Rankin Co. MS Marriages

Groom Index

CADE, P                     BILBO, Emily                1865 October,25
CAGE, Amanda                DAVIS, Andrew               1871 December,23
CAIGLE, Charlie             NICKLESON, Nella            1895 November,16
CAIGLE, Isaac               BATTE, Margaret             1862 February,24
CAIGLE, Isaac               NOBLES, Missouri            1870 June,04
CAIGLE, Michael             LEE, Lizzie                 1860 August,03
CAIGLE, S S                 ADAIR, Margaret             1876 November,16
CAIGLE, T P                 BRUCE, Amanda               1873 May,09
CALCOTE, Henry G            FOX, Barbara                1841 May,18
CALCOTE, H D                WILLIAMS, S F Miss          1881 December,27
CALCREASE, Wm               GALLOWAY, Nancy             1833 May,12
CALHOUN, Clyde              KINCADE, Bell               1887 February,26
CALHOUN, A J                DAVIS, Catherine            1860 November,06
CALHOUN, J C                PARKS, Mary                 1890 December,10
CALHOUN, James              WALTERS, Martha             1860 November,10
CALHOUN, John               GRAHAM, Lavisa              1854 September,27
CALHOUN, Levin              BUCKNER, Rebecca            1869 December,25
CALHOUN, P P                NEAL, Mary                  1870 March,22
CALLAHAN, Archibald         HALE, Alice                 1868 January,27
CALLAHAN, William           SHOTTS, Sissie              1898 February,08
CALLAHAN, O L               DONNELL, L S Miss           1890 February,08
CALLOWAY, Jack              NORWOOD, Eliza              1881 March,17
CALLUM, C B                 PUCKETT, Willie             1890 October,13
CALLUM, J T                 ASHLEY, Hester              1862 January,28
CAMERON, A W                JONES, Mary                 1865 April,07
CAMERON, Frank              LEWIS, Addie                1893 June,24
CAMP, A G                   JAYNE, Julie                1865 July,27
CAMPBELL, Burl              CLARK, Naomi                1832 May,13
CAMPBELL, J G               PATTON, Isabell             1869 October,18
CAMPBELL, J H               LAWRENCE, Nancy             1863 December,21
CAMPBELL, Joe               DONNELL, Jennie             1881 January,31
CAMPBELL, John              PHILLIPS, Mary  Ann         1842 September,13
CAMPBELL, L C               WOMACK, Ruth                1871 September,29
CAMPBELL, Robert            SPEAK, Nancy                1880 October,26
CAMPBELL, Thomas            THORP, Ann                  1851 November,05
CAMPBELL, Will              COLE, Fannie                1896 April,30
CAMPBELL, William T         WOMACK, Sarah Ann           1843 November,15
CAMREL, Sam                 ASHLEY, Alice               1889 February,06
CANLEY, R N                 SMITH, Sarah                1878 January,17
CANNADY, Annie              WINSTON, Josh               1891 December,30
CANNADY, Miles              HUFF, Mary                  1847 November,29
CANNON, Adolphus            MIKEL, Jennie               1881 April,22
CANNON, David               DEAR, Sarah                 1860 December,12
CANNON, David               SEABRON, Amanda             1869 February,09
CANNON, Evers               HOBSON, Janie               1898 March,07
CANNON, John                COLE, Fannie                1881 January,29
CANNON, Thomas              HOWARD, Mary                1847 March,18
CANNON, W D                 NORRELL, Frances            1865 October,16
CARRAWAY, C P               WILSON, Nancy               1870 December,20
CARRAWAY, James             TENNON, Martha              1857 August,26
CARRAWAY, Labon             BEAL, Colin                 1842 August,14
CARDIFF, P S                WEATHERSBY, Martha C        1843 December,26
CARLISLE, Pierson           SANFORD, Narcissa           1845 August,12
CARMICHAEL, James           HODGES, Nancy               1850 August,29
CARMICHAEL, Lewis           SPANN, Donna                1875 August,10
