Marion Co MS Marriages

Groom Index Letter P

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PACE, Alfred S              STUCKEY, Mary               1853 February,17
PACE, Hardy                 GORE, Fannie                1890 December,31
PACE, Henry                 STEPNEY, Ella               1897 July,30
PACE, James M               SALDE, Mary                 1854 February,16
PACE, John                  WATTS,  Belle               1897 August,20
PACE, Julia                 BARNES, Amos                1870 July,28
PACE, L. B Jr               GORE, Susan E               1891 March,15
PACE, L. M                  JONES, Elizabeth            1893 April,11
PACE, Leonidas              TAYLOR, Mary                1883 October,25
PACE, Richard               JOHNSON, Lucy               1894 May,28
PACE, Roby                  RAWLS, G M                  1888 February,11
PACE, S D                   BLACKBURN, Mart             1899 December,28
PACE, Thomas                SUMRALL, Laura              1896 November,28
PACE, Thomas                WATTS, Louisa               1892 November,03
PACE, Wm                    COOK, Susan                 1858 May,06
PACE, Z F Sr                SHACKLES, Sarah Ann S       1880 March,23
PACE, Z L                   POPE, Mary S                1860 March,07
PACE, Zebedee               HARRIS, Candice             1832 February,17
PAIN, Thomas M              LEWIS, Leairsa              1857 February,19
PARISH, A A                 VANZANT, Josie              1893 March,11
PARISH, J M                 HOLDING, Abigail            1848 November,11
PARKER, Henry J             FORD, Margaret              1886 November,30
PARKER, Horace              SMITH, Anna                 1888 November,23
PARKER, J A                 RAYBOURN, Mary Jane         1892 December,11
PARKER, J A                 RAYBURN, Mary J             1892 December,23
PARKER, Josiah              SEALS, Suannah              1832 October,20
PARKER, Shep                DAVIS, Harriet              1888 November,19
PARNELL, James J            NELSON, Elizabeth           1856 May,11
PARNELL, L J                CARLISLE, Mattie            1883 July,24
PARNELL, M L                THORNHILL, John T           1887 January,24
PARNELL, W H                PRINE, Christian            1895 January,17
PARTING, John               MCGREER, Harrett            1831 January,17
PARTMAN, Daniel             STEPNEY, Melia              1895 December,26
PASSMAN, Benjamin           BREELAND, Laura             1868 March,02
PASSMAN, J B                LEE, Josephine              1891 September,16
PASSMAN, James Gideon       PASSMAN, Nancy M            1880 July,29
PASSMAN, R L                McKENZIE, Sophronia         1898 January,18
PATTEN, Albert              BALL, Ginevra               1888 April,30
PATTEN, George              MAGEE, Lillie               1895 August,14
PATTEN, Robert              FORD, Elizabeth             1852 May,10
PATTEN, Walter              MAGEE, Mary                 1897 October,27
PATTEN, Wm                  LAMPTON, E I Mrs            1887 December,22
PATTERSON, J B              CARTER, Juliaa              1874 December,24
PATTERSON, J S              WILLIAMS, Melvina           1883 December,20
PATTERSON, John             BURKHALTER, Mary Jane       1888 April,12
PATTERSON, Wm A J           ROBBINS, Amanda             1882 September,21
PEAK, Chapman               HENNESEY, Elizabeth         1844 January,27
PEAK, S P                   BEARD, Loudonia             1897 January,21
PEARCE, Seaborn J           CONERLY, Sarah E            1879 March,05
PEARSON, Albain             JEFFERSON, Matilda          1879 January,23
PEARSON, Isaac              LEWIS, Nancy Jane           1859 May,20
PEARSON, R                  RATLIFF, Matilda F          1879 June,25
PENDLEY, J M                WILLIAMS, Tina              1898 January,23
PERVISE, John W             COOK, Mary                  1853 August,23
PETER, Charles              LONG, Jane                  1870 August,08
PETERS, Alexander           ALEXANDER, Emma             1888 January,03
