Early Combe' and Combest
In South Carolina

All the early Combes/Combest in South Carolina are going to be listed, trying to connect the lineages.

One of the earliest Combes I find is a John Combe' whose death was listed in the South Carolina Gazette. It states Last Saturday died, in St Thomas's Parish aged 55 years, Mr John Combe'. Thursday, December 13, 1770. Now in 1770 he was 55 years of age, making him born in 1715.

South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine
John Comb' St Thomas Parish, died 8 December 1770, age 35. This is probably John Sr.'s son.

This lady has to be one of the very first frontier women in that area which is now South Carolina. Last Thursday died, age 83 years, Mrs. Martha Combe', who had resided 68 years in this Providence of St Thomas. April, 1772. Meaning Martha was born 1689. "WOW" could she have told us some stories about hardships and history?

This taken from the Charleston Courier 1806
Mr. John Combe' died on the 29th ultimo, in the 58th year of his age. Born 1748

Now the Christ Church Parish registers a marriage of Martha Combe' date 2 April, 1749 to Robert Murrel

Register of marriage in the St Phillip Parish 1754-1810 Paul Combe' to Charlotte Geautier, 19 July, 1759

Hist. & Gen. Magazine volume 23 page 214 list the following:
Citation to Charlotte Combe' of St Michaels Parish to administer the estate of Paul Combe' late of same place as nearest of kin. Dated 19 September, 1766. They had been married seven years, so who are their children.

Now to Land Grants in South Carolina

John Combest 50 acres 19 August, 1774 of Craven Co. in St Marks Parish. John and wife Agnes sell in 1776 to Peter Culp this grant on both sides of Fishing Creek.

Josiah Combest 150 acres 25 September, 1766 Craven Co. in St Marks Parish. He sells to Peter Culp 1768
John Combest 313 acres 1 September, 1794 Orangeburg District. This is on Taylor's Branch of Buckhead Creek

Thomas Combest 385 acres 3 November, 1794 Orangeburg District. Fork of Edisto River and branch of Little Beaver Creek on the road from Orangeburg to Cambridge. Now there is surely some relationship between these two Combest, both in Orangeburg and their land grants within two months of each other's grant. Father and son or brothers?

Thomas Combest 876 acres 10 September, 1802 Orangeburg District. Fork of Edisto River on Hollow Creek. Now, is this the same Thomas Combest that has the land grant in 1794 or is this his son?

John Combest 306 acres 5 February, 1798 ninety six District. Waters of Little Saluda River on a branch called Beaver Dam. This John Combest is believed to be the progenitor for the KY and Texas Combest's

Now, I am searching for a Thomas Combest who was in South Carolina. His wife was Elizabeth Stone! This marriage was proven by their son Simon when his children were christened in Mobile, AL., and naming the paternal grandparents.

Can anyone shed light on any of the above early ancestors that were in South Carolina? It would be greatly appreciated.


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