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George W. Byrd

Son of Robert Sidney Byrd

George Washington Byrd! George was born 27 November 1853 in Harrison Co. MS. He died 20 December, 1913 in Purvis, Lamar Co. and is buried in that County.

He is the son of Robert Sidney Byrd and wife Katherine Flurry of Jackson Co. MS. He was a Baptist Minister and helped built several Churches in the area of South Mississippi.

He married Perlina Robinson, born 13 October, 1857 in Harrison Co. MS. She died 11 April, 1938. She was the daughter of John B. Robinson and wife Harriett Krohn Robinson.

All of the known children are listed below, there were several children who died young. Names not known

1. Charles Braxton Byrd, born 30 January, 1890 in Forrest Co. MS. He died in 1963 and is buried in Wiggins, MS. Charles married Minnie McCoy Moody.

2. John Sidney Byrd, born 25 October, 1878 Forrest Co. and died 13 July, 1949 Forrest Co. MS. He married Missouri E. Herring born 7 Aug. 1882 and died 23 May 1959. Both are buried in Wiggins.

3. Lytecia (Tishie) Byrd, born 1877 married Roy Anderson
4. Josephine Mabelle Byrd, born 10 June, 1883 MS. died 3 April, 1916, married Calvin Simmons.

5. Harriotte Byrd, born December, 1883 MS.

6. James Monroe Byrd, born 3 December, 1891 MS. and died July, 1965 MS. He married Emma Simmons born 1893

7. Cecelia Byrd, born July 1885 MS. married Joseph Patrick.

8. William Travis Byrd, born 26 August, 1887 MS., and died April, 1969 in Longview, TX. married Anna Lee Williams

9. Gibson Byrd, born before 1880

HARRIOTTE BYRD, born December, 1883 MS., died 1967 New Orleans, LA. She is buried in Hickory Grove Cemetery in Laurel, MS. Harriotte married John Thomas Davis, 1875-1950, son of Benjamin Franklin Davis and Ruth Anne Cater.

Children of Thomas and Harriotte are:

1. Mattie Davis, born 1901; died 1983. Married David Bodie Howard
2. Floy Davis, born 1903; died 1995. Married Reuben Clifford Burnette
3. Ruth Dizell Davis, born 1905; died 1945 married Joe Merrill
4. Roscoe Davis, born 1910; died in Galveston, TX.
5. Ella Elizabeth Davis, born 1915; died 1915 Ashville, NC.

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