PETERS, Alexander           GALLOWAY, Martha            1889 January,02
PETERS, Alexander           JEFFERSON, Emily            1896 November,21
PETERS, Anthony             MOSES, Sarah                1884 November,08
PETERS, B                   BROWN, Hester Ann           1888 February,11
PETERS, Brazil              MORRIS, Missouri            1896 December,12
PETERS, Charles             TONEY, Martha               1898 November,24
PETERS, Everett             NEWSOME, Sarah              1882 January,12
PETERS, Floyd               TONEY, Charley              1896 December,23
PETERS, Frank               ALLEN, Harriet              1891 May,14
PETERS, Frank               BANKSTON, Emma              1899 March,25
PETERS, George              ABRAM, Eletha               1899 November,18
PETERS, Green               CLARK, Sylvia               1882 April,13
PETERS, Harry               JOHNSON, Dicey              1894 March,20
PETERS, I.                  MINGO, Genevia              1899 August,31
PETERS, Isaac               ANDERSON, Almeda            1895 November,11
PETERS, Jim                 PETERS, Anna                1888 October,04
PETERS, John                LADNER, Amanda              1880 December,30
PETERS, John                NELSON, Cornelia            1895 August,26
PETERS, Nelson              PETERS, Mary                1886 September,26
PETERS, Nelson V            BARNES, Alice               1896 February,01
PETERS, Oscar               HENDRICKS, Hester           1894 November,19
PETERS, Pete                WILLIAMS, Ella              1892 February,18
PETERS, Phenie              CYRUS, George               1880 January,06
PETERS, Robert              MORRIS, Ada                 1893 February,02
PETERS, Scott               BALL, Corine                1888 June,30
PETERS, Wade                PRICE, Emma                 1871 September,14
PETERS, Wilson              HARRY, Elva                 1885 June,17
PERVY, Ambrous              ELLIOTTE, Mary              1851 November,27
PEYTON, Ada                 NELSON, Mike                1899 January,05
PEYTON, Alfred              BALL, Jane                  1880 November,11
PEYTON, Curt                FORTENBERRY, Gertrude       1899 December,28
PEYTON, J W                 FORTENBERRY, Alice          1899 May,18
PEYTON, Sam                 JEFFERSON, Francis          1896 July,15
PEYTON, Samuel              WILLIAMS, Virginia          1888 May,03
PEYTON, Walter              MCGOWEN, Ama                1888 October,10
PHIFER, Basil M             CROSS, Ida M                1887 September,05
PHILLIPS, Charles           BRYANT, Cintha Mrs          1828 November,29
PHILLIPS, J M               HUDSON, Martha Jane         1895 December,03
PHILLIPS, James             HATCHER, Sarah (Mrs)        1816 June,02
PHILLIPS, Owen              JORDAN, Peggy               1882 January,05
PHILLIPS, Phillip           RATLIFF, America            1881 December,27
PHILLIPS, Phillip           BROWN, Lou Mrs              1887 August,19
PHILLIPS, Thompson          SEAL, Lyda                  1817 December,29
PIERCE, George              SPEARS, Dary Ann            1883 May,05
PIERCE, George W            JOHNSON, Mattie Mrs         1889 February,25
PIERCE, Richard             CANIAN, Lucinda             1886 November,21
PIGOT, John                 MORRIS, Lucy Elizabeth      1853 May,31
PIGOT, E M                  FORTENBERRY, W J            1866 December,19
PIGOT, E W                  LEWIS, M A M                1866 December,10
PIGOT, A E                  MAGEE, W L                  1890 December,29
PIGOT, Daniel               PITTMAN, Floyd              1898 October,10
PIGOT, Gi ll                BULLOCK, Lydia              1882 December,26
PIGOT, Irvin                LAMPIER, Eliza              1888 January,09
PIGOT, Isaac N              VINCE, Sarah Ann            1853 December,21
PIGOT, J W                  HOBGOOD, Montana            1890 January,27
PIGOT, James                POPE, Magnolia E            1884 January,19
PIGOT, James                ROYALS, Mary S              1882 August,09
