By Melba Goff Allen

The following material was found in a box of loose leaf papers that I purchased from the daughter of the late Dr. Vann Parker. Dr. Parker was Dean at the University of Auburn, in Auburn, AL. many years ago. The zeroxed page was of a Family Bible belonging to the family of David Daniel.

David C. DANIEL born in Virginia 19 July, 1790, died 14 July, 1853 age 62 years, 11 months.

Frances L. DANIEL, born 25 January, 1830 and died 28th October, 1855, wife of Joshua Caldwell.

Joshua D. Caldwell, son of Joshua and Frances L. Caldwell born 12th February, 1855; died 8 June, 1856.

Sarah Mildred Daniel, daughter of David C and Mary Daniel born 28 January, 1838; died 8 June, 1855.

Sarah Ophelia Daniel, daughter of W.C. and Mary Jane WAGNON, born 23 December, 1853; died 12 September, 1855.
The wife of David Daniel was Mary.


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