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Richard Proctor Allen

North Carolina

Richard P. Allen is the son of Richard Allen and wife Catherine Proctor of Maryland, who married 19 February, 1778 in St Paul Parish in Baltimore Co. Maryland. Is this Richard of Maryland the son of John Allen and Ann Rhodes who was christened 15 November, 1741 in St John Parish?

Richard Proctor Allen was born 1 January, 1781 in Wake Co. North Carolina or Maryland. He was living in Anson Co. and died there about 1860. He married twice, but his wives names were not listed in a book that belonged to his son John Gray Allen of Marengo Co. AL. He only referred to step-mother. From other sources, I found Richard married first about 1808 to Mary Gray, daughter of Benjamin Gray and (2) to Jane Virginia McRae about 1837.

John Gray Allen list in a book that belonged to him names and gives dates of birth of his brothers an sisters. In Deed Book 16 page 438 Anson Co. NC., list the heirs of Richard Allen, both list the same individuals.

Children of Richard Allen and Mary Gray are:

1. John Gray Allen, born 10 June, 1810 Anson Co. NC.
2. Thetis Allen, born 24 February, 1814 NC.
3. Sarah H. Allen, born 09 September, 1818, NC.
4. George Washington Allen, born 01 February, 1822 NC.
5. Richard Paul Allen, born 17 December, 1826 NC

Of these Siblings to John Gray Allen, only the sisters came to AL. The brothers George and Richard both remained in Anson Co. It appears from Court records that George never had children. He married about 1849 to Phoebe Jane Watkins, who was born 10 Feb. 1830 and died 17 September, 1909. The estate of George was being settled in 1883. George had died in June, 1882 in Anson Co.

John Gray Allen
Son of Richard P. Allen

Do not confuse this John Gray Allen with the John Gray Allen of Choctaw Co. AL. Both were born in North Carolina. See John Gray Allen of Choctaw Co. page

John Gray Allen was born 10 June, 1810, Anson Co. and died 07 September, 1891 in Marengo Co. AL. He is buried in Old Spring Hill cemetery in Marengo Co. John was the only son of Richard Proctor Allen who came south to Alabama.

He was married three times. (1) to Anna Brown in 1835 in Anson Co. NC. (2) Nancy R.K. Curtis Boatwright (3) Ann Curtis. He had four children by his first marriage, four children by his second marriage and one child by the last marriage. No children’s names were listed in J.G. book. Four children are listed for the first marriage, but only three are known.

John first married Anna Brown Allen, daughter of Josiah Allen and Nancy White.

1. William Caldwell Allen, born 28 August, 1836, Dobbs Co. NC; died 22 April, 1891
2. Mary Jane Allen, born 24 September, 1838 died 18 October, 1909. She married B.R. Eppes
3. Richard Proctor Allen, born 13 January, 1841 Dobbs Co. NC; died 29 August 29, 1909 Marengo Co., AL.

Nancy R.K. Curtis was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Curtis. She was born 9 March, 1816 and died 5 October, 1849. She is buried in Curtis-Allen Cemetery.

Children of John G. and Nancy Curtis Allen

1. Lizzie Gray Allen, born August 1843; died 4 September, 1868
2. John Curtis Allen, born 1 September, 1845; died 29 Aug. 1914
3. Leroy Jones Allen born born 1847; died 1922
4. Thomas Roe Allen, born 1849; died 18 April, 1865

Child of John G. and Ann Curtis

Charles Edward Allen, only child born to John and Ann. He was born 30 August, 1860; died 23 May, 1943. He Married Ida Romilda Skinner 1867-1949

Richard P. Allen, brother to John Gray was married in 1850 and had about nine children. Richard died in 1901 and was present in 1893 at division of G.W. (George Washington) Allen est.

Sarah H. Allen married Thomas Lee. They moved to Texas, she came back after her husband died and lived on the John Gray Allen home place. Children listed in the division of G.W. Allen est. Sarah died 16 February, 1865 and is buried in Curtis-Allen cemetery.

Thomas and Sarah had a daughter Martha "Mattie" who married James Adrian Quinney, son of William R Quinney. She was born 21 June, 1829 in Marengo Co. and died 19 May, 1894 in Lee Co. TX.

Thetis Allen married Hugh Livingston, she was living at the time of partition of G.W. Allen est."

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