Marriages of Jackson County, Mississippi (C)

Jackson Co. Marriages

Groom Names beginning with C

Cabler, J. F. married Norton, Florence A. 2-21-1895
Calligan, James R. married Birdrow, Ellen E. 7-13-1887
Calvin, William S. married Reid, Tillie 10-15-1898
Camba, Frank H. married Catchot, Eliza 9-22-1877
Cambley, August married Hanson, Matilda 8-24-1892
Cameron. Daniel W. married Dye, Dora 1-22-1900
Campbell, Anderson married Adams, Malinda 9-01-1892
Campbell, Balloc married Franklin, Charley 12-28-1882
Campbell, James T. married Huckleby, Ida 10-01-1891
Campbell, John C. married Stewart, Eran 11-19-1891
Camper, Charles married Marcum, Julia 8-07-1896
Canaan, Henry married Caldwell, Catherine 3-27-1895
Canady, Dock married Alexander, Mary Ann 5-18-1881
Canady, Dock married Clark, Mary Jane 12-14-1881
Canady, Ruben married DeFlanders, Julia 11-14-1889
Cain, James R. married Fairley, July Ann 1-22-1882
Cain, William Yancey married Fletcher, Sarah B. 1-11-1882
Canet, Antonio married Seymore, Cora 5-04-1882
Canfield, James married Grenough, Sophia 11-05-188
Canfield, George married Thompson, Annie 5-11-1892
Cannette, Armand married Groux, Emily 4-30-1889
Canty, James T. married Williams, Jane 2-10-1897
Canty, Marvin married Gautier, Julia1 1-25-1887
Carco, Eugene married Carter, Ann 4-12-1880
Carlisle, Edward H. Perry, Susan E. 6-26-1879
Carlisle, John E. married Edens, Mary A. E. 12-08-1888
Carlson, Carols married Robbins, Minnie L 3-04-1895
Carnet, Edward married Bullock, Leanna 6-25-1888
Carr, Henry married Frazier, Adele 5-14-1896
Carr, Henry married Frazier, Adele 5-13-1896
Carraway, Henry married Williams, Mary 12-26-1899
Carraway, Lafayette married Showers, Frances 4-02-1892
Carroll, Elizer married Bobinger, Wilhelmima 7-15-1882
Carroway, Monroe married Quave, Henrietta 8-10-1889
Carson, John married Gibbon, Delia 3-11-1891
Carson, John married Weeks, Martha 5-13-1891
Carter, A. C. married Hughes, Lula 6-06-1892
Carter, Alfred married Brown, Mary 7-06-1898
Carter, Alfred married Carlton, Nettie 11-23-1894
Carter, Alfred married Ferrill, Cora 11-23-1894
Carter, Andrew married Hill, Caroline 6-05-1877
Carter, Charlie married Parker, L. 12-08-1892
Carter, Dan married Cummings, Annette 02-04-1888
Carter, Dan married Parker, Sheny 9-28-1885
Carter, Eli married Wilkerson, Alice 6-19-1890
Carter, Ellis E. married Roberts, Mary Olive 11-22-1893
Carter, G. N. married Graham, Mahala J. 11-06-1889
Carter, J. A. married Poe, Missouri 3-06-1898
Carter, J. F. married Steede, Georgia V. 2-12-1891
Carter, J. H. married Washington, Annie Mrs. 6-21-1898
Carter, J. L. married Cunningham, Laura F. 4-13-1887
Carter, J. V. married Carter, Fannie 5-19-1890
Carter, Jack married Carter, Mary 5-17-1884
Carter, James B. married Graham, Mary J. 7-09-1890
Carter, Jeptha married Carter, Ellen 1-18-1880
Carter, John married Humphreys, Amanda 7-28-1881
Carter, John married Petit, Isabella 2-02-1889
Carter, John A. married Dennis, Lucinda 11-05-1891
Carter, Lewis married Webb, Martha 6-01 -1888
Carter, M. S. married Roberts, Annie 4-02-1895
Carter, Mathew married Byrd, Asaline 4-22-1884
Carter, Oscar married Davis Emma 7-14-1890
Carter, Prentiss B. married Oneal, Eliza 10-06-1887
Carter, Print married Parker, Janie Mrs. 3-22-1899
Carter, Robert M. married Shelton, Sarah G. 4-26-1899
Carter, Samuel, H. married Herndon, Mary 2-07-1898
Carter, Wiley H. married Goff, C. Frances 11-02-1879
Carter, William married Wells, Ellen 6-24-1880
Case, G. T. married Staples, Roberta L. 12-03-1885
Cassanova, J. F. married Mansfield, T. J. 12-03-1885
Cassiby, Peter married Clark, Pauline 3-23-1891