CARMICHAEL, Stephen         SPANN, Mandy                1871 January,26
CARNES, Alexander           MOORE, Berthia              1848 September,25
CAROTHERS, W W              MONTAGUE, E J Miss          1879 December,17
CARRAWAY, Laben             BEAL, Colin                 1842 August,14
CARPENTER, Gus              HOWARD, Caroline            1879 May,17
CARR, William               BROWN, Julia                1897 August,11
CARR, Charlie               McDOWELL, Orlean            1893 June,26
CARR, Frank                 GREGORY, Rosa               1897 July,09
CARR, Frank                 MASSEY, Ann                 1894 December,06
CARR, Henry                 BROWN, Lanetta              1896 December,23
CARR, J J                   McGUFFY, Jennie             1888 November,10
CARR, Jacob                 MANN, Jane                  1865 March,28
CARR, John                  ALLEN, Alice                1888 December,22
CARR, Murray                HOLDEN, Ann                 1869 September,23
CARR, S F                   WHITFIELD, Estelle          1890 September,25
CARR, Thurman               CLACK, Amanda               1870 August,12
CARR, William               FINA, Jane                  1860 November,24
CARRAWAY, Laben             BEAL, Colin                 1842 August,14
CARRAWAY, Lennie            MULHOLLAND, W A              1881 November,15
CARROLL, B E                JOHNSON, Mollie             1869 November,04
CARROLL, C C                NEELEY, Nancy               1864 October,10
CARROLL, Manuel             STEWART, Celia              1870 August,06
CARSON, E H                 PRESLEY, Mary             1881 June,07
CARSON, S R                 DENSON, P F Miss             1881 June,20
CARTER, Augustus            MARTIN, Florence            1895 December,26
CARTER, Ben                 HOWELL, Tena               1882 April,14
CARTER, C B                 BELLOU, M J Mrs             1870 February,02
CARTER, Charles             LINDSEY, Margaret           1871 July,19
CARTER, Dewitt              McLAURIN, Phyllis           1872 January,27
CARTER, Henry               KERSH, Rose                 1882 December,02
CARTER, J D                 WILLIAMS, Mary              1884 December,05
CARTER, John                CUNNINGHAM, Loula           1895 March,11
CARTER, Percy               JONES, Mary                 1896 December,17
CARTER, Richard             CARTER, Fanny               1870 December,17
CARTER, Sam                 JONES, Ella                 1872 December,21
CARTER, Webb                HATCHER, Arilla             1882 October,26
CARRUTH, Charles            MILLER, Alice               1878 December,28
CARVER, Jesse               COOKS, Missouri             1868 December,17
CARY, Charlie               TAYLOR, Emma                1898 August,04
CASE, Sherman               McLAURIN, Rachael           1845 June,09
CASS, W H                   COOPER, Alice               1876 December,25
CASSELL, J D                GREEN, Berta                1881 November,09
CATCHINGS, James            GILLS, Malinda              1869 March,20
CATCHINGS, James            PETTY, Laura                1892 July,27
CATCHINGS, Joe              MILLER, Ricey               1873 February,27
CATCHINGS, John             BERRY, Mariah               1870 July,20
CATCHINGS, Joseph           SANDERS, Louisa             1860 September,26
CATCHINGS, Neal             MILLER, Sophronia           1872 February,05
CATCHINGS, Richard          TAYLOR, Amanda              1871 February,02
CATCHINGS, Wesley           HICKS, Mary                 1879 December,22
CATER, C J                  SMITH, Amanda               1865 August,21
CATER, George               ALLEN, Caroline             1856 September,02
CATES, William              ALLEN, Frances              1874 July,26
CATRELL, Charles            DAVIS, Sarah                1862 September,02
CAULEY, Pret                WILLIAMS, Elizabeth         1829 January,01
CAVANAUGH, T H              RHODES, Happie              1890 December,23
