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Chapman Broom

Born North Carolina

Chapman Broome is he related to the Broom's who came to Marion Co. Mississippi? Chapman was born in North Carolina about 1800. He married Margaret Eubanks who was born 1801 in South Carolina.

Chapman and Margaret are both buried in what is now George Co. MS., at the Cochran Place. I do not have either death date.

Chapmand and Margaret had at least six children:

1. Cicero Broom born 1826 MS
2. Caswell Broom born 1829 MS
3. Sarah Broom born 1834 MS. died 1878 in yellow fever epidemic. She married a Mr. Hunt and had two children.

a. Quitman Hunt
b. Minnie Hunt married William N. Bilbo, son of William Moss Bilbo and wife Harriet Davis Bilbo

4. Alfred Broom born 1835 MS.
5. Lee Broom born 1841 MS
6. Ira Broom born about 1843 MS

Cicero Broom

Son of Chapman Broom

Cicero Broom born 1826 and died 1878 from a yellow fever epidemic. He married Martha Cates

Cicero and Martha had four children

1. William Wesley Broom, born 1852 MS.
2. Alfred Broom born 1854
3. Martha Ann Broom born 1859, married JamesRoberts
4. Jane Broom married George Pearson

William Wesley Broom

Son of Cicero Broom

William Wesley Broom born 29 July, 1852 and died 12 December, 1881. He married Sarah Jane Moore daughter of Calvin and Effie Fairley Moore.

Eight Children:
a. Leonard Broom died young
b. Stewart Calvin Broom 1881-1955 married Fannie Scarbrough
c. James W. Broom1884-1926 married Patty Maude Batson
d. Lillian Broom 1886-1955 second wife of Scott Bond
e. Erette Broom about 1887 married R.E. Steen
f. Myrtle Broom never married
g. Knox M. Broom born 13 January,1889
h. May Broom never married

Alfred Broom son of Cicero born about 1854 married Emmeline Sumrall and had Two Children:

a. Columbus Broom
b. Kizzie Broom

Jane Broom daughter of Cicero married George Pearson and had three children.

a. Minda Pearson married Earl Byrd
b. Maggie Pearson, adopted by J.J. Fletcher married Horace Redfield
c. Florence Pearson

Caswell Broom

Son of Chapman Broom

Caswell Broom born 1829 MS. married Nancy ? born 1832 and lived in Greene Co. MS. in 1860

Only two known children:

Anna Belle Broom born 1854 Greene Co. MS
Sarah Broom born 1834 married a Mr. Hunt

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