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James Calvin Bush

Son of William and Mourning Bush

James Calvin Bush, son of William Bush was born 24 January, 1792 in Laurens County, GA, and died 10 November, 1869 in Early County, GA.

James C. was married four times. (1) Elinor Nelly Glass (2)Mary Carraway (3) Nancy Ann Grantham and (4) Effie Wilson Tennant.

The following was verified by Iva Davis Rutledge to be correct. "The History Of Miller County Georgia 1856-1980"

James Bush moved into Early Co. GA., in 1817 in the company with Isham Sheffield. There were only two other white men in the county. He brought with him thirty head of cattle, two ponies, a Jersey wagon, two grass mattresses and six dollars in money. Later he kept a few goods for sale in his home but was primarily a farmer and cattle man; this being great range country.

In 1824, 1826 and 1829, James Bush was appointed commissioner to view the ground, blaze out roads, apportion hands and appoint overseers to open roads. He was one of the first Early County postmasters and collected the first County tax levy in 1827. He also served as first Tax Collector in 1821, Clerk of Superior and Inferior Courts 1822-1829, first County Treasurer, 1831-1837 and Judge of Inferior Court 1841-1849

James first married Nellie Glass. She was born about 1791 and died 19 October, 1816 in Laurens Co. She may have died in child birth since she was a young mother of three. James and Nellie married about 1810. James was a single father of three children under six years of age. He remarried four years later after the death of Nellie.

Children of James C and Nellie Glass

1. William J. Bush born 13 September, 1811 married Mary Sheffield
2. David Vann Allen Bush, born 4 March, 1813 Married Elizabeth S. Carrol
3. James Calvin Bush, born 16 July, 1815, married Elizabeth Jane Hare Collins

James C. married (2) 22 June, 1820 in Early Co. GA., to Mary Carraway. She was born 1804 in Laurens Co. GA., and died 15 April, 1844.

Children of James C. and Mary Carraway are:

4. Mourning Glory Bush, born 28 February, 1820 and died 11 July, 1895. She married 17 April, 1836 to Charles G. Roberts. What a name!! Yes, Mourning (Morning)Glory Bush is a morning flower on a Bush or vine, it is a beautiful flower. My Grandmother Sennie had purple morning glories, good memories!

5. Isaac Bush, born 21 September, 1821 Early Co. died 31 May, 1904 in Miller Co. GA.

6. Charles Walton Bush, born about 1822, married (1) Rhoda A. Strahan and (2) Amillia Fort

7. Rebecca Bush, born 13 November, 1824 Early Co. married (1) William Battle and (2) Henry J. Roberts

8. Mary V Bush born about 1827, married 12 March, 1841 Early Co. to Joshua S. Vann.

9. Usual James Bush, born 23 November, 1828 and died 1884 Early Co. He married Mary Ann Johnson. Both are buried in Roberts Cemetery in Miller Co.

10 Thomas Jefferson Bush, born 27 July, 1830, died 10 March, 1878 in Early Co.

11 Arkansas Bush, born 3 May, 1832 married Daniel Sheffield (2) Alvis C. Sheffield

12 Missouri D Bush, born 27 July, 1834 GA., died 1893. She married Issac J Dubose

13 Amanda Bush, born 7 February, 1836 GA., died 26 January, 1886 Miller Co. GA., married John Joseph Kirkland. Their daughter, Rebecca married Henry Radford Sheffield, son of Alvis and Arkansas Bush Sheffield. Amanda and Arkansas were half sisters. Amanda is buried in Union Missionary Cemetery in Miller Co.

14 Duren D. Bush born 26 November, 1841, died when 10 years old

After the death of Mary Carraway in 1844, James married for the third time to Nancy Grantham 17 January, 1845 in Early Co. GA. Nancy may have been a widow. Nancy was married twelve years before her death in 1857.

Children of James and Nancy Grantham are:

15 Monterey Bush, born 15 January, 1847. She died 11 August, 1885 Miller Co. Monterey married Daniel G. Sheffield her half nephew, son of Arkansas Bush and the Senior Daniel G. Sheffield.

16 Nancy L. Bush, born 10 July, 1848 and died 2 July, 1850 Early Co. Married in 1869 to George Tabb

17 Edith Elizabeth Bush, born 3 September, 1853, died June 1855

18 Elijah Blackshear Bush, born 20 November, 1850, died 22 December, 1915 GA.

William James Bush
Son of James C and Nellie Glass Bush

William James Bush was born 13 September, 1811 in Laurens Co. GA., and died 7 October, 1887 in Miller Co. GA. He married 26 June, 1834 Early Co. to Mary Sheffield, daughter of Isham and Elizabeth Roberts Sheffield . Wm married (2) Mary Eliza Cartledge

Children of William Bush and Mary Sheffield are:

1. Elizabeth Bush, born about 1836
2. James Fuller Bush, born about 1841 and died 1928 GA. Buried at Flat Creek Cemetery
3. Mary E. Bush, born about 1843
4. William S. Bush, born 8 January, 1845; died June 17, 1925. Buried in Roberts Cem. Married Nancy Roberts Mock, daughter of Charles G. Roberts

5. Laura Rebecca Bush, born 19 March, 1848, Miller Co.and died 28 April, 1900 Miller Co. Married Alfred Iverson Davis born 26 December, 1849 and died 2 September, 1936 Miller Co.

6. Aleander Charles Bush, born about 1850 Miller Co., died about 1898 Holmes Co., FL.

7. Alexander F. Bush, born 9 November, 1852; died 3 March, 1891 Miller Co., GA.

8. Joseph W. Bush, born 22 September, 1855; died 2 September, 1876

9. Chloe A.M. Bush, born 29 December, 1857


James Fuller Bush
Son of William James Bush

James Fuller Bush, son of William James was born about 1841 in Early Co., Georgia, and died 1928 in Miller Co., Georgia Buried at Flat Creek Cemetery He married Chloe Penelope Lane She was born August 19, 1844, and died February 02, 1915 in Miller Co., Georgia Buried at Flat Creek Cemetery2.

Children of James Bush and Chloe Lane are:

1. William Thomas Bush, born 1865; died 1871, Miller Co., Buried at Flat Creek Cemetery.
2. Mary Bush, born 1868
3. Joseph Andrew bush, born 1870; died 1943, Polk Co.,, FL, Buried at Flat Creek Cemetery
4. Chloe Bush, born 1874 GA., Died Miller Co., Georgia
5. Rachel Louvenia Bush, born 21 October, 1875 and died 19 December, 1915
6. Fletcher Alexander Bush, born 22 September, 1877; died 25 October, 1902. Married Sue Womble.
7. Albert S Bush, born 3 January, 1881. Married Nora Brown
8. Alvis Clifton Bush (twin) born 3 January, 1881 and died 19 March, 1962
8. Smiley A. Bush, born 20 October, 1883 and died 19 September, 1923 GA.
9. Isaac Ashley Bush, born 11 February, 1887; died 23 November, 1957. Buried at Flat Creek Cem. Miller Co.

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