CAVENAUGH, E                MELLON, Marth               1855 April,08
CAVENDER, Isaac             LAGRITE, Susanna            1836 November,21
CAWTHORN, B P               HASKINS, May                1893 November,06
CAWTHORN, E W               WILLIAMS, Stella            1898 December,10
CAWTHORN, Tiddie            TAGGERT, M S                1888 December,25
CAWTHORN, John              McNABB, Sarah               1855 October,16
CAWTHORN, S J               JONES, Jette                1887 December,20
CHAFEY, Ambrose             MYERS, Clory                1880 November,23
CHAFEY, Edward              JOINER, Sarah               1858 December,23
CHAFEY, Columbus            MORGAN, Martha              1895 December,23
CHAFIN, Tom                 GRAY, Ellen                 1867 December,21
CHAMBERS, L J               HOLMES, Ada                 1873 December,31
CHAMBERS, L J               STRONG, C L Miss            1870 February,14
CHAMBERS, R J               McCOY, Lena                 1898 January,27
CHAMBERS, R M               RAGSDALE, Mary              1867 December,23
CHAMBERS, Robert            DILL, Mary                  1845 November,13
CHAMBERS, W W               COOPER, Mary                1890 November,27
CHAMBERS ,WEST              ROGERS, Sallie              1880 January,14
CHAMBERS, Yancey            DAVIS, Elizabeth            1881 January,19
CHAMPION, John              LANSDALE, Fannie            1878 January,17
CHAMPION, Joshua            DAVIS, Emma                 1895 July,23
CHANDLER, F M               SMITH, Sarah                1861 July,22
CHANDLER, J N               SOWELL, Laura               1885 October,30
CHANDLER, Richard           BENSON, Mary                1897 December,17
CHANEY, Massy               ORR, John                   1842 July,06
CHAPMAN, A F                HALE, Emma                  1887 June,28
CHAPMAN, Allen              SHIP, Eliza                 1832 March,18
CHAPMAN, Charles            STEVENSON, Mary             1859 October,29
CHAPMAN, Charlotte          AMMONS, M P                 1847 September,13
CHAPMAN, D G                RAGSDALE, M S Miss          1896 October,13
CHAPMAN, E W                RUSSELL, Margie             1897 November,30
CHAPMAN, Ed                 BRIDGES, Betty              1895 October,07
CHAPMAN, George             HOLDEN, Martha              1867 December,21
CHAPMAN, Green              YOUNG, Nellie               1869 September,03
CHAPMAN, H L                MAYFIELD, Mollie            1894 August,13
CHAPMAN, Hiram              SEXTON, Elizabeth           1848 June,02
CHAPMAN, J A                HUFF, Savanna               1895 September,20
CHAPMAN, J D                CLARK, L J Miss             1866 December,18
CHAPMAN, J S                THORNSBURG, F J Miss        1892 January,26
CHAPMAN, Jesse              DEAR, Mary                  1854 February,15
CHAPMAN, John               FRANKLIN, Fanny             1841 December,01
CHAPMAN, John               THORNTON, Sarah             1853 November,29
CHAPMAN, John S             FRANKLIN, Fanny             1841 December,01
CHAPMAN, Joseph             WILLIAMSON, Zelphia         1858 January,09
CHAPMAN, L T                PERRY, Laura                1868 December,12
CHAPMAN, L T                PERRY, Martha               1878 February,15
CHAPMAN, Robert             BROWN, Hannah               1873 October,23
CHAPMAN, Robert             CHAPMAN, Phenie             1895 September,09
CHAPMAN, T P                MYERS, Rachel               1859 October,11
CHAPMAN, W P                PERRY, Cordelia             1870 December,22
CHAPMAN, W S                SHEPPARD, Loula             1893 March,20
CHAPMAN, Wiley              JOHNSON, Elizabeth          1855 April,26
CHAPMAN, William            BROWN, Catherine            1859 September,13
CHAPMAN, William            MANN, Mary                  1850 April,02
CHEEK, Richard A            DAVIS, Jane                 1840 December,25
CHEEK, H C                  JACKSON, Georgiana          1896 December,21
