Thomson Family

The following was told to me by Mrs. Nell Couch Moody of Pascagoula, MS. about 1983.

James Thomas was born in Ireland. He migrated to Pennsylvania in 1771. He was the son of William Thomson who was born in Glasgow, Scotland and migrated to Ireland.

James Henry Thomson was born in 1773 in Pennsylvania. He was an elder for over forty years in the Presbyterian Church of Kentucky and Indiana. He married Sarah "Sally" Henry.

JOHN THOMSON was born Nicholas Co. KY. John moved to Indiana and here he met Susan Howe who was born in MA., but was raised in Albany, New York. She was a School Teacher. She was the daughter of Estes Howe and grand daughter or Rev. Soldier Estes Howe who was a surgeon in the war. The wife of Estes Howe Jr. was Joanna Smith. They were married in 1833 and migrated to Green Co. MS about 1840.

They had one known daughter, Effie Thomson. It is thought that John had a brother who was a preacher and settled on the East side of the Pascagoula River at Leaf, MS. Effie was a School Teacher and helped to nurse the sick. She first married a Mr. Spratley who lived on the West side of the Pascagoula. They had two children, A daughter named Lou and a son who died about the age of ten.

Effie married the second time to John Cunningham, this was also the second marriage for John. His first wife was Martha Lyons, they had seven or eight children. Effie and John met when he became ill and she was nursing him back to health. She did not know if this was in Leaf or here in Jackson Co. John and Effie had one daughter, Minerva Kathleen Cunningham.

After their marriage they found they were not compatable and divorced. She was the Prim School Teacher while John was the rusty-robot type of man. Their life style were completely different. She has been to the best of Schools and had a fine education. Her parents were both educated. The daughter, Minerva Cunningham married Clarence Couch.

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