Jackson County Mississippi Marriages (D-E)

Marriages of Jackson Co. MS.

Groom Index D-E

Dailey, Ed and Young, Fannie 3-3-1898
Dailey, Jesse B. and Radich, Stenphie 12-24-1882
Dailey, John and Dudley, Ellen 2-6-1892
Dailey, William P. and Floret, Cecile 2-10-1887
Dale, George W.and Floret, Cecile 12-9-1897
Daniels, ED and Royals, Julia 8-20-1896
Danley, Arthur and Holland, Elizabeth 1-11-1894
Danly, Daniel and Broadus, Edna 7-5-1899
Danly, John A. and Clayton, Sarahe 4-13-1899
Dantzler, Allen and Haskell, Sarah 10-15-1888
Dantzler, Thomas H. Jr. and Daniels, Lula 2-8-1896
Daspit, Idomine C. and Galbraith, Annie W. 9-28-1887
Dathloff, Frank and Fisher, Fannie 9-19-1892
Daverson, Andrew and Rumley, Lavinia 2-3-1879
David, William R. and Carter, Mary M. 5-2-1897
Davidson, Anthony and Hyde, Josephine 4-11-1899
Davidson, John C. and Richards, Emma E. 7-17-1879
Davilla, John A. and Shroeder, Martha E. 10-3-1885
Davis, A. P. and Knight, Sarah 4-9-1900
Davis, Albert H. and Bang, Celestine 10-18-1900
Davis, Boney and Mathews, Maria 11-1-1895
Davis, Charley A. and Reeves, Nancy 12-24-1885
Davis, Columbus and Gregory, Helen 8-26-1890
Davis, David and Davis, M. E. 3-27-1897
Davis, DOC and Boykin, Mattie 10-4-1888
Davis, Don and McDonald, Mary 4-8-1896
Davis, E. S. and Friar, Lousa A. 4-6-1891
Davis, Ed and Moffatt, Cindrella 12-6-1900
Davios, Everett and Goff Adlene 3-3-1900
Davis, Francis, and Henley, Jessie 1-15-1893
Davis, George and Bridges, Amanda 2-20-1893
Davis, Henry J. and Davis, Viola 1-12-1895
Davis, J. E. and Crippen, Alice P. 6-28-1899
Davis, James and Ely, Mary 5-30-1889
Davis, James and Faggard, Nancy V. 9-22-1881
Davis, James J. and Ward, Eleanor 7-6-1875
Davis, John Jacob and Davis, Julia E. 7-20-1876
Davis, John S. and Staples, Volumnia H. 12-27-1893
Davis, Joseph H. and Howell, Evaline 11-3-1887
Davis, Lemuel Lanier and Ward, Luella 11-22-1899
Davis, Lorenzo G. and Goff, Mary A. 6-1-1881
Davis, Moses and Perkins, Emma 2-1-1879
Davis, Napoleon and Smith, Ceily 10-4-1877
Davis, Nollie and Brooks, Hattie 6-2-1892
Davis, Philip M. and Ikero, Susan E. 6-4-1892
Davis, Richard D. and Keys, Julia Pearl 7-7-1881
Davis, Sam and Coleman, Alice 12-28-1886
Davis, Sherwood E. and Martin, Maggie M. 12-22-1881
Davis, Thomas Daniel and Bang, Elizabeth V. 10-22-1885
Davis, Tom and Fairley, Maggie 5-30-1895
Davis, Tony and Young, Mary 9-18-1900
Davis, William and Russell, Tempey7-10-1900
Davis, Willie and Carcoal, Susan E. 5-18-1892
Davis, William G. and Sumrall, Minerva 2-6-1888
Davis, William W. and Ikero, Ida O. 4-21-1887
Deakle, J. L. and Bosarge, Sara Pauline 4-5-1893
Dean, J. W. and Joyner, Susie E. 10-15-1895
Dean, Joseph P. and Barnett, Kate 11-17-1896
Deane, Stanton and Moody, Katie 1-20-1887
