Greene Co. Marriages

Letter P-Q

PACKER, Sam HOOKS, Martha 1893 September,30 PAINE, E E DUNNAM, L A 1895 December,24 PALMER, George WILLIAMS, Mattie H 1901June,19 PALMER, O C ROBERTS, Susie V 1904 January,21 PALMORE, Thomas GOODMAN, Mary 1904 January,02 PARKER, E L MILLER, Rebecca 1904August,05 PARKER, J C WILLIAMS, Mary A 1898 April,06 PARKER, J L MCLEOD, Isabel 1909 December,27 PARKER, V F BUSBY, M J 1899 December,15 PARKER, Wm JONES, Nucil 1882 January,07 PARKER, Wm TURNER, Cicley 1887 October,18 PARTIN, M L MCINNIS, D H C 1904June,29 PATTERSON, Emmett N WILLIAMS, Lola 1903 December,26 PATTON, Batteast GRAY, Lundy 1882 October,24 PATTON, Columbus ALLEN, Maggie 1903 February,15 PEACOCK, Joe PRENTICE, Sarah 1904 April,25 PEARCE, Richard KAVER, Katie 1882 October,05 PEARCE, W M WILLS, A E 1891July,09 PEASTER, J B KNOBLES, Ella 1882 January,25 PEASTER, Lee P LANKFORD, Ella 1905 November,18 PEGUES, C J TRIBBETT, Elizabeth 1904 January,05 PENNY, Henry FAIRLEY, Easton 1901 November,07 PERKINS, George HOLLAND, Susie 1903 April,09 PERKINS, S E WEAVER, Maude A 1910May,09 PERRY, Edward SMITH, Christain 1903 March,04 PERRY, James BRADFORD, Patsy 1901 November,01 PERRY, Joe J KITTRELL, Maggie 1899 March,02 PERRY, John W LANE, Mary Bell 1910 February,20 PERRY, Louis SMITH, Sarah 1909 January,27 PERVE, Burwell LOPER, Levy 1879July,24 PETERS, Tommy MOORE, Mollie 1893 December,10 PETERSON, Walker W LOTT, Edna 1903 November,04 PETTERS, Lorinzo SIMLIN, Lilly 1899 December,19 PETTUS, Ephraim WATSON, Neady 1903 October,06 PHILLIPS, G E MAURICE, N E Mrs 1907June,08 PHILLIPS, Jack WHIGAM, Sallie 1909July,10 PHILLIPS, Levi CARTER, Fannie M 1879 December,20 PHILPS, Leah BROWN, Elias 1890 September,18 PIERCE, A N WILLIAMS, Effie 1910 March,26 PIERCE, Barney WILIAMS, Katie 1904July,28 PIERCE, Barney WILLIAMS, Ellen 1893 March,16 PIERCE, George Jr ADAMS, Minnie 1910 December,28 PIERCE, Hubbard CHURCHWELL, Sena 1894July,09 PIERCE, James SMITH, Cora 1910 March,20 PIERCE, Jerry SMITH, Amanda 1896 December,31 PIERCE, L L MCLEOD, Flora 1904 October,08 PIERCE, Lewis CROWLEY, Mary 1897 December,26 PIERCE, Ollie JOHNSON, Carrie 1902 March,20 PIERCE, Will COCHRELL, Hannah 1909 December,31 PIPKIN, C A BRELAND, C M 1891July,16 PIPKIN, L P LOTT, Daisy 1910 February,03 PIPKIN, R P JOHNSON, Matilda 1906July,02 PIPKINS, Charles MOODY, I L 1899 April,04 PIPKINS, Elisha BALL, Emma 1892 September,29 PIPKINS, F W BENNETT, J T 1898 December,31 PIPKINS, Lewis HOLLIMON, Mary 1895 October,24 PIPKINS, M S PUGH, Annie 1903July,08 PIPKINS, T S FAIRLEY, Julia 1906 November,07 PIPKINS, W L MCLEOD, Madge 1905 December,05 PITMAN, P H ROGERS, Mary E 1899 January,06 PLATT, W M PIERCE, Fannie 1907May,22 PLEASURE, R P DANIELS, Francis 1901June,15 POE, Edward MOODY, Millie 1900May,21 POINTER, Geo BRELAND, Daisy 1897 December,20 POKE, Ollie CLOVEN, Christina 1907 September,05 POLION, Will SMITH, Mamie 1909 April,09 POLK, Eugene PRINGLE, Ada 1909 September,27 POOLE, H W BACKSTROM, Viola 1910 April,07 POPE, W T WALLEY, Kate 1897 December,01 PORTIS, Tommy BROWN, Maude Lee 1908June,15 POSTOAK, Jack JOHNSON, Bessie 1894 January,21 POWE, Arthur BRADLEY, Isabel 1910 March,30 POWE, Burwell MCCAN, Georgiana 1882 April,22 POWE, C E ENNIS, Eliza 1894 December,13 POWE, Frank MCCASS, Hattie 1894 October,05 POWE, George SPENCER, Cherry 1904 December,22 POWE, Horace TATUM, Julia 1897June,04 POWE, J L HENDERSON, Anna 1902July,28 POWE, J W JOHNSON, Sellar 1888May,31 POWE, Solomon WHITE, Laura 1887 September,14 POWEL, M E WHITE, A G 1899 December,24 POWELL, Charly JOHNSON, Mary Mrs 1904 December,02 POWELL, G C MCLEOD, Tuskarona 1908 November,11 POWELL, Jas F KITTRELL, Ida 1903 March,18 POWELL, M STEARNS, Mar F 1902 September,11 POWELL, Willie MCLEOD, Sabra 1899 February,23 PRENTICE, A E WILLIAMS, Kate 1875 April,17 PRENTICE, James DURNAN, Melinda 1901 February,08 PRENTICE, T J DAUGHDRILL, Vesta 1901 September,15 PRESTON, Henry LANKFORD, Lenora 1893 January,12 PRESTON, J W HANK, Florence H 1898June,26 PRESTON, J W LANE, Lucie 1909May,15 PRESTON, J W LANKFORD, M J 1899June,28 PRESTON, James K STRICKLAND, Jincy E 1904July,11 PRESTON, W A LANKFORD, Mary J 1899May,28 PREWITT, J H ROBERTS, Susan 1888 December,01 PRICE, Henry TODD, E E 1907 March,24 PRIER, Green FAIRLEY, Millie 1900 April,12 PRIESTER, Lyman R FAULK, Fannie 1905 January,17 PRIM, J L STINSON, Elizabeth E 1878 January,09 PRINE, A J COCHRAN, F N 1889 April,07 PRINE, G C COWART, Mary 1909 March,24 PRINE, J C BYRD, W F 1885 January,15 PRINE, John L HOLDER, Annabella 1880 December,23 PRINTER, J L J SMITH, Mary J 1899 March,08 PRYOR, Adolphus REED, Fredonia 1888 April,22 PUGH, Coleman MARTIN, Matilda 1909July,14 PUGH, Green WILLIAMS, Malissa 1887 September,07 PUGH, Will BYRD, Eliza 1900 December,27 QUICK, Daniel CHINNON, Mamie Mrs 1903 September,24

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