Cassino, Johnny married Gloster, Martha 6-28-1898
Castrix, Robert married Jenkins, Emma P. 5-11-1857
Castrix, Robert R. married Jenkins, Emma P. 5-11-1875
Catchar, Arnot married Ryan, Annie 9-19-1890
Cathat, Joseph, Jr. married Clark, Ellen 8-30-1881
Catchot, A. J. married Clark, Florence V. 1-15-1887
Catchot, Antonio, Jr. married Ryan, Delia 11-01-1892
Catchot, John married Crosline, Sarah 10-03-1885
Catchot, John J. married Crosby, Georgianna 9-08-1894
Catchot, Joseph married Endt, Rosa 3-19-1896
Cates, Eddie married Myers, Ella 1-05-1899
Cates, Ramus married Dobson, Jane 5-27-1893
Cauley, John married Goff, Lou 5-11-1897
Colson, Thomas Athinson married Goff, Carrie 5-04-1896
Cavett, William Joseph married Grow, Helvise 10-06-1885
Cezer, Peter married McInien, Sabra 5-31-1877
Chadick, C. M. married Thomnas, Hattie 6-11-1882
Chamberlain, John B. married Denny, Margaret 12-14-1898
Chamberlin, J. B. married McInnis, Edwina 5-19-1890
Chambers, Albert married Reed, Vinie 10-07-1893
Chambers, Florence C. married Marshall, Clementine 03-02-1899
Chambers, Thomas married Burney, Emaline 10-24-1888
Champlin, A. P. married Bick, A. B. Mrs. 04-23-1879
Champlin, E. K. married Fayard, Virgie 02-21-1898
Chanterant, A. married Sarrazine, Mary E. 9-27-1882
Chapman, Dan married Hayes, Nancy 5-09-1892
Charles, J. B. married Frazer, Mary 9-16-1895
Charles, William married Williams, Kate 11-01-1877
Charlton, John E. married Gainey, Victory 7-08-1896
Chastang, Peter F. married Chastang, Matilda 11-17-1880
Chastant, Agricole married Deas, Clara M. 8-03-1885
Chatman, Walter married Taylor, Deliah 5-21-1900
Cheatem, William L. married Williams, Lucinda 10-05-1891
Cherillow, John married Dupree, Constance 6-10-1880
Chestang, Baptiste married Anderson, Juliet A. 2-25-1899
Chestant, Emile married Stanley, Ada 6-04-1899
Chidsey, C. E married Allen, Clara 1-08-1894
Childress, Moses married Rouse, Mary E. 3-07-1899
Childs, Horace married Grant, Jane 6-29-1898
Childs, Isone married Ramsey, Millie 3-16-1895
Childs, Mose married Hall, Lena 2-05-1900
Childs, Robert married Griffin, Rachel 3-19-1884
Chiles, George W. married Phillipe, Lucy M. 9-02-1897
Chiles, Moses married Bilbo, Ellen 12-20-1897
Chisholm., Alonzo J. married Burgess, Ellas 11-30-1895
Chisman, Francis married Cruthirds, Laura C. 11-22-1894
Churchwell, Henry married Dixon, Linnie 9-08-1898
Churlson, Carl August married Battle, Catharine 10-02-1881
Chute, Joseph married Ladnier, Rose 3-28-1892
Cirlot, J. M. married Smith, Madora 2-22-1888
Clark, Alex married White, Josephine 11-03-1899
Clark, Ellis married Seaman, Josephine Mrs. 2-18-1889
Clark, Henry married Braxley, Clarina 5-23-1898
Clark, Henry married Hollamon, Louisa 9-04-1878
Clark, J. J. married Laurendine, A. N. 11-24-1890
Clark, James married ladnier, Babe 3-17-1891
Clark, James L. married Richards, Charlotte 7-12-1876
Clark, James S. married Richards, Charlotte 7-11-1876
Clark, James W. married Graham, Minerva 12-25-1891
Clark, Janus married Rivers, Ellen 5-20-1894
Clark, D. F. married Richards, Adele 1-28-1897
Clark, Perry married Ely, Ida 9-04-1880
Clark, samuel married Marshall, Isabell 3-30-1893
Clark, Sidney married Waltman, Mary 3-17-1891
Clark, W. J. married Williams, Josephine 3-05-1897
Clark, W. R. married Everett, Sarah 4-15-1897
Clark, W. R. married Seaman, Rosaline 7-04-1892
Clark, William married Slates, Annie 8-20-1894
Clark, William married Webersehlag, Annie 3-26-1892
Clayton, Charles married Trehern, Mary E. 6-24-1896
Clayton, Henry married Lawrence, Emma 3-09-1895
Clayton, William E. married Broadus, Sarah 7-12-1894
Clements, Edward H. married Barnes, Olevia 7-12-1894