Deangelo, Francis and Morgan, Angie 7-29-1893
Deangelo, Francisco and Morgan, Angie 8-11-1894
Deas, A. K. and Maxwell, Florence 10-18-1886
Deas, Emanuel and Fowler, Beulah 11-26-1884
Debose, Burrnell and Overstreet, Soledin 4-18-1888
Decoursey, A. D. and Thompson, Ellen 3-16-1888
DeFlander, Wesley and Cowan, Lucy 1-5-1887
DeFlanders, Louis and Bea, Emily 5-30-1883
DeFlanders, Peter and Collins, Jane 6-16-1883
DeFlanders, Reymus and Henry, Cecilia 10-3-1891
DeFlanders, Watley and Morris, Lucy 2-6-1878
DeFlanders, William and Williams, Mary 1-15-1900
Delancy, David L. and Walden, Mary E. 3-30-1888
Delobel, David and Glaze, Fannie 4-14-1877
Delmar, H. E. and Romito, Mary A. 1-15-18196
Delmas, Armand and Bishop, Mary 6-28-1888
Delmas, Irvin P. and Poitevin, Bertha H. 1-21-1879
Delmas, J. C. and LaFavre, Eugenia 10-19-1876
Delmas, J. C. and Letavre, Eugenia 10-19-1876
Delmas, John F. and Salisberry, Cora E. 9-1-1881
Dalmas, Joseph C. and Lefavre, Eugenia 10-19-1876
Delmas, William B. and Bishop, Agnes E. 11-24-1887
Delmus, Albert G. and Mink, Rosa L. 9-1-1874
Demony, Paul H. and Fay, Adele 10-13-1880
Demouey, Robert and Clayton, Mary 10-19-1893
Dempe, H. G. and Randall, Laura 4-25-1889
Denison, Napoleon and Plenty, Christaina 3-22-1896
Dennis, Edward and Reid, Froizine 1-3-1875
Dennis, Edward and Reid, Frozine 1-3-1876
Dennis, Richard and Tatum, Millie 7-15-1897
Denny, A. S. and Hyatt, Alice M. 11-19-1895
Depont, Alfred and Johnson, Lena 1-18-1898
DePriest, William and Ware, Anna Permelia 3-13-1875
Desporte, George and Ryan, Cecile 12-13-1875
Desporte, George and Ryan, Cecile 12-15- 1875
Desporte, Theodore H. and Gill, Almeda Ann 8-24-1876
Desporte, Theodore H. and Gill, Almede Ann 8-22-1876
Devers, John and Harvey, Annie 12-29-1897
Devilleneure, Alphonse and Sanazin, Alice 1-24-1877
Devilleneuve, Alphonse and Sarrazin, Alice 1-23-1877
Devine, John P. and Kelly, Mabel A. 3-29-1898 
Devroe, John William and Smith, Minerva 6-27-1889
Devroe, SP and Mallett, Emma 12-10-1896
Dibble, Sylvester and Hough, Sarah 4-7-1883
Dick, Benjamin and Seymoue, Zeolide 11-23-1891
Dick, Eugene and Seymour, Mary 4-14-1888
Dick, Frederick and Ryan, Elizabeth 4-12-1882
Dickerson, Moses and Wilson, Clarisy 11-12-1895
Dickey, Calvin and Fairley, Nepsy 12-23-1893
Dickey, William and Fairley, Edy 6-26-1878
Dickin, Chilly, Clark, Lyda 11-11-1891
Dickin, George S. and Goff, Liddie Edwina 8-17-1897
Dickin, John N. and Cameron, Mary C. 12-11-1891
Dickin, John R. and Finch, Mattie E. 3-25-1893
Dickinson, C. C. and Davis, Ella 1-1-1892
Dickson, Aaron and Bird, Viola 4-20-1889
Dickson, John Jacob and Davis, Julia E. 7-18-1876
Dickson, Samuel J. and Ladnier, Louisa 3-1-1882
Dickson, T. J. and Nelson, Lulu 12-24-1891
Diggs, John and McGrew, Margaret 1-8-1898
