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James E. Roberts

James E. Roberts born 27 September, 1859 and died 19 December, 1932. He married Martha Ann Broome

Martha was born 16 January, 1859 and died 19 December, 1915, her death record reveals her mother was a Cates not a Carter as some researchers have stated.

a. John W. Roberts 1880-1954 MS
b. Minnie Gert Roberts 1882-1941 married John Flurry and Henry Hampston
c. Samuel J. Roberts born 1886 MS
d. Quitman Carlie Roberts born 1889 MS. married Ruth Goff
e. Zuma V. Roberts born 1893 MS.
f. Missouri Maude Roberts born 1895 MS
g. Fred A. Roberts born 1898 MS. married Lottie Fairley
h. Elmer Ratcliff Roberts born 1900 MS
i. Horace Evan Roberts born 1902 MS. married Jewel Flurry

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