Elizabeth Allen

Daughter of William Allen

Elizabeth Allen was born about 1812 in Tennessee. Elizabeth was thought to be the daughter of Joseph Allen who left his will in Sumter Co. Alabama and probated in 1845. She is named as a daughter. On research it is known she was not a daughter but a daughter in law. But, believed to be a neice of Joseph Allen.

Joseph Allen states to my daughter, widow of the late John Allen and consort now of James Harrison. The term daughter-in-law was not used and you either used daughter or nothing at all.

John Allen had died sometime after 1833 when a daughter, Rosanne was born. Since this was their only child he probably died around the year 1833 or shortly after. Rosanne is listed on the 1850 census of Hinds Co. MS. in the household of her step-father James Harrison, who adopted Rosanne and her mother, Elizabeth Allen Allen Harrison. She is listed on the census as Rosanne Allen

After the death of John Allen, Elizabeth lived with her father a Baptist Minister, William Allen in Marengo Co. Alabama. Her mother Roseanne LeFleur had died and she was in charge of the household duties.

James Andrew Harrison came to Marengo Co. from Virginia with his three Minge cousins. James was born in "Maycox" in Prince George Co. Virginia, the son of Col. William Allen Harrison and his wife and first cousin, Theresa Ann Coupland. James's mother Ann died when he was born and he was raised by an Aunt and Uncle, John and Sarah Minge.

James Harrison fell in love with Elizabeth Allen and for some reason William Allen did not want his daughter to marry James Harrison. William Allen moved his family to Clinton, MS., in 1842 where he pastored a Church on Raymond Edwards Road. James Harrison followed the Allen's to Hinds Co. MS. and purchased land within three miles of the chapel where Rev. Allen was pastor. He was determined to marry Elizabeth Allen, and proved this by waiting one year and paying a dowry of $200.00. This is of record in the Raymond, MS. Courthouse.

Elizabeth Allen and James Harrison was married 21 December, 1843 in Hinds Co. MS.

Two children of Joseph Allen are found living next door to William Allen in 1850. This William is thought to be their Uncle and brother to Joseph Allen. I need proof that William and Joseph are brothers."

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