Marriages Rankin Co.

Core to Cush

CORE, Mel                   RUSSELL, Sarah              1854 November,01
CORLEY, Benjamin            WELSH, Betty                1879 February,18
CORLEY, C D                 PARKER, Sarah               1871 May,31
CORLEY, Charles             JENNINGS, Nancy             1834 November,06
CORLEY, E H                 WILLIAMS, Lenora            1894 February,17
CORLEY, I L                 LOFLIN, Rosa                1898 February,22
CORLEY, J M                 JACKSON, Mattie             1879 October,04
CORLEY, Miles               MOYERS, Mary                1861 July,27
CORLEY, Nathan              MYRICK, Martha              1846 June,09
CORLEY, Oliver              STUBBLEFIELD, Eunice        1897 December,28
CORLEY, R H                 TUCKER, L A Miss            1891 January,08
CORLEY, Sheriff             SPEARS, Susan               1877 February,15
CORLEY, Sheriff             WELLS, Louisa               1870 December,29
CORLEY, Urban               LAIRD, Martha               1847 August,02
CORLEY, W M                 SINGLETARY, Belle           1890 October,18
CORTNEY, A D M              BYRD, Adelia                1879 March,10
COSSACK, William           , Emma                       1866 September,10
COSTELLO, L C               PATRICK, J D Miss           1877 January,19
COTTON, William             ANDERSON, Mary              1844 November,12
COTTON, Wm                  ANDERSON, Mary              1844 November,12
COULSON, James              HOLDEN, Samantha            1864 December,29
COULTER, J L                LANGFORD, Elizabeth         1864 December,01
COURTNEY, John              BRIGGS, Margaret            1875 November,06
COURTNEY, John              ROGERS, Martha              1870 May,31
COURTNEY, Thornton          HENDERSON, Ann              1872 January,20
COURTNEY, William           McBRIDE, Josephine          1877 November,28
COUSIN, Charles             CRAWFORD, Betty             1882 April,07
COUSIN, Louis               MASON, Mittie               1898 February,01
COUSIN, Ross                MASON, Loula                1895 July,03
COUSIN, William             HATCHETT, Georgia           1889 June,22
COUSIN, Henry               GREEN, Sarah                1888 February,29
COUTS, John                 McNELLY, Martha             1859 May,26
COVENDER, Isaac             TYGRET, Susannah            1836 November,21
COVINGTON Isaac             TAGERT, Susannah            1836 November,21
COVINGTON, John             MOLES, Courtney             1835 December,31
COWLER, Lee                 LYLES, Mary                 1892 January,14
COX, Albert                 McLAURIN, Sallie            1875 August,31
COX, Alfred                 FLOYD, Molly                1877 March,24
COX, C H                    RANKIN, L E Miss            1880 March,24
COX, Dave                   ELLIS, Amanda               1876 April,22
COX, J P                    HILL, Law                   1871 January,28
COX, John                   RUSELL, Josephine           1875 May,18
COX, Richard                HOWELL, Charlotte           1869 June,27
COX, T C                    LEGGETT, S E Miss           1882 October,14
COX, Tony                   BRANT, Lillie               1898 October,08
COX, Willie                 BURNHAM, Letha              1898 October,13
COX, Zona                   MYERS, Julia                1896 March,24
CRAFT, James                MORRISON, Maggie            1890 September,02
CRAIG, H C                  JACK, Emma                  1865 November,26
CRAIG, John                 JONES, Frances              1843 December,20
CRAIG, John                 JONES, Frances              1843 December,20
CRAIG, W E                  HOSKINS, Penelope           1881 November,02
CRANE, Doss                 BENTON, J A                 1889 April,30
CRANE, E W W                WILTSHIRE, H C Miss         1881 May,07
CRANE, Elijah               RHODES, Mattie              1880 December,30
CRANE, Francis              RUSSELL, Nancy              1857 June,29
CRANE, Frankie              BAKER, A G                  1881 February,09
CRANE, J C                  DICKSON, Hattie             1886 March,13
CRANE, Jesse                WINGATE, Nancy              1866 September,25
CRANE, Joe                  McAFEE, Georgia             1879 December,18
CRANE, John                 PONDER, Magalena            1854 January,23
CRANE, Mack                 JONES, Bernetta             1867 November,13
CRANE, Martin               SMITH, Mary                 1858 February,10
CRANE, R L                  BURNHAM, Fannie             1898 March,23
CRANE, W W                  MARTIN, Rhoda               1868 August,24
