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John G Allen

The lineage of John Gray Allen, Choctaw Co. Alabama is being researched! Lynda Green Allen is researching this line and would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge about the parents or any ancestor of John Gray Allen. Any help appreciated in trying to sort these Allen's in the Southern Counties of Alabama. Lynda Allen

There are two John Gray Allen's. One in Choctaw Co. and the other in Marengo Co. Alabama. Both were born in North Carolina.

John G. Allen born 1805 in North Carolina, and died July 20, 1862 in Choctaw Co., Alabama. He married Martha Ann Whitted 24 November, 1830 in Orange Co., North Carolina. She was born 1815 in North Carolina, and died After 1873 in Choctaw Co.

The land where John G. Allen lived for over thirty years was in dispute some fifteen years after his death. One of his sons James W.M. claimed the land. James died a year after his father's death leaving no will. Nor did he have any children, and his wife had recently died. This property was included in the estate of James W.M. Allen in probate Co. of Choctaw April 1872.

J. Gray Allen appeared before, B.H. Harris, Clerk of Probate Court of Choctaw County in 1873. He brings duly sworn deports and saith that Martha Allen and Mary Adams are material witnessess in a pending case to sell the real estate of J.W.M Allen to pay debts in behalf of the contestants

Both Martha the Mother, and Mary Allen Adams a sister were Interrogated on August 9, 1873. Martha the widow states these facts: Yes, John is dead, he died 20 July, 1862. He lived here on this land for over thirty years. I was his wife. He died at William Lee's house about a mile and a half from here. J(James)WM had no interest in the land at all, he had other things. I heard the old man say so. He gave him Cows, hogs and other items which were more valuable than land. Then she, (Martha signed with an X)

Children of John Allen and Martha Whitted Are:

1. James W.M Allen, born 1832 Sumter Co., AL., and died 24 October, 1863, Choctaw Co.

2. Elrid Allen, born 1835 Sumter Co. AL
3. Mary Elizabeth Allen, born 1839 Sumter Co. AL
4. Joshua Allen, born 1843 Sumter Co. AL.
5. John Gray Allen Jr. born May 1845, Sumter Co.

John G Allen Jr

Son of John G Allen Sr

John Gray Allen, was born May 1845 in Sumter Co., AL., died 28 March, 1922 in Choctaw Co. He married 18 December, 1873 to Margaret Ann Cochran, daughter of James Cochran and Ann Lanier. She was born 1855 in Thompkinsville, Choctaw Co., and died Before 1880 that Co.

John and Margaret had one son:

He married (1) Joel Moody, June 24, 1896 in Choctaw Co., daughter of Robert Moody and Mary Abney. She was born January 27, 1878 in Choctaw Co., and died August 22, 1915 in Choctaw Co. James married (2) Salleye L. Dicks daughter of Putman Dicks and Eliza Bruister. She was born October 15, 1894 in Choctaw Co., Alabama, and died November 04, 1981 in Choctaw Co., Alabama. Joel Moody died at the James L Allen home in Butler, AL.

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