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Agnes Gertrude Moore 1898 MO.
Alonzo G. Moore 1883-1957 MS.
Amelia Moore 1856 AL-1934 MS
Beulah Clyde Moore 1890 MS
Egbert Moore 1878 MS
James Moore TN & MS
James Egbert Moore 1842 MS
James Jackson Moore 1873 MS
John Moore 1875 MS
John Daniel Moore 1844 MS
John Moore Dallas Co. AL.
John Martin Moore 1862 AL-1929 MS.
M.E. Moore 1848 MS
Mary Moore Amite Co. MS.
Mary C. Moore 1872 MS-1977 LA.
Mary Elizabeth Moore 1893 MS
Mary Jane Moore 1856 MS
Mittie Arlene Moore 1892 MS
Morris D. Moore 1884 MS
Myrtle Estelle Moore 1887 MS
Plesant L. Moore 1840 MS
Robert Whitwell Moore 1838 TN-MS
Samuel Moore, Amite Co. MS.
Sarah Ethel Moore 1880 TN
Sue Caroline Moore 1850 MS
Thena Ellenor Moore 1858 AL-1919 MS.
James Thomas Clifton Moore 1895 MO.
Thomas Dudley Moore 1858 MS
Thomas Luther Moore 1878 MS
Virginia F. Moore 1878-1945 MS
Viola V. Moore 1883 MS
Walter E. Moore 1876 MS
William Moore 1838 AL-1896 MS.
William Carroll Moore 1837 TN-MS
William L. Moore 1867 AL-1934 MS

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