PIGOT, John B               BAXTER, Frances             1853 May,15
PIGOT, S F                  REGAN, Mary S               1880 December,15
PIGOT, T. L                 STOGNER, Lillie             1898 February,25
PIGOT, Thomas               FORTENBERRY, Charlotte      1830 February,15
PIGOT, Thomas E             STOGNER, Mary E             1851 December,25
PIGOT, W I                  MORRIS, Lucy E              1886 December,28
PIGOT, W J                  MAGEE, Annie                1899 July,15
PIGOT, Wm                   VINCE, Adorene              1871 July,16
PINDER, Allen J             KNIGHT, Alice               1887 May,17
PISTATO, Wm C               FREELAND, Mary L            1836 January,17
PITTMAN, E. R               SEAL, J A                   1866 September,06
PITTMAN, A. L               McKENZIE, Mabel             1894 January,31
PITTMAN, Alfred             STOVALL, Elizabeth          1836 July,28
PITTMAN, Benjamin           MARK, Emma                  1886 January,14
PITTMAN, Charles            JEFFERSON, Charlotte        1879 May,06
PITTMAN, Charles            WASHINGTON, Dixie           1887 January,13
PITTMAN, Charles T.          BALL, Emily E               1882 February,12
PITTMAN, Charley            ARD, Sallie                 1887 February,03
PITTMAN, Columbus            MARKS, Julia                1893 March,01
PITTMAN, D J                KING, Narcis                1872 October,17
PITTMAN, E M                TYNER, Bessie               1899 July,02
PITTMAN, Enoch J            POPE, Jane                  1874 January,28
PITTMAN, Enos               RAWLS, Mary Hanson          1838 June,21
PITTMAN, Ervin              HOLMES, Lillie              1896 January,02
PITTMAN, F P                CAUSLEY, Stella             1894 December,26
PITTMAN, Floyd              FRELIX, Stephen             1895 September,11
PITTMAN, Floyd              PIGOTT, Daniel              1898 October,10
PITTMAN, Floyd              WHITTOM, Josie              1892 December,22
PITTMAN, George             MARK, Ellen                 1880 August,28
PITTMAN, H H                HAMMONDS, Ophelia           1893 December,03
PITTMAN, H Taylor           MAGEE, Eliza                1899 January,01
PITTMAN, Henry P            WARREN, Eliza J             1851 September,30
PITTMAN, Henry T            POPE, Harriet               1842 April,28
PITTMAN, J T                NICHOLS, Martha             1885 February,26
PITTMAN, J W                FORTENBERRY, Laura V        1884 January,20
PITTMAN, Jack               ANDERSON, Meade              1892 April,04
PITTMAN, James              BACCUS, Mariah              1872 December,24
PITTMAN, James A            STANFORD, Elizabeth         1865 October,19
PITTMAN, James W            BURRELL, Mary               1884 March,22
PITTMAN, James W            FORTENBERRY, Susan A        1879 October,09
PITTMAN, James W            GRAHAM, Clarisa             1832 August,08
PITTMAN, Jesse R            KING, Letitia               1870 December,22
PITTMAN, John               MCDONALD, Mary V.          1855 June,27
PITTMAN, John               POST, Emeline               1872 February,01
PITTMAN, John F             RYALS, Thana E              1853 December,01
PITTMAN, John H             FORBES, Sallie              1893 January,04
PITTMAN, John S             MASON, Eugenia             1884 October,02
PITTMAN, Lemon              THOMAS, Florence            1891 December,24
PITTMAN, Leonidas           POPE, Amanda                1858 September,15
PITTMAN, Mack               GAY, Rebecca                1892 March,17
PITTMAN, M.                MARK, Laura                  1884 April,20
PITTMAN, Michael            GILL, Jesse                 1892 April,21
PITTMAN, Morgan             McKENZIE, Maggie            1888 December,26
PITTMAN, N. J               HERRING, Fanny L            1889 January,09
PITTMAN, Noel               BOOTHE, Sarah               1841 April,08
PITTMAN, R. A               MORRIS, Rosa C              1883 May,23
PITTMAN, R. F               HAMPTON, Juliann            1892 October,06
