Greene Co. MS. Marriages

Letter V-W-X-Y-Z

VANDERFORD, H H             MURRAY, Julia               1900 May,26
VANDERFORD, R S             BACKSTRON, Ida M            1899 June,21
VANDERGOOD, R M             SMITH, Elizabeth V          1901 December,25
VAUGHN, Allen               SMITH, Mary                 1906 September,01
VAUGHN, Lee                 BENTON, Katie               1903 April,17
VICKERS, Willie L           WILLIAMS, W P               1890 April,03
WADE, C H                   WALLEY, M E                 1890 February,20
WADE, Eller                 SOWELL, Ira                 1895 January,15
WADE, S D                   PRINE, Nancy Leander        1901 May,22
WADE, Samuel D              MCLENDON, S C               1888 February,09
WAHTLEY, L D                WILLIAMS, Dollie            1892 March,23
WAINWRIGHT, Joe             BANKS, Ida                  1903 November,10
WAINWRIGHT, Joseph          BYRD, Sabra                 1895 June,13
WALEY, J E J                MEADOWS, Nancy              1882 March,16
WALKER, C H                 MANNING, Frances            1896 March,30
WALKER, Charles             FAIRLEY, Lucy               1888 December,27
WALKER, James               ROBINSON, Maggie            1908 September,13
WALKER, Lamb                WILLIAMS, Sarah             1883 September,16
WALKER, Lamp                MCNEIL, Carrie Mrs          1904 December,09
WALKER, Sam                 BYRD, Polly                 1881 August,21
WALKER, Will                BELL, Mattie                1907 October,28
WALLACE, John               CLANTON, Ola                1901 November,21
WALLEY, Aden                BUSBY, Nancy                1901 March,20
WALLEY, Alex                HIX, Mintie                 1880 February,14
WALLEY, C W                 SMITH, Eleanore A           1901 November,20
WALLEY, Calvin              SMITH, Julia                1875 April,27
WALLEY, E J                 BREWER, George              1897 September,12
WALLEY, Faith               MCDONALD, Ella              1910 September,01
WALLEY, G B                 FREEMAN, Mahala             1890 October,02
WALLEY, H P                 MCDONALD, S E               1906 July,07
WALLEY, J W                 ROBERTS, Minnie             1908 February,19
WALLEY, James               GARRETT, Corrine            1903 March,25
WALLEY, James R             HENDERSON, Ella             1899 December,05
WALLEY, Joseph              MCLEOD, Flora               1893 January,29
WALLEY, Joseph              SMITH, Octa                 1904 February,01
WALLEY, L W                 WALLEY, Norah               1896 August,23
WALLEY, Ligford             ROBERTS, Laura              1899 October,12
WALLEY, M E                 WADE, C H                   1890 February,20
WALLEY, M W                 GIPSON, Lena                1909 August,26
WALLEY, Mandric             BREWER, Nelia               1892 September,11
WALLEY, Melton              SMITH, Hattie E             1908 February,05
WALLEY, Murdock             MCEACHERN, Ethel            1907 December,25
WALLEY, Ollie               BALL, G C                   1899 June,30
WALLEY, R H                 BREWER, Rebecca             1888 November,22
WALLEY, R H                 HARNESS, Dorcas Mrs         1877 April,05
WALLEY, R L                 JAMES, Lula                 1900 December,26
WALLEY, Richard             WILLIAMS, Maggie J          1899 April,25
WALLEY, Richard G           LITTLE, Annabelle           1909 December,05
WALLEY, Robt                LATT, Virginia              1891 May,21
WALLEY, S A J               POPE, Mary Jane             1901 September,17
WALLEY, Spicy               GORDAN, J W                 1888 January,26
WALLEY, Spicy               MEADOWS, H A                1904 September,14
WALLEY, Thomas              DUCETE, Laura               1877 June,28
WALLEY, Vincent             JAMES, Eliza                1899 February,15
WALLEY, W I                 SMITH, Minnie               1903 January,22
WALLEY, W L                 WALLEY, Nancy               1907 September,15
WALLEY, W M Sr              COLE, Sarah Ann             1903 March,13
WALLEY, W R                 PRINE, N J Mrs              1906 June,21
WALLEY, William             TAYLOR, Sarah A             1891 June,04
WALLEY, Willis              HINTON, Laura               1901 June,23
WALLEY, Willis              SMITH, Fannie               1875 October,13
