Robert Tanner of Amelia County Virginia

Robert Tanner
Of Amelia Co. VA.

Robert Tanner born about 1725 in Amelia Co. VA. He died 3 March, 1817 in Amelia Co. He was the son of Edward Tanner and wife Judith. Robert married Martha Hawkins, daughter of David and Elizabeth Hawkins.

Eight known children:

1. William Tanner married 16 February, 1810 Amelia Co. Betsy Powell.
2. FieldTanner married 27 May, 1813 Amelia Co. Lucy Hasting.
3. Sally Tanner married 14 January, 1793 Amelia Co. William Grant.
4. Dorothea Tanner married 21 August, 1790 Amelia Co. David Adams.
5. John Tanner married 26 April, 1816 Amelia Co. Ann Crowder.
6. Martha Tanner married 2 May, 1796 Amelia Co. Peter Wilson.
7. Frances Tanner married 13 November, 1788 Amelia Co. Leonard Claiborne.
8. William Elam Tanner married 24 May, 1804 Amelia Co. Mary Claiborne.

William Elam Tanner
Son of Robert Tanner

William Elam Tanner, son of Robert was born about 1780 in Amelia Co. He died about 1829 in Buckingham Co. VA. He married his first cousin, Mary Clairborne daughter of Leonard and Frances Tanner Clairborne. She was born 1789 in Amelia Co., and died 13 December, 1833 Buckingham Co. VA.

Ten known children

1. Miriah Tanner, born about 1805 Amelia Co. married Thomas Davis.
2. Emaline Tanner, born about 1807 Amelia Co. married 12 December, 1834 in Cumberland Co. VA. to John N. Montague. Miriah died about 1841 in VA.

3. John Francis Tanner, born 4 July, 1809 Amelia Co. died 26 August, 1881 in Richmond, VA. He married 23 October, 1833 in Cumberland Co. VA., Harriet Louise Stinson.

4. William E. Tanner, born about 1812 Powhatan Co. VA. and died 28 August, 1855 in Pine Bluff, Caldwell Parish, LA. He married 7 July, 1835 in Wilcox Co. AL., Harriet Amanda Stinson, born about 1813 VA. Five children, the first two died young and were born in Wilcox Co..

A. William A. Tanner born about 1841 in Wilcox Co. He married about 1866 in Henrico Co. VA. to Gertrude.

B. John E. Tanner born 1843 Wilcox Co. AL., died about 1864 VA. Mary Tanner born about 1851 Vernon, Jackson Parish, LA.

C. Mary Tanner born about 1851 Jackson Parish, LA.

5. Frances A. Tanner, born about 1813 Amelia Co. married 24 November, 1834 Cumberland Co. VA., Peter Ayers.

6. Mary E. Tanner born abuot 1815 Powhatan Co. VA., died 20 May, 1884 Richmond, VA. She married a Mr. Wood.

7. Peter Field Tanner, born about 1817 Powhatan Co. VA. He died after 1857 in Lauderdale Co. MS. He married Catherine Matilda Stinson, born 1820 in GA. and died March, 1866 in MS.

a. Elizabeth Tanner, born 1839 Monroe Co. AL.

b. William Archibald Tanner, born January 1840 Monroe Co. AL.
c. John E. Tanner born 1842 Monroe Co. AL. Died VA.

d. Emalina Tanner born 1843 Monroe Co. AL. Married 1 March, 1870 in Monroe co. MS. to William Rice Scott.

e. James Alphonso Tanner born 19 December, 1845 AL. Married 30 January, 1867 in Monroe Co. MS. to Frances Elizabeth Griffith.

f. Charles T. Tanner, born 1858 AL. died 10 January, 1933 Robertson Co. TN. He married first Melissa P. Hurt.

William Archibald Tanner
Son of Peter Field Tanner

William Archibald Tanner, son of Peter Field, was born January, 1840 Monroe Co. AL., and died 17 October, 1918, place unknown. He married Gertrude ? and had six issues.

James Alphonso Tanner, son of Peter Field. Born 1845 AL. died 25 February, 1926 Monroe Co. MS. He married 30 January, 1867 in Monroe Co. MS. to Frances Elizabeth Griffith, who was born 25 January, 1838 in Bertrand, Mo., and died 26 April, 1927 in Monroe Co. MS. Five Children.

a. Charlie Fields Tanner, born 17 September, 1869- died 1870, MS.

b. Robert William Tanner, born 20 June, 1872 Monroe Co. MS. and died 8 March, 1940 in Dyersburg, TN. He married Lotta Conners.

c. Stella Eunice Tanner, born 4 December, 1873 Monroe Co., died 19 January, 1966 in Corinth, MS. She married in 1901, Egger Polk Renshaw. Five children all born in Monroe Co.

d. Arthur Eugene Tanner, born 4 September, 1876 Monroe Co. died 28 August, 1951 in that Co. He married Pearl Centennial McDuffie, born 13 September, 1875 Monroe Co. and died about 1955. Two children.
Arthur Russell Tanner 1905-1968.
Lotta Eugenia Tanner 1909 MS. died 1995 in Georges Co. MD.

e.. James Elam Tanner, born 1 September, 1879 Monroe Co. died 18 January, 1978 Monroe Co. He married Leila Ethel Couther.

8. Albert Augustus Tanner born about 1819 Powhatan Co. VA. died 15 March, 1843 Logan Co. KY. He married Lucy W. Farmer.

9. James Harry Tanner, born 2 May, 1820 Buckingham Co. VA. and died 19 July, 1887 in Richmond, VA. He married in 1854 Goochland Co. VA., to Roxanne Josephine Salmon.

10. Robert Elam Tanner, born 13 September, 1822 Buckingham Co. VA. he died 2 July, 1889 in Sumter Co. AL. He married in 1874 Marengo Co. AL., to Mary Jane Rentz, born 30 March, 1845 Marengo Co. and died 19 April, 1922 in Troup Co. GA. Six children.

These Tanner's have been added trying to find any connection to the John Willis Tanner who was in Jackson Co. MS. Thanks to Niler Pyeatt of Plainview who supplied the information on these Tanner's.

Niler Pyeatt a Tanner researcher:

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