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William Travis, has not been proven the son of Dr. Edward Travis who lived in Ireland and came to this Country. He lived in Bath Co. NC. where he was a physician. He would be a brother to John Travis who married Nancy Copeland.

William was born in 1728 and would have been born in Ireland or Maryland. Dr. Travis had two sons named William, the first William died young. There were two other known children, Thomas and Mary.

The information on William was taken from a family Bible that belonged to Thomas Carter of Meridian, Mississippi.

William Mill Travis 11, married 27 May, 1752 Hyde Co. NC. to Abigail Denmark, daughter of William Denmark There were four children listed in the Bible.

1. Lidia Travis, born 29 March, 1754
2. Amos Travis, born 11 June, 1763
3. Dolly Travis, born 25 July, 1765 on Tuesday morning at Sunrise.
4. Simeon Travis, born 17 January, 1770 on Tuesday morning two hours before day in a great snow storm. He died 10 January, 1849.
5. Asa Travis
6. Gideon Travis died about 1805
7. Siddie Travis married Thomas Harris
8. Mary Travis married Moses McKinney. This may be Dolly Travis

The following was copied from a Bible owned by Mrs. Elma McLeod and Mrs. Pauline Dunn of Hattiesburg, MS.

Simeon Travis married Mary Ann Stafford who was born 22 May, 1774. There was only one daughter listed in the Bible. Nancy.

Nancy Travis was born 10 November, 1800 in Warren Co. GA. and died 9 September, 1883. She married 16 November, 1815 to Jonathan Granberry. He was born 6 October, 1793 GA., and died 14 December, 1863. Ten children were named.


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