CHERRY, George              MAGEE, Martha               1857 July,14
CHERRY, Joshua              SHIVERS, Henrietta          1881 January,18
CHESTER, Buck               ALLEN, Ada                  1895 September,28
CHESTER, Buck               SPANN, Sallie               1876 December,13
CHESTER, Buck               TIBBS, Sarah                1884 January,11
CHILDRESS, Henry            SIMPSON, Frances            1859 August,24
CHILDRESS, John             GALLIFER, Mary              1863 October,14
CHILDRESS, H C              JONES, Mary                 1891 May,02
CHILDRESS, James            BROWN, Elizabeth            1854 September,30
CHILDRESS, Nathan           WILKINSON, Sarah            1851 July,23
CHILDRESS, R C              WIRTY, Carrie               1877 February,01
CHILDRESS, Richard          JAMES, Sarah                1860 August,23
CHILDRESS, Thomas           CATY, Sarah                 1854 April,06
CHILDS, George              POWELL, J A Miss            1871 May,17
CHILDS, John                WILLIAMS, Martha            1846 March,08
CHILDS, J S                 MAXEY, Hallie               1870 December,19
CHRISTIAN, Ben              BYRD, Amanda                1872 January,23
CHURCH, Frederick           GOFF, Sarah                 1876 December,06
CHURCH, Henry               NORRIS, Carrie              1873 January,11
CLACK, Jno. C               CHAPMAN, Susan              1836 January,02
CLACK, John                 CHAPMAN, Susan              1836 January,02
CLACK, Lewis                COLEMAN, Angeline           1866 December,17
CLAIBORNE, A S              STEWART, Sarah              1844 September,23
CLAIBORNE, C H              COLE, Ellen                 1875 December,02
CLARK, Anthony              GRAY, Sarah                 1886 July,17
CLARK, B A                  HOLMES, Susan               1881 August,02
CLARK, David                PRICE, Nancy                1874 January,07
CLARK, Frank                WILSON, Amanda              1897 November,15
CLARK, G B                  DEXTER, Semiramis           1867 August,30
CLARK, J H                  ROSS, Ella                  1887 December,31
CLARK, J J                  MAY,Mollie                  1884 December,22
CLARK, M J                  GREEN, Kate                 1869 September,15
CLARK, Robert               LANE, Betty                 1853 August,05
CLARK, Seaborn              ESTES, Susan                1857 December,26
CLARK, W H                  FALLS, Jennie               1886 June,09
CLARK, W T                  TRAYLOR, Lizzie             1896 December,18
CLARK, W W                  HALE, Cynthia               1879 February,17
CLARK, W W                  WILLIAMS, C O Miss          1875 January,05
CLARK, William              LACY, Lietha                1860 April,24
CLARK, William              McDOWELL, Mary              1851 August,30
CLAY, Austin                JACK, Ella                  1882 December,20
CLAY, George                JOLLY, Mary                 1891 January,31
CLAY, Henry                 WILKINSON, Sallie           1868 March,20
CLAY, Moses                 GRIFFIN, Malinda            1877 August,04
CLAY, William               TAYLOR, Delia               1877 December,27
CLEARY, John                McGOWAN, Eliza              1866 July,03
CLEMENT, William            BOWEN, Annie                1879 November,04
CLEVELAND, Charlie          TODD, Lucy                  1889 January,31
CLEVELAND, David            McFERRIN, Flora             1869 March,01
CLEVELAND, Edward           SCRIVER, Sarah              1847 August,25
COBB, John                  JONES, Callie               1892 May,14
COBB, R W                   WILLIAMS, Winnie            1892 July,18
COBB, Robert                DIXON, Mollie               1882 February,23
COBBS, Eddie                BRIGGS, Ben                 1896 February,28
COBBS, Willis L             WALDROP, Elizabeth          1834 October,29
COBURN, R A J               HUGGINS, Elizabeth          1848 July,27