WALLEY, Wm L                WADE, Eliza                 1875 November,20
WALLEY, Y                   MEADOWS, Emeline            1876 October,13
WALLY, M E                  HENDERSON, W J              1895 August,29
WALLY, Richard Jr           BAGBY, Olivia               1879 September,02
WALTER, Willie              MCCANN, Joan                1899 January,21
WALTERS, Rodolphus          MCLEAN, Mary                1898 April,05
WALTON, T J                 FOX, Ruth                   1903 April,14
WARD, John                   JOWERS, Louella             1908 March,10
WARD, Henry                 THOMSON, Mollie             1901 November,13
WARD, W M                   EVANS, S E                  1877 May,08
WARD, William H             BYRD, Margaret M            1884 May,06
WARKINS, James V            TAYLOR, Isabella            1875 June,25
WARNER, L W                 WITT, Missouri              1887 November,18
WARREN, Hubbard             SCOTT, Ardella              1910 June,15
WASHAM, Frank               JONES, Henrietta            1903 March,08
WASHAM, Willie              EDGAR, Olevia               1900 November,08
WASHINGTON, Carie           BRANNAN, Eliza              1904 August,13
WASHINGTON, George          SIMPSON, Corine             1906 November,10
WASHINGTON, John            WILLIAMS, Charity           1881 January,24
WASHINGTON, Mat             MCCANN, Jane                1877 January,11
WATSON, Richard H M         BYRD, Eulalia               1901 October,01
WATSON, Shep                GAINS, Lillie               1908 May,17
WATTS, Jefferson            KITTRELL, Sudy              1882 October,15
WATTS, Johnie               HUNTER, Martha              1908 August,09
WEBB, George                ROADS, Ada                  1903 January,07
WEBB, J D                   MCINNIS, Lizzie             1910 March,31
WEBBER, C J                 MARSHALL, T A               1877 March,13
WELCH, King                 LEACH, Viola                1909 April,15
WELDON, A J                 STEARNS, A E                1902 July,09
WELDY, Eugenia              GREEN, J W                  1906 August,06
WELDY, G W                  MCINNIS, Lida               1892 December,21
WELFORD, Alex               HAVARD, Sarah M             1900 April,15
WELFORD, G W                MCLEOD, Sarah               1907 January,05
WELFORD, Henry              HAVARD, Polly               1901 July,03
WELFORD, Lawrence           MAPLES, Celia A             1888 September,04
WELFORD, O J                BROWN, Lydia                1908 October,21
WELFORD, R E                BLANKENSHIP, W P            1896 August,07
WELFORD, Robert             DURHAM, Mamie               1907 March,31
WELFORD, W C                MASON, Mariah               1888 July,27
WELFORD, Will               BROWN, Viola                1897 March,25
WELLS, William              BYRD, Launa                 1907 March,31
WELLS, William              RILEY, Irene                1897 September,25
WENDELL, Phillip            BERRY, Mary M               1907 November,11
WESLEY, John                MOST, Mary                  1904 February,08
WESLEY, John                THOMSON, Lula               1904 September,02
WEST, David                 PRENTISS, Maggie            1892 March,24
WEST, G W                   ROBERTS, Ruth C             1897 December,29
WEST, Ganis                 BYRD, Nevada                1897 September,13
WEST, Geo W                 BYRD, Viola                 1893 February,09
WEST, H L                   AVERA, Belle                1907 August,14
WEST, I D                   HILLIMON, J C               1896 September,10
WEST, M E                   KITTRELL, W R               1893 April,13
WEST, M E                   SMITH, Abraham              1901 August,25
WEST, Truman C              HOLDER, Nancy T             1880 November,23
WEST, Vincent               ROBERTS, Agnes E            1882 November,20
WESTERFIELD, Halbert M      BURCH, C C                  1906 February,12
WESTRUP, John               WILEY, Addieling            1910 May,21
WHATLEY, E A                BAGGETT, Icadora            1901 April,15
WHATLEY, F M                BREWER, Sarah               1895 January,25
WHATLEY, S G                BALCKWELL, Fereby           1902 May,20
WHEAT, Sol                  JOHNSON, Willie             1909 August,15