PITTMAN, Richard            BULLOCK, Mary Ann           1848 November,19
PITTMAN, Samuel             WILLIAMS, Hannah            1890 December,23
PITTMAN, Thomas J           POPE, Helen E               1881 December,29
PITTMAN, W H                REGAN, Lula                 1899 December,28
PITTMAN, W H                REGAN, Margaret             1882 November,29
PITTMAN, Walter             McKENZIE, Julia B           1891 October,15
PITTMAN, Washington         THOMPSON, Frank             1882 January,26
PITTMAN, Wm                 LEWIS, Mary                 1881 May,20
PITTMAN, Wm      R          TURNAGE, Elizabeth          1879 December,25
PITTMAN, Willis             MARKS, Esther               1890 September,01
PLATO, Ira                  WILLIAMS, Lena              1894 June,16
PLEASANT, Washington        JONES, Rachael              1813 November,29
PLEASANT, Washington        JONES, Rachel               1813 November,29
PLOWMAN, Jacob              POWELL, Dicey               1881 September,17
POLK, Daniel                CARLEY, Rose Ann            1886 July,22
POLK, E L                   BROOME, J M                  1887 February,08
POLK, George                POLK, Mary                  1826 February,02
POLK, I N                   BASS, Millie I              1887 October,14
POLK, J F                   LANGSTON, Morgania          1894 December,26
POLK, James F               BLACKBURN, Margaret         1869 February,07
POLK, James M               ROBERTSON, E M              1871 December,21
POLK, James T               BASS, Martha                1875 December,30
POLK, Leo                   MILLING, Addie              1896 January,31
POLK, M E                   GILL, Amanda Mrs            1895 January,19
POLK, Manson                WILKS, Sallie               1895 August,27
POLK, Simon                 BERRY, Sentilla             1829 September,24
POLK, S J                   BRANTON, W W                1894 December,27
POLK, Thomas                ROGERS, Lou                 1881 December,18
POLK, Thomas T              ENNISEE, Minna              1836 July,28
POLK, Wm      A             BROWN, Martha               1841 November,16
POLLARD, Allen              BUCHANAN, Emma J            1886 March,09
POOL, Burnell               KENDRICK, Lucretia          1892 March,24
POOL, E J                   COOPER, Medora              1874 February,16
POPE, Albert                TAYLOR, W A                 1896 September,28
POPE, Albert L              FORTINBERRY, Mary C         1869 August,26
POPE, Benjamin              BARNES, Polly               1818 April,20
POPE, Dolphus               MIXON, Elizabeth            1825 November,24
POPE, E L                   GINN, Otho                  1897 September,08
POPE, Edmond                WADLE, Sarah                1852 January,21
POPE, Elijah                TONEY, Eliza                1899 February,17
POPE, Everett               REGAN, Rebecca E            1856 December,18
POPE, Harris                PITTMAN, Nancy J            1855 July,11
POPE, Henry                 LOWE, Cordelia               1870 October,25
POPE, Henry                 PITTAN, Margaret             1866 December,26
POPE, Henry R               RAWLS, Matilda              1838 October,  
POPE, Henry T               WADDLE, Elizabeth           1850 June,06
POPE, J E                   JACOB, Ann                  1891 May,02
POPE, J S                   WILLOUGHBY, Ora             1886 February,03
POPE, Jacob                 LEE, Nancy                  1836 February,24
POPE, Jacob H               FORTENBERRY, Missouri       1868 August,08
POPE, James                 BARNES, Edah                1818 November,14
POPE, James S               FORTENBERRY, Adaline        1873 November,26
POPE, James S               FORTENBERRY, Adeline        1873 November,29
POPE, John M                WISE, Sueleyann             1827 December,19
POPE, M.A                   FORD, E L                   1856 March,20
POPE, Robert                McLELLAND, Amanda           1882 January,04
POPE, Thomas E              BALL, Rosa G                1885 January,29