CRANE, Wilson               GILL, Emaline               1858 February,16
CRAPS, Yancy                WALKER, Sarah               1869 May,04
CRAVEN, M M                 SEVILLE, Dora               1885 January,05
CRAWFORD, John              GIBSON, Lahie               1885 February,28
CRAWFORD, Sam               BROWN, Josie                1887 August,11
CRAWFORD, Sim               WELTON, Harriet             1871 January,11
CRAWFORD, Vernod            PARKER, John                1891 February,26
CRAWFORD, Willie            TAYLOR, Angie               1889 April,24
CRAWLEY, D B                ENOCHS, J R Miss            1888 January,16
CREASY, Plesant             DUKES, Adeline              1879 April,12
CREEL, Sam                  RENFROE, Emma               1886 November,22
CREEL, T C                  BOYKIN, Elizabeth           1864 October,18
CREEL, Thomas               PEARCE, Minerva             1857 February,09
CREELY, James               VANDERFORD, Nancy           1861 December,23
CREWS, M M                  HOWELL, M J Miss            1889 September,09
CRISPIN, Mason              CLEMENT, Catherine          1837 May,27
CROCKET, Sarah              LAW, Daniel                 1836 January,23
CROOK, A G                  RHODES, Fannie              1869 February,24
CROOK, David                MYERS, Margaret             1845 November,18
CROOK, Ellis                EUBANKS, Maggie             1885 August,05
CROOK, H L                  GRIMES, Rosa                1892 February,23
CROOK, Jim                  BROWN, Ada                  1887 February,17
CROOK, Lewis                HANNON, Lou                 1873 December,06
CROOK, R A                  SIMS, W W Miss              1866 April,14
CROOK, S J                  BARNETT, Ella               1882 December,30
CROOK, Willie               THOMPSON, Mary              1891 December,24
CROSBY, F M                 BAREFOOT, Elizabeth         1864 May,04
CROSBY, George              KING, Loula                  1891 January,31
CROSBY, George              STAPLETON, Dora             1883 October,30
CROSBY, Joe                 FOOT, Mary                  1892 August,31
CROSBY, John                COBB, Loula                 1890 February,13
CROSBY, Major               BIBB, Lou                   1889 April,26
CROSBY, George              LOTT, Hattie                1897 October,02
CROSBY, W C                 FOOT, Susie                 1898 January,31
CROSBY, William             JOHNSON, Mary               1874 December,24
CROSS, W F                  PERKINS, M F Miss           1860 October,17
CROUCH, Jonathan            MYERS, Rachel               1851 August,29
CRUTHFIELD, William         SMITH, George Ann           1875 February,24
CRUMP, J T                  LEE, Emma                   1894 March,03
CRUTCHER, A B               GAY, Henry                  1866 July,31
CRIER, Allen                JONES, Elizabeth            1847 July,01
CRIER, George               KITCHENS, Amanda            1897 December,22
CULBERT, John               KERSH, Cecelia               1867 November,24
CULBERT, John               RUSSELL, Phyllis            1874 September,26
CULBERTON, Frank            JONES, Mattie               1874 November,23
CULLIUM, Abraham            COOK, Jane                  1853 December,19
CULPEPPER, J C              GRAY, Julia                 1874 July,18
CUMMINGS, Sam               CRAWFORD, Dolly             1877 January,25
CUNDIFF, B S                ROBINSON, Nettie            1871 January,27
CUNNINGHAM, Henry           TOWNSEND, Lottie            1894 January,16
CUNNINGHAM, R E             SHELTON , Rebecca           1865 August,30
CUNNINGHAM, W A             RHODES, Ada                 1871 January,25
CURAN, William              WILSON, Martha              1860 December,31
CURR, Moses                 RHODES, Melinda             1872 May,11
CURRY, Calvin               COLEMAN, Virginia           1886 July,08
CURRY, Charlie              WILSON, Frances             1877 January,10
CURRY, Daniel               MILLER, Elizabeth           1859 February,10
CURRY, J L                  HARTSWELL, O L Miss         1865 December,23
CURRY, J W                  CRANE, Julia                1889 May,18
CURRY, James                MITCHELL, Rosa              1898 January,01
CURRY, Sylvester            COOPER, Ida                 1888 October,24
CURRY, J L                  SWILLEY, Julia              1880 January,07
CURTIS, Henry               GREEN, Julia                1877 December,01
CUSH, Allen                 RHODES, Sarah               1836 July,04

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