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William Allen
Mecklenburg Co VA

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William Allen of Mecklenburg Co. Virginia is said to be a son of Robert Allen of Lundenburg, VA. However, after long hours of research I can not find any proof that this William is an actual son of Robert Jr.

There are several books that have been published on William of Mecklenburg Co., and includes some of his descendants. Try your local genealogy Library for these books.

"The History of Henry County Virginia", by Judith P. Hall.
"William Allen and Kin", by Robert Allen
"The Allen's of Moscow and LaGrange, Fayette Co. TN." by Moore and Allen.
"Allens of the Southern States", by Norma C. Miller
"Your Family and Mine", by John R. Martin.
"The Descendants of Carter, Reaves, Morton, Anthony of Pittsylvania County, Virginia", by Lorraine C. Brown and Anna D. Evans.

William was born about 1725 probably in VA. and died 1789 in Mecklenburg Co. VA. His Will was dated 4 February, 1789 Mecklenburg Co. and was proven in April of that year. Recorded in Will Book 3, 1788-1798

If anyone has a valid copy of William's will, I would appreciate a copy and will pay expensive's.

William was married at least twice and perhaps three times. Judith P. Hall in her "History of Henry County Virginia" states that William was married three times. First to Mary Lewis, (2) to a Miss Beverly who died one year later and left a son Beverly. This son was not named in his father's will; if he did exist he may have died young. William married third (3) to Ann Smith

Will of William Allen
Mecklenburg Co VA

Mecklenburg County, Virginia

The will of William was dated 4 February, 1789 and was proved at a court held on 13 April 1789 in St. James Parish, Mecklenburg Co. VA.

Being sick and weak in body but of sound and perfect memory do make, constitute and ordain this my last will and Testament revoking all former wills before me made. I leave all that I am possessed as shall hereafter mention. During her natural life with six Negroes namely Susie, Bob, Jacob, Salley, Vina, Winny and Carter, with six cows and calves with two two-year old bulls with one half of my hogs, with all my household and kitchen furniture, except one bed and furniture with one black mare and one horse by the name of Rolley, with one side saddle with riding saddle with seven head of sheep with seventy five barrens of corn to raise my six youngest children dividing amongst them their equal part of all but the land as they come of Age and when the youngest child comes of age it is my desire that the rest that is left be divided between my dear and loving wife Ann Allen, and my youngest child and after my wife's decease it is my desire that the land should be set up and sold to the highest bidder giving twelve month CT. and be equally divided amongst my six youngest children, namely Robert Allen, Susanna Allen, Joseph Allen, Pines Allen, Ellen Allen, Fanny Smith Allen, but in case any of My youngest children should die then it is my desire that it should be divided amongst the rest of my last wife's children to them and their heirs forever. The east side of Mountain Creek between the Said Creek and Drewy Allen's line to him and his heirs forever. pounds cash to her and her heirs forever. Suit of clothes to her and her heirs forever; land not yet willed away, I leave to be equally divided amongst my children as I shall mention except five pounds cash which I shall hereafter mention the rest to be divided amongst Turner Allen, Drewy Allen, Lucy Morgan, William Allen, Meredith Allen, Grey Allen, Dolly Allen, my son Drewy Allen I leave five pounds cash more that his equal part with the rest of them and their heirs forever. Lastly, I nominate and appoint Issac Johnson, Drewy Allen, and Elisha Arnold to be Executors of this my last will and testament to see will excuted in witness whereof I here unto set my hand and seal this fourth day of February one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine. William Allen

Children of William Allen are:

1. William Allen, married Ann
2.Drury Allen married Eleanor Jarrott, sister to Thomas Jr
3. Meredith Allen married Nancy Cooper
4. Pleasant Allen married Rebecca Watson
5. Gray Allen married Molly Nance
6. Turner Allen
7. Young Allen married Sarah Poole
8. Darling Allen married Judith Nance
9. John Allen married Nancy Morgan
10 Elizabeth Allen married Godfrey Burnett
11 Martha Allen married Thomas Jarrott Jr brother to Eleanor
12 Mary Allen married a Mr. Morgan
13 Dolly Allen married a Thurman
14 Lucy Allen married a Phillip Morgan

Children from the third marriage to Sarah Ann Smith, daughter of Henry Smith and Tabitha Churchill of Prince George Co., VA.

15 Robert Allen married Celia Mullins
16 Joseph S. Allen married Sarah Wade and (2) Sarah May
17 Pines Allen went to Missouri
18 Susannah Allen married William Mills
19 Nancy Allen married Edward Carter
20 Fanney Allen

William Allen appears to be the oldest son as he is mentioned in the Mecklenburg Co. records before his other siblings. He died 1789 and his widow Ann, married John Bailey in 1791. Ann may have been an Arnold before her marriage to William

William purchased 200 acres from James Vaughn in 1767; Turner Allen to William Allen, 1788 witness, Darling Allen. Then in 1793 Turner Allen and William Allen of Lunenburg Co. VA. Phillip Morgan of Halifax Co. NC., and Drury, Young, Meredith, John and Gray Allen of Mecklenburg to Adda Jarrott of Mecklenburg Co.

The sons of William Allen appear on the tax list from 1782 to 1810. Ater the death of William these sons move Southward into North Carolina. The first of these sons to move to North Carolina appears to be Darling Allen who settled in Anson Co. and the others followed.

After the death of William, the widow Ann married 2 March, 1791 Mecklenburg Co. to John Bailey. They moved to Henry Co., where John supposedly built a large home for Ann and the younger children.

John Bailey died in 1817. (Need the 1820 census for Ann) Ann is listed in the 1830 census and her age is given 70-80. Ann and John Bailey had one daughter, Tabitha Churchill Bailey, who married John C. Traylor, the minister of Mt. Bethel Church. Ann died in 1838 when her Will was proven in Henry County Court on 14 May, 1838. Will Book 4, page 179."

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