Dimitry, Robert A. and Mills, Augusta B. 2-7-1894
Ditto, P. and Ditto, Mary E. 8-18-1884
Dixon, David and Cochran, Sabra 11-9-1889
Dixon, Joe and DeFlander, Sarah Mosalite
Dixon, Nelson and Hutchinson, Lillian 5-31-1900
Dixon, Robert, Jr. and Mizell, Azeline 9-4-1880
Dixon, Will and Cox, Everlyne 10-25-1900
Dixon, Dugene and Gentry, Lucretia 3-7-1895
Dobson, Grant and Carroll, Nancy 7-30-1891
Dobson, John and Ely, Lizzie 1-26-1898
Dodge, O. C. and Wilson, Laura 6-11-1895
Dodge, Oius C. and Elder, Louisa 12-24-1879
Dodson, W. S., Jr. and Usher, Louisa 8-1-1886
Dolbeau, Louis and Kendall, Virginia L. 3-20-1883
Donahoe, John O. and Gautier, Marie 6-26-1882
Donald, Abram and Fairley, Mary 8-1-1895
Donald, Rufus and Donings, Lucy 5-21-1876
Donald, Rufus and Donings, Lucy 5-20-1876
Donald, Charles and Patrick, Jeanette 5-5-1888
Donley, James E. and Reyer, Dolly F. 10-3-1891
Dorlan, George M. and Lyons, Ellen Cornelia 9-7-1880
Dorr, Harry A. and Thompson, Lorena 3-6-1889
Doss, James and Weaver, Martha 3-6-1889
Dossy, John and Beardslee, Laura 3-18-1878
Douglas, J. H. and Williams, Willie C. 3-22-1893
Douglas, R. H. and Eastman, Jane 10-14-1884
Dove, Charles and Henshaw, Louisa 12-28-1888
Dove, James and Harris, Jennie 10-25-1897
Dove, Wiley and Kendrick, Lizzie 5-22-1893
Dow, William and Walker, Lucinda 9-12-1881
Downing, Raif and Taylor, Mary Jane 10-6-1881
Drayton, William and Thomas, Rose 8-9-1890
Duble, Charles C. and Cameron, Pearl V. 12-26-1895
Dubose, Daniel R. and O’Neil, Delila 7-20-1879
Dubose, Jno B. and Roberts, Temperance E. 12-5-1879
Dubose, N. D. and Hogan, Eugenia 9-16-1889
Dubose, John B. and Wallace, Alice 10-1-1883
Dubray, Willie and Lancaster, Charlotte L. 7-14-1893
Dubray, Adolph and Budreau, Mary 4-16-1897
Dudley, George and Reus, Estelle 10-7-1882
Dudley, George and Thompson, Laura 4-1-1899
Duffy, John and Grant, Lavinia 9-7-1898
Duffy, R. S. and Grant, Cecile 9-28-1898
Duffy, Willie and DeFlanders, Ellen 6-12-1888
Dumont, Edgar R. and Garner, Ivon Leone 11-22-1900
Dunn, John M. and Cambre, Eliza Mrs. 10-27-1887
Dunn, Spencer F. and  Brown, Henrietta 3-5-1886
Dupont, Alfred and Johnson, Lena 1-18-1898
Dupont, Isadore and Mott, Ellen 3-2-1889
Dupree, Louis and Brooks, Narcissa S. 8-9-1883
Dutch, James and Dutch, Henrietta 7-16-1895
Duval, Thomas Rhodes and Fry, Mary F. 1-18-1881
Duvernay, Jules and Fayard, Katie 7-24-1894
Dwyer, James and Thompson, Lorena 6-4-1895
Dyche, George H. and Volney, Alice 2-7-1885
Dye, John and Cameron, Emma 12-29-1897
Dye, Levi and Havard, Lucretia 1-14-1875
Dye, Levi and Havard, Lucretia 1-12-1875
Dyer, J. Edwin and Hine, Maggie May 9-23-1896
Dykes, Euge and Pierce, Florence 2-28-1895

Ealem, John and Seanns, Dul 11-24-1891
Earle, Chas T. and Poitevent, Cora M. 10-30-1890