WHEELER, Antonio            WHITE, Susie Mrs            1904 April,05
WHIGWILN, Solomon           TRIGGS, Annie               1903 July,18
WHITE, A G                  POWEL, M E                  1899 December,24
WHITE, Alex                 WILLIAMS, Rebecca           1888 April,12
WHITE, Calvin               TURNER, Zeola               1907 May,25
WHITE, Charles              ROBERTS, Sarah              1887 October,07
WHITE, David                MCLAIN, Annie Elizabeth     1901 September,22
WHITE, Frank R              PEARCE, Annie               1883 May,10
WHITE, Fred                 HUFF, Daisy                 1906 September,06
WHITE, George               GRANT, Arie                 1909 April,18
WHITE, George               NICK, Addie                 1909 December,27
WHITE, Jack                 WHITE, Cecily               1899 October,05
WHITE, Jerry                FAIL, Maria                 1878 January,17
WHITE, Lassinger            SMITH, Lizzie               1900 November,20
WHITE, M D                  KORNMAN, W O                1899 November,08
WHITE, Nathan               WOULARD, Hattie             1910 September,20
WHITE, Tom                  MCCANN, Annie               1910 April,28
WHITE, Willie               MOODY, Albert               1903 August,04
WHITNEY, S P                MARSHALL, Laura             1905 December,19
WHLMER, Tom                 FLOYD, Nancy                1904 June,29
WILEY, Dan W                DORDEN, Annie L             1907 March,11
WILEY, Thomas               THOBE, Georgie              1903 May,15
WILFORD, L D                SMITH, Ema Gertrude         1909 August,08
WILFORD, T E                IKWOOD, Josephine           1899 July,01
WILLEY, George              BANKS, Susan                1888 January,19
WILLIAMS, Arthur            STIGEN, Florence            1905 July,20
WILLIAMS, Atlas             MARSHALL, Josephine         1901 September,07
WILLIAMS, Butler            FAIRLEY, Emma               1890 August,21
WILLIAMS, Charlie           PARKER, Lizzie              1905 April,30
WILLIAMS, Chas F            SONES, Betty D              1897 February,25
WILLIAMS, Cleveland         FAIRLEY, Delphine           1907 August,22
WILLIAMS, David             FAIRLEY, M L                1894 September,12
WILLIAMS, David             KITTRELL, Jane              1878 January,12
WILLIAMS, David             MOODY,                      1875 October,14
WILLIAMS, Edward            PRESTON, Doney              1895 September,25
WILLIAMS, Edward W          RESTER, Melvina             1894 August,27
WILLIAMS, F A               WILLIAMS, J M               1891 February,17
WILLIAMS, Fletcher          WILLIAMS, Lelia             1909 December,26
WILLIAMS, G E               JAMES, Mattie               1909 January,11
WILLIAMS, George            MCDONALD, Lizzie            1909 January,05
WILLIAMS, George            WHITT, Mary Mrs             1904 December,29
WILLIAMS, H E               HILLMAN, Winnie             1904 December,13
WILLIAMS, J D               COOLY, Cinderella           1884 October,08
WILLIAMS, J L               LANE, Martha                1905 March,11
WILLIAMS, J M               WILLIAMS, F A               1891 February,17
WILLIAMS, J P               WILLIAMS, Valmar            1902 December,08
WILLIAMS, J S               BEARRY, Edna                1904 December,10
WILLIAMS, J W               FOUNTAIN, Katie             1891 October,15
WILLIAMS, J W               MAPELS, Adeline             1897 March,09
WILLIAMS, James             COX, Carrie                 1904 April,20
WILLIAMS, James             WATTS, Lucinda              1893 March,29
WILLIAMS, James E           BARBER, Sarah               1905 March,09
WILLIAMS, Joe               BEXTRUM, Eliza              1887 May,30
WILLIAMS, Joe               MCINNIS, Harrett            1879 March,15
WILLIAMS, Joe               WASHINGTON, Cora            1899 December,24
WILLIAMS, Joe Lee           MCDOWN, Hattie              1910 March,01
WILLIAMS, John              COLLINS, Nona Mrs           1903 December,22
WILLIAMS, John              HICKS, Lealer               1903 January,29
WILLIAMS, John              WHITE, Josephine            1894 October,25
WILLIAMS, John R            ROBERTS, Elizabeth          1895 April,11
WILLIAMS, Johny             DANTZLER, Margaret          1894 December,20
WILLIAMS, Joseph            BRANARD, Fiona              1905 May,24
