Mitchell born 25 February, 1805 in Sumter Dist. SC., and died 21 October, 1867 in Sumter Dist.

8. Margaret Caroline Byrd born 8 November, 1837 in Darlington Co. SC died 12 July, 1918 in Scranton, SC. She married James Morgan Carter on January 3, 1854 in Cartersville, SC. He died May 3, 1863 in the battle of Chancellorsville. Margaret married (2) Capt. John D Young after 1863 in Cartersville, SC.

9. Frances Caroline Byrd born 23 September, 1840 in Darlington Dist. and died 13 August, 1914 in Homersville, GA. She married David Richard Carter on October 23, 1856 in Darlington, SC. David was born 29 April, 1835, and died 17 March, 1862 in McPhersonville, SC. Frances married (2) October 27, 1863 to Charles W. Stuckey, born 10 January, 1838 and died 31 August, 1868. Frances married (3) in 1870 to Redden Eatman, born 1 October, 1843.

William Sutton Byrd
son of George Byrd Jr.

William Sutton Byrd, born about 1789 in Sumter District, South Carolina. He died 28 July, 1845 in Jackson Co. He married a Miss Littleton. Some records state Mary while others state Julia Elizabeth Littleton.

William S. first settled in Perry Co. and is listed on the 1830 Census of that County. He had moved South into Jackson Co. by 1840. Sarah the Mother of William S. was also living in Perry Co. in 1830 and living near William.

Children of William Sutton Byrd and Miss Littleton are:

1. Mary Emeline Byrd, born 1819 married William Reeves born 1818.
2. Robert Sidney Byrd born 3 April, 1820 . Married Katherine Flurry.
3. Ellen Byrd born 1822 Jackson Co. married Thomas Carter, son of Matthew.

4. George Byrd born 26 September, 1824 and died 13 October, 1899. He married Martha Rogers.

5. James Sidney Byrd born 1823 and 1871 married first to Susan Carter.

6. Reuben A Byrd born 1826

7. Caroline Byrd born 1828

8. Matilda Byrd born 1827 married a Mr. Wilson

9. Elizabeth Jane Byrd, married Samuel Walker.

Robert Sidney Byrd
Son of William Sutton Byrd

Robert Sidney Byrd was born and died in Jackson Co. MS. He was born 3 April, 1820, and died 4 October, 1868. Son of William Sutton Byrd and wife Mary Littleton. Robert S. married in 1847 in Harrison Co. MS., to Katherine Flurry, daughter of Henry Flurry and Elizabeth Havens.

Katherine was born 27 January, 1821 and died 19 October, 1868 in Harrison Co. MS.

Robert and Katherine were the parents of eight known children , born in either Jackson or Harrison Co.

1. Mary E. Byrd, born 1848, married Joseph Nichols.

2. Sarah Isabell Byrd born 1850, married Frank Fatheree.

3. John E. Byrd, born 1852 married ?>br>

4. George W. Byrd born 27 November, 1853 married Perlina Robinson, sister to Joseph who married George’s sister, Susan.

5. Robert Sutton Byrd, born 28 Feb. 1856 married Mary Jane Rouse.

6. Susan M. Byrd, born 1858 married Joseph Robinson.

7. Sarden Byrd, born 23 March, 1860 married Lula Louisa Saucier

8. Saphronia Byrd, born 31 July, 1862 married Jefferson Davis Blackwell.


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