King Family

Allen J. King 1862 MS-1933 TX
Elizabeth King 1788 NC. d. MS.
Elizabeth King 1858 MS-1925 TX
Fannie King 1798 SC-1887 MS.
Geneo King, Amite Co. MS.
Henry F. King 1856 MS-1937 TX
Isaac King, Amite Co MS.
. Jackson King 1820 AL.
James King 1781
James King 1823 AL. or MS.
James A. King 1867 MS-1931 TX
John King 1754 NC-1838 MS.
John King 1815 AL.
Mary King Amite Co. MS
Mary King 1852 MS-1943 TX
Michael King 1646 VA
Mildred King 1804 SC d. MS.
Nathan King 1825 AL. or MS.
Oliver O. King 1864 MS
Polly King 1816 AL.
Rebecca King 1801 SC.
Rebecca King 1859 MS
Timothy King 1802 SC.
William King 1825 NC. died MS?

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