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William Solomon Lee

William Coulter, was born 1827 in Covington Co. MS. He was the son of Jesse Coulter and Nancy Williamson. He married in 1861 to Angeline Lee, daughter of William Solomon Collum Lee and wife, Sarah Ann Holcomb. She was born 14 October, 1844 in Marion Co. MS. and died 31 January, 1914 in Williamburg, Covington Co. MS. Eight children.

1. William Samuel Coulter, born 1862 Covington Co. married Nancy C. Mathison

2. Victoria Coulter born 1865 Collins, MS. married Charles Edward Cranford

3. Robert Theodore Coulter born 1867 Collins, MS. married Elinore Jane Speed

4. Zula Coulter born 1871 Covington Co. MS.
5. Griffin Coulter born 1874 Covington Co. MS.

6. Luther Roderick Coulter born 30 January 1878 Collins, MS. married Nancy Elizabeth Autlman

7. Hector Coulter born 1881 Collins, MS.
8. Vester Coulter born 1888 Collins, MS.

Caroline Elizabeth Lee

Caroline Elizabeth Lee, daughter of William Solomon Collum Lee and wife Sarah Ann Holcomb was born 1846 Marion Co. MS. She married 1867 in Covington Co. MS. to Joseph Lewis Bryant. He was born in 1842 in Covington Co. and the son of Allen Bryant and wife, Mary Campbell. Nine children all born in Covington Co.

1. Mary Ella Bryant born 1868, married 1887 in Covington Co. to Robert Theodore Rush.

2. John Calvin Bryant born 1870, married 1890 in Covington Co. to Martha Ann Hamilton
3. Lucien Albert Bryant born 1873 Covington Co. MS.
4. Ernest Eugene Bryant born 1877 Covington Co. MS.
5. Sampson E. Bryant born 1879 Covington Co. MS.
6. Wilmer Bryant born 1883 Covington Co. MS.
7. Virvia Bryant born 1885 Covington Co. MS.
8. Verba Bryant born 1885 Covington Co. MS.
9. Effie Bryant born 1887 Covington Co. MS.

Sarah Ann Lee

Sarah Ann Lee daughter of William Solomon Collum Lee and wife Sarah Ann Holcomb, was born 8 August, 1851 in Marion Co. MS. She died 4 February, 1935 in Moselle, Jones Co. MS. She married in 1872 in Jones Co. to Appleton Allen Rainey. He was the son of Thomas R. Rainey and wife Rebecca L. Tisdale. Appleton A. was born 23 September, 1851 in Jones Co. and died 17 November, 1884 in Seminary, MS. Five children, all born in Jones Co. MS.

1. Biddie Louena Rainey born 22 October, 1874 and died 4 October, 1938 in Sanford, MS. She married Robert Luther Garrick

2. William Thomas Rainey born 3 November, 1876 and died 1 August, 1948 in Hattiesburg, MS. He married in 1906 in Ellisville, MS. to Clara Mae Patrick.

3. Louella Caroline Rainey born 5 September, 1877 and died 2 March, 1960 in Jones Co. She married in 1899 to Robert Bodonnie Shows

4. Simeon Wilmer Rainey born 5 July, 1879 Jones Co. and died 22 May, 1953 in Hattiesburg, MS. He married in 1910 to Margaret Granberry.

5. Appie Idella Rainey born 13 July 1884 and died 8 May, 1968 Jones Co. She married John Cook Anderson.

Emily Lee

Emily "Emma" Lee daughter of William Solomon C. Lee was born 15 April, 1858 Marion Co. MS. She died 28 September, 1911 in Bassfield, Jefferson Davis Co. MS. Emma was married three times She first married in 1873 Covington Co. Ms. to William Dean, son of Jesse G.B. Dean and wife Amanda L. Rankin, and had two children.

1. Ellen Dean born 1874 Covington Co. MS.
2. Mattie Dean born 4 December, 1875 Covington Co. and died 9 September, 1959 in Collins, MS. She married Albert Wade Watts.

Emma married second to James Winfield Miller, born 23 August, 1831 in Marion Co. MS. He died 18 December, 1904 in Covington Co. Son of Hiram Miller and wife Susannah Cole. Four children.

1. Lou Miller married Washington Speed.
2. Samual Miller.
3. Van Ora Miller born 1882 married Levi V. Reid.
4. Gertrude Lee Miller born 12 March, 1893 Covington Co. and died 27 June, 1957 in East Carroll Parish, LA. She married Jesse Marion King.

Emma married the third time to John Clinton King. No issue.

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