Earle, Franklin Summer and Skehan, Esther Jane 8-12-1896
Eastly, Brantly and Haver, Mary Louise 12-1-1881
Eckhoff, John and Rogers ____________6-12-1877
Eckhoff, John and Rogers, Alcey 7-22-1875
Eckhoff, John and Rogers, Alcey 7-20-1875
Ecklis, Jesse and Compton, Mary 3-12-1891
Eckstein, Rudolph Conrad and Brassett, Clark M. 1-17-1888
Edwards, Alonso and Tabbs, Sallie 5-20-1892
Edwards, George W. and Chandler, Kate Mrs.8-3-1882
Edwards, Henry and Blackman, Harriet 9-12-1877
Edwards, Henry and Mcinyon, Fannie 12-2-1891
Edwin, Frederick and Staten, Carrie 3-12-1878
Eglin, Albert and Thomas, Annie 1-30-1894
Ehleis, H. and Reus, Lenora 8-20-1883
Ehlers, Charles J., Jr. and Shields, Lela 11-5-1891
Ehlers, F. J. and Cunningham, Ollie 10-31-1889
Ehlers, Henry and Miller, Minerva 12-16-1875
Ehlers, Henry and Miller, Minerva 12-15-1875
Ehlers, Henry and Miller, Minerva 12-16-1876
Elder, Fred and Grierson, Mamie 3-29-1898
Elder, George B. and McDonald, Mary E. 12-20-1885
Elder, Jas J. and Myers, Hattie I. 12-23-1896
Elder, Rad and Waters, Sarah 1-21-1892
Elder, Rod and McLemore, Caroline 9-18-1879
Elder, S. T. and Gould, E. A. 2-22-1900
Ely, Joseph and Loper, Dicy 7-6-1876
Ellis, Daniel and McNair, Rhoda 4-15-1876
Ellis, Daniel and McNair, Rhoda 4-11-1876
Ellis, Gabriel R. and Havens, Cornelia -26-1882
Ellis, Jackson and Starks, Annie 9-26-1894
Ellis, James and Juan, Josephine 12-22-1886
Ellis, John C. and Ellis, Josephine 12-22-1886
Ellis, W. L. and Joyner, Rosa A. 2-17-1897
Ellis, William and McFail, Lottie 11-16-1898
Elly, Harry and Hough, Addie O. 8-22-1900
Elstrom, Peter and Anderson, Josephine 9-30-1890
Ely, Andrew and Tillman, Cora 6-26-1888
Ely, Dave and Baster, Ollie 4-5-1898
Ely, Ellis and Entricken, Martha 12-4-1887
Ely, John C. Jr. and Steede, Olivia 2-25-1889
Ely, Joseph and Loper, Dicy 7-6-1876
Ely, Joseph and Bobinger, Catherine  6-28-1885
Ely, Tony and GArlic, Elizabeth 6-20-1891
Ely, William and Dobson, Eliza 7-31-1891
Emanuel, Jesse and Coleman, Rose 9-9-1891
Emerson, Charley and Dudley, Laura 2-6-1892
Emory, Charles F. and Case, Mamie J. 7-24-1878
Enot, Antonio and Windel, Johanna 10-29-1896
Englade, James and Marie, Gertrude 1-15-1881
Entrekin, Jesse D. and Holland, Sarah Ann 8-30-18191
Entrekin, John B. and Fletcher, Susan E. 7-3-1890
Entrekin, David L. and Pierpont, Frances A. E. Mrs. 1-1-1882
Erickson, E. H. and Ott, Adelaide 8-14-1892
Euren, Charles J. and Schultz, Martha Christian 2-8-1892
Evans, Benjamin and Carter, Susan 5-23-1877
Evans, Sie and Washington, Sarah 3-19-1891
Evans, W. J. and Howell, Mary C. 1-5-1893
Evans, Zie and Taylor, Ira 5-30-1891
Everedge, Allen and Robbins Eddie 3-25-1886
Everett, Washington and Duffy, Sally 10-30-1882


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