COCKE, H W                  MILLER, Margaret            1874 January,03
COCKE, Herbert              MARTIN, Bessie              1897 February,09
COCKRELL, J C               LEWIS, Elizabeth            1878 December,16
COCKRELL, John              ISABELL, Cornelia           1889 January,30
COCKRELL, Robert            GILMORE, Elisa              1860 November,19
COFFER, W E                 GORDON, J E Miss            1884 November,15
COFFER, W E                 HOBSON, Alice               1898 January,11
COFFER, W E                 LAMB, Sallie                1895 March,14
COFFER, W E                 QUINN, Ida                  1882 January,17
COFFEE, C G                 SHELTON , Maria             1854 November,02
COFFEE, Christopher         SHELTON , Sarah             1845 September,18
COFFEE, Dallas              BRANDON, Lottie             1873 July,03
COFFEE, Green               BEAN, Louisa                1840 October,08
COFFEY, Hugh M              GARDNER, Mary B             1839 October,05
COFFMAN, Joseph             MAGEE, Jane                 1837 March,15
COKE, Richard               STENNET, Artimissa          1836 February,03
COLBERT, G E                VOIGT, Ellen                1869 December,06
COLBERT, John               SIMPSON, Arena              1895 April,11
COLBERT, R                  WILLIAMS, Mamie             1894 November,20
COLE, Clayton               YOUNG, Rachael              1873 February,06
COLE, H S                   MORROW, Viola               1865 October,24
COLE, John                  MORROW, Adalade             1858 December,07
COLE, Richard               NEAL, Emma                  1875 May,06
COLE, W                     NOLAND, Martha              1897 March,06
COLEMAN, C R                KERSH, Ada                  1894 October,11
COLEMAN, Daniel             THOMAS, Mariah              1876 January,29
COLEMAN, Ed                 GREEN, Clara                1892 December,27
COLEMAN, G W                FELTS, Caroline             1847 January,06
COLEMAN, George             DENT, Eugenia               1871 January,09
COLEMAN, George             LAMB, Eliza                 1872 May,23
COLEMAN, Gibson             CORLEY, Tibitha             1832 June,01
COLEMAN, Hattie             HOLMER, Joseph              1891 February,12
COLEMAN, Jacob              GIBSON, Fannie              1882 December,25
COLEMAN, John               GARRAWAY, Mary              1850 December,18
COLEMAN, L J                NEELY, Angeline             1840 January,02
COLEMAN, Lemuel             CHAPMAN, Patsy              1847 June,16
COLEMAN, Marshall           DICKSON, Annett             1893 January,25
COLEMAN, Marshall           DIXON, Jane                 1870 December,27
COLEMAN, Robert             CORLEY, Milly               1877 December,28
COLEMAN, Robert             DANIELS, Fannie             1878 February,02
COLEMAN, Robert             GRIFFIN, Cora               1883 March,15
COLEMAN, Robert             HOLDEN, Violet              1871 October,02
COLEMAN, Robert             HOWARD, Ellen               1870 January,01
COLEMAN, Thomas             THOMAS, Eliza               1876 November,09
COLEMAN, Thomas             WALKER, Laura               1898 May,11
COLEMAN, Tom                DUNCAN, Eliza               1883 February,24
COLEMAN, Tom                NORRELL, Callie             1865 November,25
COLEMAN, William            WALKER, Fanny               1857 February,31
COLLIER, Adam               MILLS, Charity              1879 December,30
COLLIER, Billy              BUTLER, Ella                1891 February,07
COLLIER, Calvin             BAUGH, Lizzie               1888 May,14
COLLIER, Calvin             MAXEY, Mary                 1867 September,07
COLLIER, Cole               EDWARDS, Eliza              1873 September,18
COLLIER, Emanuel            WALKER, Violet              1880 August,07
COLLIER, Emanuel            DONALD, Bertie              1896 August,22
COLLIER, Eugene             PROCTOR, Helena             1896 December,01