WILLIAMS, L A               SULLIVAN, S B               1889 June,04
WILLIAMS, L J               MCINNIS, C L                1902 January,08
WILLIAMS, L M               CLARK, Nelie                1897 May,21
WILLIAMS, Lee               MARSHALL, Dinah             1902 November,17
WILLIAMS, Lewis N           MCSWAIN, Louisa A           1883 December,17
WILLIAMS, Mack              BROWN, Irena                1907 May,12
WILLIAMS, Mack              SCOTT, Donie                1899 February,02
WILLIAMS, N O               STIVINS, L J                1888 March,07
WILLIAMS, Nathan            MCLEOD, Maria               1882 March,11
WILLIAMS, Nathan            TRIBBETT, Sarah             1896 November,25
WILLIAMS, R H               BAGGETT, Margie             1910 June,19
WILLIAMS, Richard           FRANKLIN, Mary E            1882 October,18
WILLIAMS, Richard           WHITE, Loucinda             1881 September,08
WILLIAMS, Robert            DIGGS, Rosie                1907 October,17
WILLIAMS, S B               LEWIS, R H                  1907 July,14
WILLIAMS, Steve             FAIRLEY, Cammie             1905 October,06
WILLIAMS, T J               LANKFORD, Sina E            1880 December,16
WILLIAMS, Taylor            JONES, Jessie               1905 August,18
WILLIAMS, V E               MASSEY, J J                 1888 March,07
WILLIAMS, Valmar            WILLIAMS, J P               1902 December,08
WILLIAMS, W M               MCINNIS, Demaris            1898 March,10
WILLIAMS, W P               VICKERS, Willie L           1890 April,03
WILLIAMS, W W               MASSEY, Ada                 1892 March,15
WILLIAMS, W W               ROCKWELL, Maggie            1897 November,01
WILLIAMS, W W               THOMAS, Josie               1896 December,30
WILLIAMS, Walter W          DAVIS, Mattie               1890 July,03
WILLS, A E                  PEARCE, W M                 1891 July,09
WILSON, Charley             BRAGG, Celia                1903 February,28
WILSON, Hubert              WARREN, Clara               1904 January,11
WILSON, James               BRELAND, Rosetta            1889 August,01
WINBORN, Lon W              LEVIRETT, Florence          1908 June,10
WINFIELD, R W               GRIERSON, Mattie            1904 February,03
WOOD, Easley                BENTLY, Mary                1887 January,24
WOOD, Easley                BENTLY, Mary                1884 May,06
WOOD, George E              COCHRAN, F L                1884 June,03
WOOD, John                  BEARD, Ida                  1909 February,21
WOOD, Luke                  HARTSFIELD, Nona            1906 June,25
WOOD, Wiley                 WHITE, Huldah               1892 October,10
WOODARD, Alex               MCINNIS, Cynthia            1902 September,04
WOODARD, Charley            HOWARD, Georgia             1900 May,07
WOODARD, F J                EUBANKS, W J                1899 September,07
WOODARD, John C             THOMAS, Minnie M            1899 October,17
WOODARD, W W                EDGAR, Carrie               1902 July,03
WOODCOCK, John              WELFORD, Frances            1888 October,07
WOODHOUSE, John             BALL, Sarah A               1902 December,14
WOODS, Willie               LEWIS, Lillian              1908 June,17
WOOULAND, C W               WILLIAMS, Liddie            1901 December,25
WOULARD, E A                MURRAY, Ourela              1883 September,19
WOULLARD, Thomas            OAKLEY, Addie               1908 August,27
WRIGHT, C C                 HEARD, Alice                1901 November,14
WRIGHT, John T              LOFTON, Mary                1878 April,13
WYATT, Sol                  NAULTY, Iona I              1888 September,09
WYZARD, J E                 WALLEY, Nancy               1897 February,19
YATES, J Y                  BREWER, Annie               1910 August,31
YATES, Levy B               MCINNIS, Mary S             1897 August,23
YOLEN, J A                  BLACK, Emma                 1888 May,18
YORK, John                  HENDERSON, Cora             1903 June,07
YOUNG, B F                  BRADLEY, Nancey             1907 March,01
YOUNG, B F                  BRADLEY, Nancey             1907 March,01
YOUNG, Frank                KELLY, Georgia              1908 June,20
YOUNG, Harry                BROWN, Hettie               1904 May,17

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