Clements, Johny married Wallace, Georgie 8-24-1896
Clien, R. L. married Yager, Matilda 10-09-1891
Clinton, Fred A. married Smith, Mabel Mary 4-04-1900
Cobbs, William married Simpson, Catherine 11-19-1891
Cochran, A. F. married Pipkin, Catherine 7-15-1891
Cochran, Simon married Davis, Seddie 11-02-1894
Cochran, Thomas married France, Charlotte 1-24-1878
Cochran, William W. married Cowart, Harriet 4-03-1878
Cody, Frank married Pierson, Francis 4-21-1888
Coffee, M. C. married Cudaboe, Dora 4-17-1895
Colbert, Francis A. married Barthes, Ada 10-18-1887
Cole, Stephen G. married Grant, Octavia 3-09-1882
Coleman, B.N. married Schuler, Christina 2-04-1891
Coleman, James married Howell, Lillian 11-21-1889
Coleman, James G. married Tatum, Laura 9-08-1898
Coleman, John B. married Ryan, Rachel 11-05-1883
Coleman, Nicholas B. married Montieth, Texanna 8-31-1877
Coleman, S. D. married Kenedy, Catherine I. 1-26-1889
Coleman, Sandy married Thompson, Charity 7-14-1881
Coleman, T. F. married Flore, Alice 3-05-1891
Coleman, Wesley W. married Vaughan, Edna 4-25-1893
Collice, Amos, Jr. married Barber, Caroline 4-02-1894
Collier, Ebb married Bardwell, Ellie 3-14-1883
Collins, Mark married Moffett, Charlotte 7-06-1880
Colmer, A. L. married Hill, Jennie A. 6-26-1900
Colmer, Henry married Meyers, Anna
Colmer, Henry married Myers, Anna 5-10-1875
Compton, Stephen married Bolden, Mary 9-06-1883
Connell, William married Smith Kate 11-09-1881
Connelly, George married Clark Sissy 3-24-1897
Cook, Enoch married Scott, Annie 3-09-1899
Cook, Frank M. married Broadus, Minnie 4-08-1892
Cook, Isaah married Brown, Bella 3-22-1898
Cook,Moses married Bruninigton, Ellen 4-10-1882
Cook, Moses married Norvell, Lizzie 9-20-1876
Cook, Moses married Norvell, Lizzie 9-18-1876
Cook, Moses married Showers, Mary 9-11-1879
Cook, Moses, Jr. married Ely Mary Jane11-03-1890
Cook, S. E. married Coleman, Anna 8-11-1899
Cook, S. E. married Joseph, Lola 10-10-1891
Cook, William married Burns, Ruth 2-10-1900
Cooley, Henry married DeFlanders, Ansybell 5-21-1881
Cooley, John married Wisch, Mary 3-05-1882
Cooley, Leonidos married Reed, Maggie 9-29-1881
Cooley, W. S. married Lindinger, P. 6-06-1889
Cooper, Frank married Moody, Pearl 11-25-1897
Cooper, George W. married Taylor, Lavinia 1-22-1895
Cooper, Jim married Cowart, Elsie 1-20-1898
Cooper, Marshall married Cheatam, Rody 11-13-1897
Cooper, Marshall married Ruffian, Josephine 9-03-1885
Cooper, Paul married Shelton, Susie 2-02-1899
Cooper, Preston married Seamour, Bettie 7-18-1900
Cooper, R. F. married Mixon, Dorie 11-18-1887
Cooper, W. M. married Mixon, E. J. 11-25-1897
Cooper, William married Ferrill, Rosetta 8-21-1884
Cooper, Willie married Bryant, Laura 4-09-1897
Corbet, Willie married Asker, Miley 5-13-1897
Corley, John E. married Richards, Margaret J. 12-11-1878
Cothran, John F. married Conniff, Mollie 4-05-1890
Cotton, Elijah married Fairley, Millie 5-24-1900
Cotton, Ollie married Washington, Jennie 2-21-1898
Cotton, V. F. married Setzler, Mary E. 9-22-1900
Couch, Clarence married Cunningham, Menerva C. 11-07-1900
Couch, H. W. married Stanford, Ida May 1-24-1889
Couch, John married McLeod, Emma 12-15-1896
Couch, John R. married Dickens, Mary A. 2-05-1895
Coulson, H. D. married Passo, Sallie L. 6-08-1898
Courtney, Aaron married Cunningham, Mary Alice 10-14-1890
Courtney, Michael married Rivers, Emma 3-29-1877
Courtney, Michael married Rivers, Emma 3-27-1877
Courtright, Austin J. married Fellow, Myrtle Z. 7-16-1895
Cousins, George H. married Smith, Amelia Mrs. 1-31-1894
Cousins, JosephDancer, Jessie 9-17-1894
Covington, Walter H. married Vancleave, Fannie B. 10-6-1886
