The Burleson family. There were two brothers, Aaron and Edward and a sister, Elizabeth who came from Wales to North Carolina.

Aaron Burleson born about 1700 in Wales.
Edward Burleson born about 1708 Wales.
Elizabeth Burleson born about 1710 Wales, married Daniel Shipman, also, born in Wales.

Following the line of Aaron Burleson;

Aaron Burleson born 1700 Wales came to North Carolina and some records indicate he first lived in Rutherford Co. He died 1763 in Buncombe Co. His wife was Sarah Camp, born about 1695. They had about thirteen children. Not all of their names are known.

1. James Burleson
2. Thomas Burleson
3. John Burleson
4. Edward Burleson
5. Aaron Burleson, born 1749 North Carolina, died about 1783 in TN. Killed by Indians.
6. Jesse Burleson, 1751 North Carolina died 1822, believed in Mobile, AL.
7. David Burleson, born 1755 NC., died 1832. He married Ursala. No other information.
8. There were about six (6) daughters born to the couple.names Unknown.

Jesse Burleson: Son of Aaron and Sarah was born 1751 North Carolina, died 1822. Jesse married about 1778 to Elizabeth d'Urbeville, born about 1750 and died 1823 probably in Mobile Co. AL. They had Eight children.

1. Aaron Burleson, born 18 August, 1779 Buncombe Co. NC., died December 1849, Jackson Co. MS.
2. Sarah Burleson, born 25 October, 1781 North Carolina. No other information.
3. Elizabeth Burleson, born 25 November, 1783 North Carolina. No other information.
4. Daniel Burleson, born 26 October, 1785, South Carolina, died about 1865. He married Sarah Hamilton, born 11 February, 1781 Charleston, South Carolina, and the daughter of Thomas Hamilton and wife, Rebecca Hyrne Dixon. Sarah died 11 April, 1841. They had two known children.
a. Susan Burleson. No other information
b. Daniel A. Burleson, born 4 February, 1818 SC., died 26 January, 1880 Marion Co. FL. He married in 1837 to Elizabeth Mary Dawson.
5. Salatheil Burleson, born 30 October, 1789 Georgia
6. Isaac Burleson, born 19 April, 1790 Georgia
7. William Burleson, born 25 January, 1791 Georgia
8. Jane Burleson, born 5 August, 1795 Georgia, died 16 July, 1874. She married Thoms Jefferson Samford. Information on the Samford family is located at Samford University, here in Birmingham.

Aaron Burleson

Aaron Burleson, son of Jesse and Elizabeth was born 18 August, 1779 in Buncombe Co. North Carolina. He died in Jackson Co. MS., 25 December 1849. In 1805 in Georgia Aaron married Mary Ann Camp. It is believed she was a neice to Sarah Camp. She probably is a relative but the connection is not known. According to the obituary of Mary Ann she was born 20 February, 1788 in Germany, and brought to Georgia by her parents who died soon after their arrivial and died within two days of each other.

In 1816 Aaron moved his family from Georgia to Mobile, AL., and in 1829 to Jackson Co. MS. where he died. Mary Ann joined the Church in 1805 the same year of her marriage. She was said to be a devout Christian woman and loved by all who knew her. She was known by the Georgia and Alabama Conference, and her brother-in-law , the Rev. Thomas Sanford(or Samford) of the Georgia Conference was ever most dear to her. Mary Ann died 22 August, 1881 in Jackson Co. Ms., she is buried beside her husband, and thought to be in the old graveyard that was found years ago, when Mississippi Power began construction of their plant located on highway 63 North in Jackson Co. This is the location that the Burleson's lived. I made a request to see the old grave yard but was told it was difficult to make your way to the location, and some of the graves were destroyed by the bulldozer before they realized it was a graveyard. Since this was private property one could not go onto the site without an escort. Without doubt all or many of the older Burleson's are buried there.
and probably the burial site for Aaron and Mary Ann Burleson.

Mary Ann was living in the household of her daughter Sarah, and son in law, Ebenizer Clark when the 1850 Census was taken in Jackson Co. MS. Mary Ann is listed as 70 years and born in GA. Her obit. states Germany.

Aaron and Mary Ann had six known children.

A. Elizabeth Burleson, born 20 August, 1809 Georgia, died 16 September 1812 Georgia.
B. John Isaac Burleson, born 4 January, 1811 Georgia, died 9 February, 1860 Jackson Co. MS.
C. Sarah Burleson, born 7 October, 1812 near Augusta Georgia, died 1881 Jackson Co. MS.
D. Elias Burleson, born 1 November, 1813 near Augusta Georgia, died 1865 MS.
E. Isiah Burleson, born 13 December, 1814 Georgia. Probobly died young.
F. Mary Burleson, born 18 January, 1816 Georgia, died 10 1931.


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