COLLIER, F M                FLY, Mollie                 1867 November,26
COLLIER, G L                BURNHAM, Ina                1890 January,04
COLLIER, George             BROWN, Emma                 1895 December,20
COLLIER, George             WARREN, Louisa              1857 September,21
COLLIER, Henry              FINCH, Betty                1896 January,01
COLLIER, Henry              MELVIN, Lou                 1877 August,30
COLLIER, J H                CRAPPS, Susie               1884 October,08
COLLIER, James              MILAM, Laura                1875 October,05
COLLIER, James              WALKER, Amanda              1887 November,22
COLLIER, John               McCULLOUGH, Lucinda         1868 October,17
COLLIER, John               RHODES, Betty               1892 February,25
COLLIER, John               SMITH, Mattie               1891 December,03
COLLIER, Johnnie            RHODES, Betty               1891 December,30
COLLIER, Nelson             PRESTON, Louisa             1880 January,08
COLLIER, R M                PAYNE, Arnetta              1882 January,09
COLLIER, Richard            SMITH, Jessie               1886 April,07
COLLIER, Sam                SMITH, Sina                 1895 June,08
COLLIER, Steve              MYERS, Martha               1874 March,11
COLLIER, Thomas             FORE, Alice                 1877 February,05
COLLIER, Thomas             MIMMS, Mollie               1888 March,17
COLLIER, W B                HARRIS, M L Miss            1884 December,23
COLLINS, E E                GASTON, Ella                1898 October,29
COLLINS, Fielding           CATCHINGS, Emma             1888 January,17
COLLINS, Moses              DENSON, Jemima              1849 October,02
COLLINS, Zack               SPEAK, Edna                 1894 January,18
COLLUM, Henry               REID, Fannie                1890 December,11
COLLUM, C A                 OWEN, Mollie                1867 November,27
COLLUM, Elbert              STEVENSON, Mary             1876 September,06
COLLUM, J S                 McKAY, G A Miss             1871 February,06
COLLUM, J T                 JONES, S F Miss             1871 March,13
COLLUM, James               FORTENBERRY, L Miss         1875 January,27
COLLUM, W J                 HOLLOWAY, Sallie            1867 February,28
COLVIN, George              LILLIE, Martha              1838 June,12
COLVIN, George              PHILLIPS, Lydia             1850 June,08
COMFORT, F A                PITTMAN, Sarah              1866 October,19
COMFORT, F M                FUGLER, Delilah             1860 June,23
COMFORT, Henry              MOORE, Maggie               1878 February,13
COMFORT, J D                PEAL, M E Miss              1871 December,11
COMFORT, J D                PITTMAN, S H Miss           1885 August,04
COMFORT, J M                PITTMAN, Ella               1896 October,27
COMFORT, L A                CHAPMAN, Lizzie             1877 July,28
COMMACH, James              WILSON, Ethel               1890 December,23
COMPERE, W L                ENOCHS, Margaret            1865 November,30
CONDUFF, P S                WEATHERSBY, Martha          1843 December,26
CONDUFF, J W                ROBBINS, Magie              1869 November,16
CONNER, Allen               BERRY, Laney                1882 September,23
CONNER, John                RUTHERFORD, Frances         1854 March,30
CONNER, R M                 SINGLETARY, Ella            1897 December,31
CONNER, William             POWELL, Mary                1868 December,26
COOK, Abram                 GILL, Nancy                 1873 October,27
COOK, Charlie               NAMONE, Nannie              1881 January,29
COOK, Charlie               STAPLETON, Mollie           1897 March,11
COOK, David                 WILLIAMS, Martha            1856 September,25
COOK, Elijah                WILLIAMS, Caroline          1853 May,02
COOK, F M                   PATTERSON, Fannie           1872 February,20
COOK, Henry                 McGEE, Dora                 1895 March,06
