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Fleming Tynes

Of Georgia and Mississippi

Fleming Tynes Jr. born 15 February, 1779 GA. and died 29 July, 1830 probably Marion Co. MS. He may be the son of Fleming Sr. and wife Melissia Watkins. He married Jane Warren, daughter of John Warren.

A passport to travel through the Creek Indian Nation was ordered by the Governor for Fleming Tynes on the 5th of January, 1810. He had with him his wife Jane and two children, and one negro. Also, in this group traveling westward was Fleming's in-laws, John Warren with a wife and two children and seven negroes.

Eleven Children: Note, the last four children born are two sets of "twins"

1. Ann Eliza Tynes born 2 June, 1806 married John Futch and Jack Magee born GA.
2. Louise Jane Tynes born 7 October, 1808 married Nathan Perkins Smart born GA.
3. Martha Caroline Tynes born 21 September, 1811-1821
4. Elizabeth H. Tynes born 23 April, 1813 born MS.
5. Harriett Emily Tynes born 2 March, 1815 MS. married James Crawford Rankin
6. Martha Caroline Tynes born 9 October, 1821 MS., married Ransom Robertson.
7. Tyra Jenning Tynes born 13 June, 1823 MS., married Jane Alford
8. Sarah Ann Tynes born 11 November, 1825 MS., married Michael ORourke
9. Susannah A. Tynes born 11 November, 1825 married Owen Conerly
10. John Warren Tynes born 19 September, 1829
11. Julia Ellen Tynes born 19 September, 1829

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