POPE, Willman H             GRAHAM, Flora E             1881 October,20
PORTIS, Ira D               POOLE, Onie M               1885 January,08
POUNDS, A J                 POLK, Edner Mrs             1885 August,10
POUNDS, Andrew J            SMITH, Lucinda              1853 February,04
POUNDS, J A                 BLACKWELL, Harriett E       1885 December,23
POUNDS, J L                 PITMAN, Martha H            1866 November,29
POUNDS, Leon                YATES, Betty                1897 December,23
POUNDS, Robert H            POWELL, Mary                1890 July,18
POUNDS, S J                 MAGEE, J W C                1895 April,06
POWE, Ira                   HOUSE, Emma                 1888 March,05
POWE, Cye                   SMITH, Ardellar             1887 December,23
POWELL, Clark               PITTMAN, Rose Anna          1867 December,03
POWELL, Evan                PITTMAN, Mary               1839 January,24
POWELL, George              HERRING, Jane               1881 May,25
POWELL, Hugh                PHILLIPS, Pearl             1898 August,20
POWELL, J T                 GRAHAM, Florence L          1890 January,17
POWELL, J W                 CONERLY, Julia E            1893 November,21
POWELL, James W Jr          SCARBROUGH, Sarah          1887 March,03
POWELL, John                BURNETT, Mollie             1888 January,03
POWELL, Johnnie             CYRUS, Esther               1898 October,21
POWELL, Leroy               GRIMSLEY, Blanche           1889 October,30
POWELL, T B                 BEARD, Becca                1897 October,24
POWELL, T E                 BRACEY, Victoria            1898 August,16
POWELL, Thomas E            REGAN, Mary J               1887 January,13
POWELL, W H                 MCGREW, Emily E             1890 March,08
POWERS, John                HENNESEY, Mary              1842 December,15
PRESCOTT, John              BEARD, Courtney C           1879 March,25
PRESTON, Ely                VIRGIL, Ellen               1894 December,22
PRESTON, McDavid            HAMILTON, Harriet Mrs       1870 December,29
PRESTRIGE, Michael          GORDON, Melly               1815 April,11
PRICE, Joseph               RIALS, Rachel               1881 February,03
PRICE, M M                  ROGERS, S L                 1882 August,23
PRICE, Richard              TEMPLES, Alice              1899 March,30
PRICE, Robert               WILEY, Milly                1872 December,01
PRICE, Robert               BARNES, Martha              1856 January,02
PRICE, Samuel               BARNES, Sarah Ann           1848 February,07
PRICE, Warren C             COOPER, Alice               1890 January,28
PRIDE, Ed                   CHATMAN, Mollie             1889 September,18
PRINCE, J W                 CRAWLEY, Emma               1898 August,07
PRINE, C F                  ROBBINS, Margret L          1879 December,31
PRINE, Charlie              ROBERTSON, E M              1887 December,07
PRINE, Christian            PARNELL, W H                1895 January,17
PRINE, D P                  RAYBORN, Adline             1894 December,16
PRINE, J H                  CRAWLEY, Mary               1895 June,01
PRINE, Wm                   GIOVINGO, Cora              1899 November,15
PRINE, Wm                   SPEARS, Ada                 1895 August,01
PRITCHARD, Henry L          POPE, Sarah                 1856 January,10
PRITCHARD, Ira W            TERRY, Elizabeth            1890 January,22
PRITCHARD, V L              THOMPSON, Fannie J          1885 March,17
PUCKETT, John H             THORNTON, Minnie            1884 July,20
PULLIAM, John               PARTING, Nancy              1825 June,04
PURVIS, J G                 PITTMAN, Mary J             1871 December,07
PURVIS, James               HALY, Mary C Mrs            1879 March,03
PURVIS, John                BAXTER, Nancy               1873 January,23
PURVIS, O S                 BAXTER, Jane                1873 December,25
PURVIS, Wm                  JOHNSTON, Sarah             1886 January,14

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