COOK, Hester                WHITE, Anderson             1874 July,15
COOK, James                 EVERETT, Laura              1892 October,14
COOK, Jerry                 DEAR, Emily                 1889 November,21
COOK, Jerry                 COX, Carrie                 1895 October,09
COOK, Jerry                 TURNER, Ellen               1880 January,01
COOK, Miles                 McWILLIAMS, L E Miss        1878 August,13
COOK, Ned                   TENNON, Harriet             1871 February,20
COOK, Pleasant              MILES, Sarah                1837 July,25
COOK, Richard               BOONE, Amanda               1881 May,17
COOK, Richard               BOONE, Mary                 1885 February,25
COOK, Samuel                LANGFORD, Jennie            1883 December,25
COOK, Sanders               POPE, Irene                 1856 September,13
COOK, Wiley                 MAGEE, Martha               1890 January,11
COON, James                 HERRIN, Alice               1873 May,14
COOPER, A A                 BEASLEY, S E Miss           1894 November,23
COOPER, Alex                FRANKLIN, Harriet           1872 December,31
COOPER, Colon               EVANS, F G                  1867 January,14
COOPER, D G                 GAY, Fannie                 1863 September,03
COOPER, Frank               HOWARD, Emma                1874 August,13
COOPER, Henry               EDMONSON, Arvella           1882 August,01
COOPER, Henry               MAY,Anna                    1897 October,07
COOPER, J M                 ATKINS, Lou                 1871 March,01
COOPER, J T                 WILLIAMS, Mary              1868 December,21
COOPER, James               JOHNSON, Louisa             1892 July,09
COOPER, Jane                BRITTIAN, M B               1838 July,09
COOPER, Jane                JACKSON, Taylor             1881 January,26
COOPER, Jane                WILLIAMS, Samuel            1845 May,08
COOPER, Jane H              WILLIAMS, Samuel            1845 May,08
COOPER, Jane H M            BRITTON, W B                 1838 July,09
COOPER, John                LOGAN, Josephine            1887 December,19
COOPER, John                MARTIN, Zelma               1864 March,01
COOPER, Lewis               ENER, Julia                 1868 July,05
COOPER, Louis               NORMAN, Nancy               1895 July,25
COOPER, Matthew D           NORRELL, Caroline           1839 February,05
COOPER, N B                 COOPER, Zelphia             1865 February,07
COOPER, Noah                MERCHANT, Katie             1895 November,20
COOPER, R A                 SMITH, Sallie               1870 October,03
COOPER, Richard             GALLOWAY, Hasty             1887 July,16
COOPER, Richard             GARVIN, Margaret            1837 December,11
COOPER, Stephen             CARROLL, R C Miss           1864 February,19
COOPER, Thomas              MILEY, Florence             1898 December,05
COOPER, W F                 GARRETT, Lela               1892 May,02
COOPER, W G                 ROSS, Dora                  1887 November,16
COOPER, W L                 BAUM, F L Miss              1881 November,19
COOPER, W S                 KELLY, Amanda               1887 December,22
COOPER, W W                 BATLER, Viola               1873 November,29
COOPER, W W                 BURKETT, Fannie             1867 December,03
COOPER, William             SMITH, M J Miss             1872 January,11
COOPER, Wm                  BERRY, Sarah                1848 October,23
COPELAND, E C               MYERS, Ella                 1882 November,27
COPELAND, Elijah            RICHARDSON, Richard         1835 November,26
COPELAND, P C               HUFF, Julia                 1887 March,09
COPELAND, R C               DAVIS, Amy                  1864 November,16
COPELAND, R M               NEAL, Jennie                1871 September,05
COPELAND, W C               MARLAND, C E Miss           1870 February,17

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