Cowan, A. M. married Dantzler, May E. 11-15-1892
Cowan, Albert married Andrews, Maggie 5-05-1898
Cowan, L. A. married Alley, Hattie M. 9-05-1893
Cowan, O. C. married Cudaboe, Flora 4-17-1895
Cowan, Robert W. married Singham, Louise 1-20-1881
Cowart, Aaron married Parker, Ella 9-27-1900
Cowart, Alfred G. married Carter, Louella S. 2-27-1884
Cowart, C. M. married Wyatt, Lou 11-01-1899
Cowart, Charlie C. married Carter, Lou 1-27-1892
Cowart, E. T. married Moffatt, Eliza Rose 12-21-1898
Cowart, George W. married Goode, Carrie D. 1-13-1897
Cowart, H. C. married Rodgers, Margaret A. 6-13-1882
Cowart, N. W. Dr. married Helvestion, Sabra E. 1-29-1892
Cowles, Charles C. married Delmas, Celeste 4-18-1900
Cox, Jno. W. married Jane, M. R. 5-19-1891
Cox, Paul V. married Ladnier, Hermina 12-25-1888
Cox, W. A. DR married Deas, Mary I. 12-08-1896
Cox, Wesley married Flurry, Jane 9-10-1888
Crabtree, Goenes married Davis, Mary Eveline 10-27-1894
Crabtree, Henry married Bradley, Viola M. 6-26-1898
Crane, Andrew J. married Rogers, Amelia F. 12-24-1874
Crane, Andrew J. married Rogers, Amelia E. 12-22-1874
Crane, Charles E. married Carroll, Sarah J. 3-15-1900
Crane, William married Roberts, Hattie 2-19-1884
Cropp, Herman R. married Camfield, Sophia Mrs. 10-05-1899
Cropp, Herman R. married Dailey, Lillie L. 4 12-1897
Crawford, Elisha married Hamilton, Anona 12-23-1886
Crawford, J. W. married Smith, Florence 12-18-1892
Crawford, William D. married Hamilton, Almedia 111-07-1880
Crawley, Joseph married Howell, Sarah 4-22-1890
Creel, M. L. married Pankey, Katie E. 5-25-1881
Cromer, Chris married Gardner, Melvina E. Mrs. 11-24-1880
Cronier, Charley married Cunningham, Janie Ida 11-24-1886
Cronier, John married Snyder, Laura 11-18-1896
Cronier, W. J. married Moore, Fannie 1-27-1890
Crosbie, William P. married Dailey, Ruth O. 9-19-1898
Cross, Thomas married Johnson, Ellen 5-20-1888
Cross, Thomas M. married Grant, Cecelia 12-23-1880
Crutchfield, Henry married Perkins, Emma 6-16-1875
Cruthirds, John married Anderson, Ella 3-04-1897
Cruthirds, Henry married Martin, Exie Ann 5-10-1876
Cruthirds, Henry married Martin, Exye Ann 5-18-1876
Cruthirds, Henry V. married Ryan, Clemintine 2-06-1896
Cruthirds, Nathaniel married Ladnier, Rosa 8-31-1876
Cruthirds, Nathaniel married Ladnier, Rosa 8-12-1876
Cruthirds, Redick married Switzers, Nora 6-05-1897
Cruthirds, Robert married Coleman, Eveline 6-26-1881
Cruthrids, Sebley married Garlott, Lavinia 10-10-1895
Cudahoe, N. M. married Howze, Cora E. 12-07-1895
Culver, George married Jones, Vina N. 6-06-1899
Cumbest, Calvin married Goff, Nevils 12-21-1899
Cumbest, John H. married Parker, Buricy 12-31-1882
Cumbest, Lyman R. married Parker, Marsalete 8-05-1883
Cummings, Mat married McLean, Minnie 11-06-1884
Cunningham, A. B.Roberts, Lizzie 5-13-1886
Cunningham, Alonzo married Jones, Isabella 3-04-1891
Cunningham, Andrew M. married Parker, Mary 5-01-1877
Cunningham, Dallas B. married Goff, Rosa A. 3-12-1880
Cunningham, J. J. married Faulkner, Maggie 5-19-1892
Cunningham, Jacob J. married Davis, Mary D. 5-16-1880
Cunningham, John married Spradley, Effie M. 8-21-1882
Cunningham, Nicholas E. married Oliver, Mary E. 8-08-1876
Cunningham, Nicholas E. married Oliver, Mary E. 8-05-1876
Cunningham, Norman C. married Ehler, Louise 5-06-1900
Cunningham, P. W. married Carter, Annie E. 1-31-1895
Cunningham, Samuel A. married Canfield, Annie 5-11-1892
Cunningham, Washington married Flowers, Claricy 12-03-1893
Cunningham, William married Courtney, Sabra E. 1-19-1886
Cunningham, William married McInnis, Martha D. 12-26-1900

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